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Ponderosa Community Club Monthly Board Meeting Minutes
August 9, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by President Bill Griffin. In attendance were board members; Jeanne Whitlow, Mike Buck, Gina Wilkins, Association Manager Bob Melson and joining us late was Peter Smith, who was also taking part in the volunteer Fire Fighting training that same weekend.

Treasurers Report
The were only two items of note:  First, Payroll is over budget because of overtime due to heavy snowfall this Winter and overtime necessary for recent emergency repairs to water pumps; and, second, that our Dues collections are in good shape.

Accounts Receivable Report
Bob Melson has prepared letters that will be sent to home owners that are more than 90 days past due and if they do not contact Bob within two weeks the home owners names will be forwarded to our attorney for the foreclosure process to begin.

Emergency Water Pump System Update
The emergency pump system is designed and parts ordered. The system should be operational by the end of September. Hydrants and paving will begin at the completion of this project.

2009 Budget Workshop
Rose Ann McRoberts is willing to continue as the Ponderosa webmaster which reduced the payroll salary and office/board spending for web based software.

The governing documents expense was raised to cover printing and postage expenses due to the size of the upcoming by-laws and operating procedures revisions.

Under Insurance Officers and Fidelity will be changed to Liability and Crime coverage.

Maintenance and operations costs increased due to increased oil costs. Pool M&O increased due to propane costs and pool monitor.

Building and grounds was altered to reflect patching the existing clubhouse flooring as opposed to replacing it and it was agreed to make floor replacement a capital improvement item to be voted on by the members.

The Needler Newsletter budget was increased to cover increased postage rates.

The budget was reduced by $14,600 overall and all other budget proposals were accepted by the board. The 2009 budget will be made available on the website soon.

Greenbelt Assessment Re-visited
Bill proposed a $100 assessment for work done by members around the ponderosa. The money could then be earned back by members contributing to tasks and work parties within the Ponderosa that are in need of being completed. Those willing to help would be credited back that money. The board is first willing to see if communication between committees and members via website, The Needler, and postings at the office can improve and tasks get completed. If not then an assessment will be looked into for next year.

Board Expense Account
Bill also proposed an idea to give the board an expense account to cover travel expenses to attend monthly board meetings. Jeanne added getting her driveway plowed would benefit her more. The general consensus was that an incentive of reimbursement may generate more interest in members applying for future open board positions.

Members Pool Cards
Bill proposed an idea of changing the pool card to a system that kept track of usage to alleviate problems of non-member usage, capacity, and quality of life. A change to the key card system and addition of a pool monitor was discussed as a possible solution to the problems. The issue of renters using the pool and other community areas and should they continue to be allowed to was debated. A change to the pool card system and addition of a pool monitor would cause an increase to the pool budget. The question becomes how do we regulate usage without it costing members more. It was mentioned that this may first be a by-laws and operating procedure issue rather than a budget item.

Bill asked that the board review the budget and changes made before the next meeting.

Ombudsman issues
Bill, Jeanne, and Mike reviewed complaint letters and planned to visit the sites to see if the complaint is warranted. If the complaint was legitimate a letter would be sent to the home owner.

Bill Adjourned the meeting at 12:33 pm.




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