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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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August 8, 2009 Board Meeting
Meeting called to order 10:34am at the Ponderosa Clubhouse

Board President Bill Griffin presiding
Secretary Peter Smith recorder of minutes
Board Members Attending: Peter Smith, Steve Geho, Ann Ashford, Jeanne Whitlow, Bill Griffin
Mary Cox, Association Manager attending

Vice President Report:
Open Space Research: additional details specific to parcels of property owned by the PCC and the status of these parcels be changed from “open space” to a category with less tax implications.  The tax payments change from year to year due to the fact that the PCC pays on the fair market value with an  80% discount. Records show the PCC is the only payee on parcels owned by the PCC.

Motion: To leave current Chelan County status of all PCC property as is
(unchanged) until a future date were a change and cost/benefit analysis benefits the PCC.  This includes status of Open Space, No Value, and Taxable.
Motion is seconded
Motion was approved

Illegal Fires: Moving forward The Assoc Manager will keep a list of illegal fires which are reported to the PCC. That information will then be made available to the staff of the Fire District 4.

Volunteer Coordinator will be submitting a volunteer form to the Needler to assist with recruitment.

October Members meeting: Subject: Rentals in the Ponderosa. A notice will go in the upcoming Needler and invitations will be mailed to all PCC members by end of August.
Meeting to take place: October 10th 1:00pm at the Ponderosa Clubhouse.

Treasurer’s Report:
We are at about 58% of the year and we’ve spent roughly 57% of the budget.   
109 owners have not paid the 2nd half of their HOD. A reminder was sent via email but a follow-up invoice will be prepared for those that have not paid. Payment via Credit Card  or Pay Pal have been investigated and the costs and lack of demand doesn’t warrant further consideration.

Operations Director’s Report:
Water Main project financing:  Operation Director to attend upcoming funding class as well as investigate small community / rural loan program. Operation Director is now pursuing 3 different funding options. 

Riata Mud slide: Mary to contact DNR for status of proposal

Snow plowing of Riata: Discussion to be held within Executive Session

Ponderosa Truck Purchase: Several members of the community are researching several purchasing options, per the specs the PCC staff provided.

Greenbelt Committee Proposed Rules: The committee has created a basic set of rules and approved uses regarding the PCC greenbelts. As well as a Greenbelt Maintenance Agreement for those members that currently use or maintain PCC Greenbelt property. If approved these would become part of our rules and regulations of the PCC.

Motion: A motion to accept the proposed Greenbelt rules into the PCC Rules and Regulations effective upon approval.
Motion is seconded
Motion was approved

Members New Business

  • Is it possible to add additional speed limit signs? Building and Grounds will investigate.
  • Can we participate in the speed monitoring program with the Chelan Sheriff? Yes, we have received acceptance but the deployment set for late-August has not been finalized.
  • Removable speed pumps and well as other traffic calming methods will be considered and discussed within the budgeting discussion. 
  • A continued review of the Campbell easement (Camp 12) will take place due to the construction of a second structure on Mr. Campbell’s property.
  • Continued Maintenance of the “Safe Zone” under the Bonneville ROW of Camp 12. The Greenbelt Committee will announce and work with the Fire Dept to schedule a work party on the weekend of Oct 10th.

Board Members New Business

Clarification of Landlord fee: The Board had created a landlord fee in late 2007 within an executive session. Per the rules of PCC executive session’s this was an improper venue for such a decision, thus the proposed fee landlord fee is null and void.

2010 Budget Discussion:
Needler Newsletter: estimated FY 2010 budget is $1800 reduced from the proposed FY 2010 budget of $2000 due to electronic distribution of the Needler.
Greenbelt Committee: Estimated FY 2010 $3200 and reduction from $3700 due to exclusion of any survey costs.
The FY 2010 Budget should be finalized by the October 10th board meeting.

Director of Operations introduces a “Board Members Code of Conduct” statement to be adopted by the board applicable to all existing and future PCC board members. Discussion and a vote will be tabled until the September board meeting.

Motion to move the meeting to Executive Session to discuss:
*Foreclosures and Liens
*Riata Snowplowing
Motion is seconded
Motion was approved

 Meeting reconvened and result of Executive Session:
Foreclosures and Liens pending due to non-payment will not be acted upon until additional research is completed on those members accounts
Riata Snowplowing: The PCC Manager will continue to research the requirements of plowing Riata including personnel and required equipment.




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