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July 12, 2008

President Bill Griffin called the meeting to order at 10:30 am. Board members present were Peter Smith (via phone), Mike Buck, Gina Wilkins, and Association Manager Bob Melson.

Peter gave a brief financial report and plans to bring a more formal report at next month’s meeting. The financial report looked okay in terms of spending so far for the year. Bill raised the question regarding the M and O budget for the pool being at 77% spent already. Bob Melson responded that the propane tank for the pool was recently filled and that accounted for the percentage of budget used so far.

Bill brought up the lot owned by Chelan County due to foreclosure and the debt owed from the previous owner. This debt was agreed by the board to be a loss and not worth pursuing. The board will continue the current dept owed by Chelan County on the lot and will talk to an attorney to find out more in regards to collecting from the county for home owner dues.

Peter talked about the State’s Low Interest Water Loans.  Peter talked with Dick Nicklas about assisting the Ponderosa with our water plan and looking for state and other grant money to help with the project.

Bill spoke to interest earned in our accounts of about $8000.00 as being a profit and showing a profit is against our by-laws and how should that money be treated. Bill suggested returning it to the members. Bill said Jeannie wanted to put the money in the M&O Reserve fund. If we did that and not spend it, it would be returned to the members. Peter mentioned that the interest could be added to the capital reserve for future projects. Mike agreed with Peter that with upcoming projects putting that money into the capital reserve. Gina suggested that the money be returned to members. Bill suggested we think about it and vote on it at the next meeting about what to do. Bill mentioned that if we did anything other than return it to the members the members would have to vote on the use of that money.

Bill and Peter spoke about upcoming CD’s maturing and looking into different banks and rates and reinvesting in CD’s accordingly. Peter and Bob are going to meet and look into that.

Bob spoke about the process we are taking in regards to filing a lien against properties in the Ponderosa that have significant debt owed in regards to home owner dues. Registered letters are being prepared as the next step in this process at the recommendation of the Ponderosa’s attorney.

Bill reported that the county said we would have to file our name change and reference all parcels, deeds and easements. In addition, a name change would require substantial modification to our website. Bill recommended that we abandon the name change idea as it was not worth the benefit and the board agreed.

Bill asked if there were any notable alterations regarding by-law changes discussed at the last meeting. Bill suggested adding the office and caretakers house to 3.3 Coverages and changing the term Director and Officer’s insurance to Employee Crime insurance to include board members, association manager, and other employees also in 3.3 Coverages. Restructuring the coverage could also save on insurance costs and Jeanne Whitlow is currently looking into the change.

Bill questioned whether or not we should add the term acquisition to 10.2.1 Ballot Requirement for real estate and should home owners vote on whether or not the Ponderosa acquire property or should it be a board decision. No decision was reached and will be discussed further.

Bill suggested that the issue of rentals be discussed in response to the July 4th weekend where there were about 20 renters using the pool and enjoying the BBQ. Bill stated that in the operations procedures under article 9 tenants have the right to the same privileges as home owners. The question was raised about how rentals should be treated. There is an increase in rentals in the Ponderosa and therefore increases in use to facilities. Problems and potential solutions of dealing with issues regarding rentals were discussed. Bill stated that whatever is done the solutions need to be practical and enforceable. The main concerns appear to be pool and other facility use, noise, and illegal camp fires as stated by those in attendance. Potential solutions included ideas for fines, usage fees, pool attendants, noise restrictions, and grounds patrols. Two members in attendance had suggestions regarding pool usage cards with limited usage, and/or pool cards to be issued to each individual, rather than to a single membership. The process would then need steps, increasing fines, and an appeals process. The fees and fines could then be used to offset additional maintenance and operations costs associated with rise in usage. No decisions were reached but further discussion will continue.

Bill adjourned the meeting at 12:30 p.m.         

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Buck, Secretary of the Board




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