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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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September 11, 2010 10:30 a.m. – at the Clubhouse

Board Members Attending:

  • Ann Ashford - President
  • Daryn Wilbur – Vice President
  • Jeanne Whitlow – Operations Director
  • Steve Geho - Treasurer
  • Mary Cox – Association Manager

Board Members Absent:

  • Claudia Kuniholm – Secretary

The meeting was called to order at 10:35.  9 general members were present at the meeting.
Jeanne Whitlow agreed to act as Secretary in Claudia’s absence.
10:35 a.m.     Meeting called to order.

No Executive Session was held since the last meeting.
Discussion was held on the regularly scheduled Board monthly phone calls (last Wednesday of the month.)
Motion by Jeanne that Executive sessions are only to be held on topics as specified in the Bylaws and per the Bylaws (i.e., motion needs to be made and voted upon.)   Meeting will be held on the last Wednesday of the month.  No second – motion died.

Agreement reached by the Board that each month there will be an Executive Session on the last Wednesday of the month beginning in September if at the regular Board meeting, there is a motion specifying the topics for the Executive Session.
Approval of Prior Board Meeting Minutes – The minutes of the July meeting were approved as written – moved by Daryn.  Motion approved 4-0.


  • Steve Geho reviewed the August Financial reports.
  • Accounts Receivable Status -- Mary reported that 19 letters were sent to homeowners notifying of 45 days past due with a copy of the water shutoff policy.
  • Past Dues – Mary reported the vast majority of homeowners on payment plans are on track with their payments.
  • Acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report – moved by Jeanne, motion passed 4-0.

2011 Budget Discussion – Amounts will be finalized at the October Board Meeting.

  •    Watershed – Proposal for $5500, of which $3000 goes towards a grant to create  a Master Forest plan (including a fire management plan.); also, educational activities, forest fire fuel removal, and trail building materials. 
  •    Needler -- $1300
  •    Buildings & Grounds:
  •     >  $5200 for playground , clubhouse and caretaker house maintenance, refurbish totem pole pest control, repair upper beams of clubhouse. however, still need to add money for repair of the chimney above the roof.
  •     >  Window replacement - $5500 Windows + labor.
  •     >  Total 10,700 plus labor for window replacement and cost of Clubhouse chimney repair. 
  •   Legal & Liens –
  •    Cost estimate to copy & mail Bylaws and Operating Procedures to all members - $1600. 
  •    Daryn to get Bylaws review cost estimate from our attorney for October meeting.
  •    Capital Improvements
  •     >  Removable Speed Bumps $5000.
  •     >  Grass and irrigation system for a playground - $4000 seeding and irrigation system (estimate to be finalized in October.)
  •     >  Painting water reservoirs will be in Water M&O budget. Not a capital expense.
  •  >  Possible upgrade/new Security/Gate Entry system for the pool.
  •  Mary proposed, via email to the Board, a process for calculating dues with regard to reconciling year-end budgets with year-end actuals. Steve and Mary will discuss and send an email to the Board.  Dick Nicklas volunteered to provide input on past process.

Motion by Daryn  – When a board member is assigned to discuss a legal issue with our attorney, that Board member is allowed to contact the attorney and to get the information and report back to the Board.  Motion passed 4-0.
Motion by Jeanne to hold an Executive Session to be held today after the regular Board meeting to discuss payroll and two Real Estate issues.  Voting Yes – Jeanne and Daryn, voting No – Ann and Steve. Motion does not pass.
Discussion on the current $100 water assessment which expires in December, 2010.  Board plans to put a new water assessment on the ballot for December.  The amount is unknown at this time, but will be determined at next month’s meeting as more of the water project costs are known.


  • Title Research Project Status
  •  Mary reported the number of outstanding Owner Acknowledgement forms went from 33 last month to 19 today. Will continue process to get the rest in.
  • PCC Water Distribution Project funding updates
  •   >  Funding – Mary reported that in initial discussions with Cashmere Valley Bank (CVB), they  recommended a loan from USDA Rural Development (USDA RD). CVB says they’ll call to discuss bank financing in more detail.
  •  >   USDA RD – We expect an answer on our eligibility to apply by end of September.  To be eligible, it may require a change in our Bylaws.  This could be put on the December ballot.
  • >     Cost Estimate Review – Smith Excavation and Rayfield Brothers have indicated that for financing, we should plan for $3.2 - $3.5 million.  However, they think the actual bids will probably be 30% less.  These companies reviewed our documents for about 2 weeks and gave their input on cost estimates yesterday afternoon.  We also expect feedback from Chipman Construction.
  • For the next Board meeting, we’ll create scenarios for funding option – self funding, commercial funding, USDA, offering a discount to those who may pay entire amount up front, etc…) 
  • Timeline for project – Goals are to identify financing by the end of December, go out to bid early next year, start work in summer 2011.  To do this, engineering must be completed to produce bid documents – this may take 4 months for the first 1/3 of project, per Bill Schmidt and he estimated cost at $94,000.  This cost is included in the estimates (engineering is approx 8% of costs.)    Timeline for project needs further review and will be updated for the next Board Meeting.
  • Mary requested the Board approve expenditure of up to $94,000 for engineering services to prepare water system detailed design.  Money to come from Specifically Dedicated Funds Water Account.

Motion by Daryn to spend up to $94,000 from the Specifically Dedicated Fund Water Account to do engineering for the first 1/3 of the water distribution project.   Motion approved 4-0. 
Question from Daryn to audience:  For water assessment payments – which would be preferable – monthly payments or one annual payment?  Feedback was annual payment was preferred.   Some raised concerns about the effort to administrate monthly payments.
Question from the audience on water meters:  Will homeowners get monthly water bills when water meters are in place? 
Answer:  No proposal is in place to do that.  The Board will review this with regard to State of Washington requirements as the water project progresses.
Motion by Daryn to hold an Executive Session directly after this regular meeting to discuss two real estate issues.  Motion passed 4-0.
Motion by Daryn to hold an Executive Session on last Wednesday of September (Sept 29th) to discuss payroll and Real estate issues.  Motion passed 4-0.
Daryn will set up gotomeeting.com free conference call for month of September.


  • Watershed Committee -- Ann summarized a written report from Doug Pendleton, Watershed Chair which included updates on grants research, advice on bear control and Tim Abel’s work on the greenbelts.
    • Jeanne will ask Doug to attend November agenda to give details on Watershed Committee grants.  There were questions from the audience on this.
  • Bylaws Committee Update
    • Ann reported that Doug has resigned as Bylaws Chair due to lack of time (work conflicts.)  Doug has spoken to Gina Wilkins who has offered to chair the committee.  Daryn will get names of committee members from Doug, and  Daryn will speak to Gina and another member regarding the Chair position.  At the October meeting, Daryn will make a recommendation on the committee chair. 
  • Fire Department Fines and other Fines
    • Daryn reported that he spoke with Fire Dept. Co-chief Mike Bunney and summarized their discussion:
      • The Fire Dept doesn’t have ability to issue fines.  They can call the Sheriff and request a citation be issued – usually the Sheriff does this when asked.
      • Evacuation route.  Mike explained the evacuation route would depend on location of fire.  Daryn mentioned there is 40 acres of property for sale which may provide an escape route to the Chumstick.  Further discussion will take place.
      • Plan to ensure those who need aid/assistance are personally notified if there is an evacuation.  Mike agrees this should be done, but the Fire Dept doesn’t have resources to do this. A draft list of homeowners to notify has been created.  Daryn wants to explore further with PCC staff and Fire Dept.  Perhaps a list of volunteer could be created to do the notification.
  • Ann reported the Board received a letter from Tim Olson regarding rentals in the Ponderosa.  Ann summarized the letter.
  • There was discussion of Tim’s letter. 
  • There was discussion on the creation of fines to allow enforcement of a set of behavioral rules which would apply to everyone in the Ponderosa.  The set of fines would increase with each infraction.  Question on how/who would enforce.
  • Audience suggested changing Greenbelt signs from “No Unauthorized Vehicles” to “No Motorized Vehicles.” 
  • Regarding illegal fires, there was a suggestion that infractions would be issued from the Ponderosa, (apart from possible actions taken by the Fire Department.)

Motion by Jeanne:  Accept Vacation Rental Guidelines and in addition, no member is allowed to advertise in any form any of the Ponderosa Community Club’s amenities/facilities to non-members.  Voting Yes - Jeanne and Daryn, voting No - Steve & Ann.  Motion does not pass.
Motion by Jeanne to table the discussion/resolution of the motion listed above, on Vacation Rental Guidelines and advertising, until all five Board members present.  Voting Yes - Jeanne and Daryn, voting No – Steve, Ann abstains.  Motion passes.
Steve suggested separating the Guidelines from the advertising.
Jeanne requested Board members and members present to send her list of suggestions for infractions and fines within the next three weeks.
Motion by Jeanne that a draft agenda made by the President go to the Board and Association Manager 3 weeks before the next Board Meeting, Board members will have a week to add items, a final will be sent to the Board and Association Manager two  weeks before the next meeting and after review by Trustees will be posted with notification to Board and Association Manager.   Voting Yes – Jeanne, Daryn, Steve; Voting No – Ann.  Motion passes.


  • Association Manager’s Report Highlights – Mary reported the following:
  • As requested by the Board, Bill Schmidt will present an overview of the water mains replacement project for the Board today at 1pm.
  • >  Chip sealing will be done on Palamino within the next two weeks at a cost of $14,500.
  • >  Three different homeowners have come to me with concerns about dying trees on their properties.  Mary will ask an arborist or USFS botanist to look at our trees.
  •   >  Fire Hydrant near the playfield to be installed in September.; this was approved in January.
  • Sport Court update – nearly complete.  Final grading around court is final step.
  • Shop Safety Upgrade Project update
  •  >  Pete Kelly, one of our members and a master electrician, volunteered his time to help review electrical needs for shop project and for lightning protection on water system. Thank you!

12:55 Meeting Adjourned




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