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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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September 12, 2009 Board Meeting
Meeting called to order 10:28am at the Ponderosa Clubhouse

Board President Bill Griffin presiding
Secretary Peter Smith recorder of minutes
Board Members Attending: Peter Smith, Steve Geho, Jeanne Whitlow, Bill Griffin
Ann Ashford attending via phone.
Mary Cox, Association Manager attending

Outcome of Executive session conference call:  The status of an ongoing title research project: it was unanimously agreed that the subject must remain under executive privilege until additional facts are presented and the Ponderosa attorney has been consulted.  

 Operations Director’s Report:
Water Main project financing:  Director attended a funding class and determined we are eligible for a single funding option. Under this funding option the maximum amount is $3 million and project must be completed in 3 years. We will submit an application for 1st part of the project by October 5th.

Ponderosa Truck Purchase: The Ponderosa has purchased a 2009 F350 4x4 SD truck. The new truck is being equipped with a snow plow.  The total $45k allocated will be used to purchase and equip the truck with “snow” equipment including a bed sander.

Code on Conduct: Jeanne presents the board and those attending the meeting with a draft “Code of Conduct” intended for all current and future Ponderosa board members.
Code of Conduct Motion: Motion made by Jeanne to accept the proposed code of conduct. Motion Seconded.:
Jeanne, Peter voting to approve.
Ann & Steve voting not to approve proposed code of conduct.
With all tie votes, the President votes: Bill votes approve: Motion adopted

Treasurer’s Report:
August Financials: available on the PCC  web site
Collected HOD= $26,629
Of 503 members, approx. 33 have not paid 2nd half balance of HOD
An Additional $800 insurance premium will be due October for the new truck.
Mary indicates there are several large expenditures upcoming, such as backhoe tires, sand & gravel, existing snowplow repair etc..

Mary asks the board to reconsider the 2008 decision to allow subcommittees to transfer remaining budget funds to other subcommittees. This would be an ongoing effort to reduce expenses and HOD for members. This will be reviewed and discussed in the upcoming budget discussions.
Association Managers report:

Riata Mud slide: Mary contacted WA Dept of Ecology wrt to storm water construction permit required of Bigview Ridge LLC. DOE will not require a storm water construction permit of Bigview Ridge LLC. DOE suggests that PCC submit a written request to the DOE wrt  storm water plan for Bigview LLC.
Mary suggests making modification to Riata to mitigate damage in the event of rain.

Motion: Motion made to send DOE letter in response to the Bigview Ridge LLC permitting by the end of October.
Motion Seconded
Motion Approved

Motion: Motion made to hire Bill Schmit to draw-up modifications to Riata and implement those modifications per Mary’s direction.
Motion Seconded
Motion Approved

2010 Budget Discussion:
Review of Individual line item Budget: allowing for changes (see draft budget )

  • Board and Mary to review what is/isn’t included in Building & Grounds budget, ie physical plant maintenance, clubhouse septic system, beautification etc…v/s M&O General budget. Shall committee chairs be responsible for all aspects of Building & Grounds & Greenbelts or should these committee budgets include “Esthetics & Beautification”?
  • Would a temporary pool closure or reduction in operating hours be meaningful to the budget? Shall the members be asked to purchase “pool” memberships above the normal membership dues? Shall we open the pool 1 month later to reduce costs?
  • Shall additional funds be allocated for projects beyond the scope and ability of the Association Mgr. ie facilities projects, legal, real estate, natural disasters etc..Shall we add a contract labor line item?
  • The FY 2010 Budget should be finalized in the October 10th board meeting.

Motion to move the meeting to Executive Session to discuss:
*Legal Issues
*Individual Members Issues
*Personnel Issues
Motion is seconded
Motion was approved

 Meeting Adjourned to Executive Session: 1:10pm




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