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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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July 9, 2011 10:30 a.m. – at the Clubhouse

 Board Members Attending:

  • Jeanne Whitlow – President
  • Vern Little – Vice President - absent
  • Daryn Wilbur – Operations Director
  • Stan Morgan – Treasurer
  • Claudia Kuniholm – Secretary
  • Mary Cox – Association Manager

General Members Attending: 5 Members

The meeting was called to order at 10:31. 
10:31 a.m.    Salute the Flags
10:33 a.m.     Approval of Prior Board Meeting Minutes – The minutes of the June meeting were approved as written – all approved.  Moved and seconded – Daryn, Stan
Executive Session Report & Voting as Required
There was no mid-month Executive Session. 

10:35 a.m. Ombudsman Position – Ken Paauw has volunteered to be the Ombudsman.  He has lived in the Ponderosa for 3 years and is interested in helping out in the Ponderosa.  By-laws require that this be an approved and voted in position.  According to the By-laws this position would be filled by Ken until the next election or if the By-laws change allowing otherwise.  Jeanne moved, Daryn seconded that we accept Ken’s offer of service until the next election cycle or by-laws change.  All approved. 

10:45 a.m.     TREASURER’S REPORT
In relation to the budget we are on track with expenses:
50% of year has passed.
CD Status: Nothing has changed. No CD’s are maturing at this time.

A/R status update: Ahead of budget as expected and will remain ahead since the next date that dues are due are July 15.  Several members are on payment plans and are on-track or are past due and have not honored payment plans and subsequently liens have been filed on the properties. 

Special Notice to the following:
Legal and Liens – includes attorney’s fees for issues related to real estate letter issue and legal fees related to by-laws update.
Needler – includes bulk mailing permit renewal fee
Office/Board – includes security guard and mailing of invoices for 2nd ½ of dues
Accounting Fees – includes annual accounting review and tax return services, will end up under budget at year end.

Monthly Summary:
45% of budget year to date has been spent
56% of legal budget spent
95% of insurance budget has been spent – this is an annual fee
46% of salary budget has been spent
M&O Maintenance Account Balance - $141,964.59
M&O Reserve Account Balance - $33,171.03
Water Fund Account Balance - $411,568.61, with an outstanding loan balance of $271,003.91, during the month of June, payment of approx $23k is due on 10/1, $12k has been set aside for fire hydrants that will be installed by Ponderosa staff later this year on Camp 12 and Lariat.  $2,189.03 was spent towards the water mains project and $935.00 was spent towards the emergency pumping project.
Capital Improvement Account Balance - $215,782.42.  During the month of June $24.25 was spent toward the ball field upgrade.

Moved to accept treasurer’s report – Moved by Claudia, second by Jeanne, all approved

10:51 a.m.     OLD BUSINESS
Documents were received by Steve Geho that he had in regards to his position as Treasurer, still awaiting return of information from Ann Ashford.  Jeanne Whitlow will contact Ann.

By-Laws & Operating Procedures Proposed Changes Discussion – Mary took detailed notes of possible suggested changes for attorney to review. Daryn moved that we send changes as discussed to the attorney, Stan seconded, all approved.

Stan will meet with other CPA firms to attain bids on the audit that is scheduled for next year.

 11:30am        NEW BUSINESS
Water Shed Committee Update – The Saddle access point to the river has been closed because of the steepness of the actual trail and the washout that has occurred.  Doug spoke w/ adjacent property owner and owner does not wish to have members cross her property because of the possible liability.  Inspection made by Jennifer Goodrich, Resource Specialist with the Chelan County Dept. of Natural Resources she stated that vegetation will be planted in this area as part of the riparian activities that will occur in the Ponderosa.  2 engineers were also enlisted to take a look at the situation.  It is possible that some stairs could be installed.  Some of which could be landscape steps.  The stairs would be built in such a way that minimal impact to the area would made.  However, the permits that would be required would be very expensive. Approval of the project would be through Chelan County.  The permit process would be the same as if a person were to build a home along the river.  Labor costs would run between $3200 to $4000.  Materials and permits would be additional.  Other options are being researched at this time to see if the project could be simplified at less cost with less impact on the environment.  Additional signage may be added to the site while additional options are explored.  Before this signage is placed, a quick call to the attorney will be made by Mary.

Discussion of 5 year Strategic Plan – tabled until next month.
Identify Topics for mid-month Executive Session – Normal real estate issues, special members meeting coming up in August, so review of the meeting agenda for August.  Mary has requested that we call on Monday, July 18 so that we are all ready for the Public Works meeting the following Monday.  August 10, 7:30pm call will be to discuss the special members meeting, real estate issues and legal should they come up.

12:23 p.m.          OPERATIONS
Association Managers Report Highlights
Property Auction:  Sealed bids will be opened on July 21st at 10:00am for the 25701 Camp 12 Rd auction of this property.
The flooding issue on Stirrup has been followed up on.  Mary would like this added to next month’s meeting for additional discussion. 
Only large potholes will be fixed going forward since the water project will include some repaving, etc.  Other options are being discussed to see where we might be able to save some of the money set aside for the road maintenance so that we can reduce the possible costs of paving as a result of the water project. 
Water project – discussion was held about the possible ballot issues that should be included in regards to the upcoming water project.  Engineer for project does not have Errors and Omissions insurance.  Discussion ensued. Mary will check with our insurance, etc.  Some construction companies have responded that they could complete the project within a year; however the engineer would not be able to complete his portion within a year.  Some of the pros and cons were discussed.  In order to accelerate the engineering then we would need to hire an engineering firm with more staff.  Daryn moved that we expedite the engineering portion to be completed by end of 2012, Claudia seconded.  All approved.  Mary will investigate costs and availability of engineers and will report back.  Mary will complete the Water System Information document for the members meeting in August.  This will be discussed and reviewed at the next Executive Session discussion.

Questions were fielded from the floor about the water project specifically related to environmental and cultural reviews.  Another question was asked about by-laws.

1:04 p.m. Board meeting suspended for Executive Session discussion.  Moved by Jeanne, seconded by Daryn.

1:25 p.m. Board meeting reconvened.

1:25 p.m. Real estate issues and water project were discussed.  No motion necessary, there was nothing to vote on.  Motion to adjourn - Jeanne/Daryn.  All approved.

1:25 p.m.       ADJOURN




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