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August 13, 2011 at the Clubhouse

Board Members Present:

  • Jeanne Whitlow, President
  • Vern Little, President
  • Stan Morgan, Treasurer
  • Daryn Wilbur, Director of Maintenance & Operations
  • Mary Cox, Association Manager

Absent:  Claudia Kuniholm, Secretary.
Mary Cox appointed to take minutes.

Five members present at the meeting.

10:35 a.m.           Meeting called to order by Jeanne Whitlow

  • Motion to approve July 9, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes (Vern, Stan seconded – motion  approved 4-0).
  • Jeanne summarized the Executive Sessions held since the last meeting.
    • July 9 – To discuss real estate issue
    • July 18 – Phone conference to prepare for July 25 meeting on water upgrade project .
    • July 25 – 9:15am - Noon meeting at the Ponderosa with Bill Schmidt, Board, Mary, Henry and Ken to review water project Phase I construction process.
    • July 25 – 1pm – 4pm Meeting at the Ponderosa with Bill, Board, Mary, Henry, Ken, Chelcie and representatives from the State of Washington Public Works Board (PWB) regarding water loan.
      • PWB requires assessment of $285 per lot for loan repayment.
    • August 10 – Phone conference to prepare for August 13 members’ meeting.
    • No voting was required from these sessions.
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Motion to direct our banks to only send statements and correspondence to the Ponderosa office at our address.  (Daryn, Vern second, motion approved 4-0.)
      • Stan will send a letter to this effect to our banks.
    • Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report (Daryn, Vern second.  Motion approved 4-0.)
  • Bylaws Review
    • Received attorney’s review on Thursday, August 11.
    • Vern reported there is a new law regarding Reserve Funds for Homeowners Association - this needs to be discussed further with Kellie.
    • Mary will send revised Bylaws and Operating Procedures to Board without all of the notations
    • Jeanne proposes a Board member phone conference to review Kellie’s changes.  Then, a summary of questions would go to Kellie.
    • Executive session conference call will be Wednesday, August 24 at 6:30pm.  Jeanne will set up the call.
  • Saddle Trail
    • The Board of Trustees & Watershed Committee inspected the Ponderosa trail at 23101 Saddle. 
    • One outcome of the inspection was that many felt this trail was really no different than other greenbelt trails in terms of steepness and trail condition.
    • The trail hasn’t changed much in the past 3 years.
    • Steps or stairs would be nice and make access easier, but were not really needed for safety.
    • The Committee contacted Chelan County and were told that multiple, expensive permits were required to put in stairs & steps.  The Board discussed that there are other capital improvements which are higher priorities.
    • Motion to leave trail as is and delegate to Watershed committee for any future recommendations.  (Daryn, Stan seconded, motion approved 4-0.)
      • Jeanne will report decision to the homeowner who raised the issue to the Board.
  • Stirrup Drainage
    • Reviewed the plans from two engineering firms with the Watershed Committee Chair and with Daryn. 
    • Recommendation is to create multiple swales along Arabian and one in the greenbelt.  A swale would be about 4’ wide and 2’ deep.  There would be no engineering costs as we have the standard specifications for swales.
    • Mary will communicate the recommendation to the homeowners along Arabian and along the Stirrup/Arabian intersection and will report back to the Board.
    • If approved, Henry and Ken will do the work next spring.
  • Water System Upgrade Project
    • Executive Session will be held Sunday, August 14 from 9am-10am to discuss project timeline, errors & omissions insurance, finalize ballot, and engineering.
    • The surveyor that has previously worked in the Ponderosa is unavailable for many weeks. Mary will pursue with engineering firms doing the surveying in a more timely manner.
  • Budget Discussion
    • Objective for the budget this year:  dues should not be higher than in 2011 and should only include what is required to maintain our current service level. 
      • For next meeting, discuss detail on Buildings and Grounds, Watershed Committee, Roads, and Payroll.
      • Stan has spoken to a number of CPA firms regarding audit requirements and costs.   He is meeting with another firm next week. 
      • Executive Session at 9:00 am on Sept 10 to discuss payroll.
  • Association Managers Report Highlights
    • Motion to approve $473 from M&O Reserve to pay for increase in property taxes. (Daryn, Vern second, motion approved 4-0.)
    • Worked with Chelan County to decrease the assessed value of one of PCC’s lots on Riata from $13,800 to $2000.
    • M&O Water – We’ve had damage to our water system electronics due to lightning & electrical outages.  Total cost this year (including our labor):  $4341.
      • Our insurance will pay us $2933 – expect check next week.
    • We received $216 reimbursement for damage to Colt Rd by a delivery truck.
    • The Chelan Douglas Health District did the annual pool inspection last week.  It is unannounced.  As in past years, no violations were found.  The inspector said it was a pleasure to inspect our pool because it was so well cared for:  clean and the water was properly conditioned.
    • The Chelan County Lot at 25701 Camp 12 Road didn’t sell.  The County received only one bid and it was for $1000.  The minimum bid is $10,000.  This was disappointing because  at least 3 people had contacted the office who were “very interested” in buying and indicated they’d pay $10,000.
      • Next step is for Chelan County Treasurer to put the property on their website so it can be available for purchase.
    • Mick and Bill Schmidt inspected the proposed fire hydrant locations.  As a result, a few will be relocated. 
      • We had planned to have Ken and Henry install 4 hydrants this year.  That will change to 3 hydrants because the 4th was relocated.
    • We are considering not patching the paved roads this year if the water project will start next year.  Cost of patching this year would be $3500.  Daryn and Mary will evaluate.
  • Member comments and questions
    • A member stated that many years ago, a Board of Trustees planned to pave one road per year.  Why hasn’t that happened?
      • Another member explained that about 10 years ago, the Board of Trustees set aside that plan until the water project was done.  The water project was deemed a higher priority.
  • Can we send Bylaws & OP revisions out over email rather than by US mail in order to save money?  Can we use “send receipt” or just ask members to Reply to confirm receipt.  Mary will investigate.
  • Jeanne distributed the Strategic Plan from 2008 as reference for future discussions of a new Strategic Plan.
  • The Board left open the possibility of an Executive Session phone conference should real estate/legal issues arise.

12:20pm          Motion to adjourn (Daryn, Stan – motion approved 4-0.)             




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