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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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CCFD#4 Open Burning Policy

Definition: Open burning is defined as a managed slash pile fire that is a product of silvacultural thinning procedures that is larger than permitted campfires.

Due to the Districts high structural density and one primary means of egress, open burning is not encouraged and will only be permitted for special situations. Property owners are encouraged to bring their slash to the spring burn pile for disposal. Large quantities can be billed. Small quantities are free. Chelan County Fire District #4 is the legal administering agency for all outdoor burning within its boundaries.


  1. The opening and closure of the open burn season is determined by the Fire District. County or Statewide closures will supersede Fire District seasons.
  2. Determined primarily by the areas fuel moisture levels as determined by the Fire Chief or his / her designee. Generally Open Burning is curtailed on or about June 1st and opens again approximately October 31st.

Permit Procedure:

  1. All procedures, rules and policies currently in place by the DNR and the EPA will be adhered to by the permitee in addition to Fire District rules as listed herein.
  2. Permits are required by the Fire Department for all slash burns.
  3. Maximum size for any open burn in the Fire District is 10’ x 10’ x 10’
  4. The Fire District Chief must be notified of the intent to have an open burn and will conduct a site inspection for the purpose of determining a safe location for the burn.
  5. Avoid piling slash close to structures or surrounding forest.
  6. On the proposed day of the burn a verbal approval must be obtained from the Chief or his designee.
  7. Adverse weather conditions may require the postponement of the burn.
  8. One pile will be burnt at a time.
  9. If smoke becomes a nuisance to any neighbor the burn activities must be suspended.
  10. Burn piles will be manned at all times unless snow is on the ground, then only daily checks are required.
  11. Charged hose lines will be in place prior to ignition. Exception to this is, on larger projects hose lines may be replaced by a manned Dozers with a blade.
  12. Only property owners or their designees may conduct open burns on their property.
  13. Authorization will only be given for open burns that are located at least twenty feet from structures.

Non compliance with the above conditions will constitute an illegal open burn situation and the County Sheriff will be summoned to administer appropriate fines. If the Fire District is requested to respond, the violator will be charged .




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