Winter Driving Rules

Every effort will be made to keep the roads clear, especially during heavy snowfall, weekends, & holidays. We need your cooperation. All members and visitors should abide by the following rules.
  • Use snow tires during the winter season
  • CARRY CHAINS! (right size and you know how to install)
  • Obey the speed limit of 15 m.p.h.
  • If in doubt, stop and chain up before driving our roads
  • Use a lower gear when driving on ice and snow. Brakes are minimally effective on slick surfaces.

Snow Plowing Policy

  • Roads traveled by the school bus have first priority in the morning. All other roads are plowed after.
  • Sanding is a priority on Colt and Palomino. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, sanding will take place after the snow has stopped falling.
  • NO PARKING on roads or cul-de-sacs! Vehicles will be towed and impounded if they are impeding traffic OR the snowplows.
  • We are not insured or equipped at the Ponderosa to provide towing services!
  • Obey the one-way signs.

Snowmobiles and Sledding

Snowmobiles and ATVs should follow the road rules the same as vehicles, especially the speed limit!

There are two excellent sledding areas available in the greenbelt. (The power corridor below Primitive Park Road and the Greenbelt just off upper Saddle Road.) If you wish to sled, please do the safe thing and use them.

Remember, Sledding is prohibited on our road system.