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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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Ponderosa Community Club Committees

The following information on committees is taken from the Operating Procedures.

Committee Make-up
To serve on a committee you must be a member in good standing: that is, current on all dues and assessments, and not in violation of Ponderosa’s water rules. The committee sizes recommended below take into account that too small a committee limits ideas, while too large a committee tends to hinder progress toward objectives; however, availability of volunteer members and expertise must always be considerations.

Appointment of Committees
The President appoints members to the following standing committees: Building & Grounds, Finance, Elections, and Social. The President may also appoint other committees (Ad Hoc) on an as-needed basis in order to take advantage of expertise in the membership, to give more members the opportunity to participate, and to lighten the workload on any individual. To be considered for service on a committee -- either a standing committee, or one you believe should be created -- place your name and interests with a Trustee.

Board of Trustees and Committee Relationship.
Through operation of the Bylaws and other sections of these Operating Procedures, each committee is assigned a Trustee whose responsibility is to assure that the committee is meeting properly and in a timely manner, that progress toward goals is being made, that due dates are being met, and to coordinate the committee’s work with other committees and the Board of Trustees. The assigned Trustee is not a member of the committee, and has no voting power on the committee. The Trustee may not influence the committee’s deliberations or conclusions, or screen or censor the committee’s reports, although the Trustee’s experience, advice and counsel can be offered for the committee’s consideration.

Committee Reports & Recommendations
The committee may reach its conclusions by unanimous vote, by majority rule, or by consensus. It is not necessary that every committee member be in agreement with every element of the committee report, but courtesy and accommodation are crucial elements necessary to keep the business of the Ponderosa moving forward. The committee reports and recommendations are to be presented, in writing, to the Trustee responsible for reviewing them for approval or revision.

Board’s Acceptance of Committee Reports
If the Board of Trustees accepts a committee’s report without revision, the Board of Trustees is to act in accordance with the report and its recommendations.

Board’s Revision of Committee Reports
If the Board of Trustees revises a committee’s report, the revisions are to be returned to the committee for approval. If the committee approves the Board of Trustee’s revisions, or makes further revisions which are acceptable to the Board of Trustees, the Board of Trustees is to act in accordance with the revised report and its recommendations.

Failure to Reach Agreement
If the Board of Trustees and the committee cannot reach agreement on a single version of the report, both versions are to be presented to the membership for acceptance of one version, or rejection of both versions. This should be a rare occurrence, if all parties are seeking the best outcome for the Ponderosa through courtesy and accommodation.

Standing Committees
Standing Committees are needed to handle ongoing issues. Ponderosa has four standing committees which continue in place, even after their reports have been submitted. The members of the standing committees will change over time as appointments are made each year.

Ad Hoc Committees
An ad hoc committee is one which is appointed to carry out a specific, short-term mission. When the committee report is submitted to the Board of Trustees, the committee is automatically dissolved. Examples of ad hoc committees are a Legal Committee, which might be formed to oversee a lawsuit; or a Membership Committee to welcome and assist new members in becoming involved.




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