American vetch

(Vica americana)

Form: A vine which climbs over other vegetation or may be unsupported as individual plant

Leaves: Pinnate with 8-18 opposite leaflets, ending in tendrils
Flowers: Purple-pink to lavender, pea-like, 3/4 inch long in loose terminal clusters

Habitat: Widespread
Season: Late spring (April-June)

Annual Hawksbeard

(Crepis tectorum)

Form: 10-36 inches tall, solitary stem, branched at top, exudes milky juice when broken.

Leaves: Basal leaves wither, stem leaves linear with a pair of lobes at the junction with stem.
Flowers: Composite heads with yellow ray flowers (no disk flowers)
Overlapping bracts with outer about 1/3 as long as inner ones

Habitat: Open, disturbed sites
Season: Summer (Late May- September)

Arrowleaf Balsamroot

(Balsamorhiza sagittata) Form: To 2 1/2 feet tall, many basal leaves and flowers (one flower per stem)

Leaves: Large arrow-shaped velvety leaves, olive-green on both sides. 10-12 inches long and 2-4 inches wide
Flower: Yellow 2-4 inches across, composite, one flower per stem, flowers rise above leaves

Habitat: Very common, dry hillsides and meadows
Season: Late spring, (May-June)

Balihead Waterleaf

(Hydrophyllum capitatum) Form: 4-9 inches tall. One or more erect or bending flower stems

Leaves: Alternate on short stems, pinnately compound with 7-11 lobed leaflets, The petiole is grooved, allowing water to flow to the stem and downward to the fibrous root-thus the name waterleaf.
Flowers: Blue to lavender, showy, clustered into a ball-shaped head; stamens extend well beyond petals gibing the flower a pin-cushion look.

Habitat: Areas moist from snow melt.
Season: Spring (April-May)