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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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August 14, 2010 10:30 a.m. – at the Clubhouse

Board Members Attending:

  • Ann Ashford - President
  • Jeanne Whitlow – Operations Director
  • Steve Geho – Treasurer – via Phone Conference
  • Claudia Kuniholm – Secretary
  • Mary Cox – Association Manager

Board Members Absent:

  • Daryn Wilbur – Vice President

 The meeting was called to order at 10:41.  2 general members were present at the meeting.

10:41 a.m.     Approval of Prior Board Meeting Minutes – The minutes of the June meeting were approved as written – all approved.
Executive Session Report & Voting as Required

  • Executive Session was held on July 28 to discuss several topics including the input needed for our legal counsel on the continuing discussion of property use in the Ponderosa, the upcoming budget preparations, and assessment and execution of fines.  The possibility was also discussed of having the Ponderosa attorney on a retainer. 
    • Discussion was held in the Board meeting about the conference calling fee of $50. per month and the GoToMeeting suggestion.  Jeanne mentioned that there is a free service that is available.  Steve suggested that we continue with the GoToMeeting as it allows for shared desktops.  Also allows for unlimited bridging capabilities during the course of the month.  Jeanne moved that Steve will send the information for the trial period to each board member so that we can test the system through the end of the year.  Agreed.  Anne will set up the free trial for September.  At the end of the year we will reevaluate the need for the conference calling service and the additional use of shared desktops.
    • Discussion was held about the legal fees and the questions presented to the attorney.  The Board needs to fine tune the questions

10:40 a.m.     TREASURER REPORT
In relation to the budget we are on track:
58% of year has passed
Several CD’s will need renewal before year end – including one in October
56% of budget year to date has been spent
77% legal budget spent on liens, etc.
96% insurance – this is an annual fee
56% salary of salary budget has been spent
50% for water and M&O set aside in bank accounts

Moved to accept treasurers report – Claudia, second by Jeanne, all approved

  • Accounts Receivable Status – One person is behind on payment plan to catch up with dues.  Mary will follow up on Monday as the payment was due on Friday, August 13, 2010.  There are others that are past due, but they are still within the normal process to collect.
  • Motion to retract the $15k that had been previously approved and set aside for the shop upgrade from the M&O reserve fund.  Moved by Jeanne, 2nd Claudia, all approved.
  • Move to authorize the expenditure of $4k from M&O reserve fund for emergency water booster pump repair that occurred this past month, Steve moved and Jeanne seconded – all approved.
  • 2011 Budget Discussion – Final budget to be completed in time for the October Board meeting.  Steve will contact various committees for their input.  Steve reviewed some initial assumptions.
  • Building and Grounds would like to keep their budget at $5k, there may be an increase to repair the chimney, Mary is researching the repair costs with B&G committee.
  • Watershed Committee –  $7.5k budget request with breakdown as follows:
  • $1500 – fire fuel removal, $1500 – trails, $3000 - for Watershed Master Plan (this is a shared expense with other groups),         $1500 - educational programs
  • Legal and Liens - $12k – should be much less than 2010 year – Mary will ask Daryn to contact the attorney to see what the anticipated expense might be as it relates to the changes that might occur with the by-laws and the review that is necessary for such.  Steve suggested that we ask for a high/medium/low price from the attorney.  Daryn will need to route the email for the attorney to the Board before we release an email or contact the attorney via a phone call.
  • M&O, Water, Pool, Roads – Mary’s assumption is that we are trying to budget so that we have adequate funds to operate.  She is suggested no increase for 2011.  This may change, but Mary will zero in to a closer number by the September meeting.  Mary is checking on the possible expense related to acquiring removal speed bumps.
  • All payroll and related expenses will be discussed in an Executive Session between now and the next Board Meeting.  It was suggested that discussion be held at the scheduled last Wednesday of the month Executive Session phone conference.
  • Insurance is anticipated to go up about 4%
  • Office/Board – no increase anticipated
  • Contigency – no increase, this is meant to cover outside services and contracted help.
  • Accounting Fees – may see some increase if we change our fiscal year dates.  Steve is doing additional research on this expense
  • Property Taxes – no increase needed
  • Dues – Outcome will be based on final budget

Income Statement – Misc Income – should we budget this for next year?  How does this impact future dues?  If we have income greater than what was budgeted then we need to take this into consideration when dues are considered for 2011. 

  • Water Dues – Expired in 2010, so consideration is being given to renew at this time for the coming year with the net effect and goal to keep the dues the same in 2011.  The dollars collected would go towards the Water Improvement Project.
  • Board to review to see if there are any other expenses or capital improvements that need to be considered.  These suggestions/changes are to be provided by the September meeting.

11:30 a.m.     OLD BUSINESS

    • Title Research Project Status and next steps – Mary reported that 31 letters are outstanding, 16 have said they will send a signed document in to the office, 15 remaining.  Mary resent 15 letters with an end of August deadline.  Those with no response by then will be sent a letter stating discontinuation of services and the possibility of being heard by the board to discuss concerns and course of action.  Pete Smith is checking with legal to confirm steps needed to assure that this issue will not come up again in the future, protecting the investment that has been made in this project.
    • PCC Water Distribution Project funding options – stalemate at this time. Rose Running is working on review of our articles of incorporation for a USDA loan.  This may have implications to the Ponderosa.  Until Rosa Running (USDA representative) can complete this we are on hold with this method of financing.  Mary spoke to Cashmere Valley Bank and Banner Bank and Mary has met with Banner Bank.  Cashmere Valley Bank has not responded to Mary’s attempt to contact.  Banner Bank would not be interested at this time.  Banner Bank suggested that the best bet would be to go back to Rose Running at USDA.  Rose will have an opinion or viability and requirements back at the end of September.  Jeanne has not received any input from members in response to Needler article request for assistance.  If roads were not included the savings could be about $1m.  Anne suggested that some members may be willing to prepay their share, thus reducing the amount that may needed to be borrowed.  Mary is going to work on possibly spreading the expense over several years.  If we went the $2m route and self funded over 5 years, the expense per lot would run around $700 per year.  If we kept the road project, then cost would be about $1000 per lot per year.  This option would not require any outside lending.  Possibly provide incentives to those that can pay the balance in full or in two parts up front.  Another thought was could the Ponderosa or the Banner Bank provide loan packages to homeowners where this would be a hardship.


    • Camp 12 Road fire evacuation concerns – tabled until next month.  Daryn is working on meeting with the Fire Department to discuss.


11:45am          NEW BUSINESS

  • Bylaws committee update – no update at this time
  • Dog Issues – Jeanne reported back on her research.  This was a hot topic on the member survey.  Her suggestions after research of Chelan County ordinances are:  Be with your dog at all times, have a leash with you at all times, have your dog under voice command, leash your dog when requested, scoop up after your dog.  Enforcement issues were discussed and discussion will continue as this relates to other fines that are or might be assessed. 
  • Bears – captured and released one bear near Stevens Pass.  Please continue to do what you can to reduce the bear population in the Ponderosa.
  • Fire Department Fines and other Fines – tabled until Daryn can report back.
  • Motion made by Jeanne that when a person on the Board that is assigned by the Board to research a particular legal issue/project that person is then allowed to contact legal to acquire necessary information to report back to the Board.  Discussion shall be kept to that topic only.   Seconded by Claudia.  Jeanne and Claudia approved, Anne and Steve voted against.  Tabled until Daryn can be involved in discussion about these situations.

12:20 p.m.          OPERATIONS

Association Managers Report Highlights

  • New Booster Pump Motor – installed and working
  • Sport Court update – has been poured and will complete next week.
  • Shop Safety Upgrade Project update – goal of end of September completion
  • Roads - Pot holes repairs will be completed by end of August, chip sealing on the worst roads will be completed as well.
  • Mary will follow up with existing concerns that pertain to certain homeowners.  This includes those initial contact to an identified group of homes encroachin on Ponderosa property.  Letters will be sent to the identified high priority homeowners.  Once responses have been collected, the Board will decide next appropriate action.
  • Security hired to be here on the Labor Day weekend.  Mary will be on vacation that weekend.  Another point of contact will need to be decided upon.  Board members are checking schedules to see who will be available.
  • Sheriff was called on 8/13 for 2 intoxicated people in the pool.  When asked to leave the premises, they refused.  The sheriff responded quickly and the situation was resolved.  It was discovered that the offenders were related to a homeowner.

12:20 pm   Member’s Open Floor Questions & Comments
            No questions at this time
12:30 pm       ADJOURN                                                   




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