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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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July 11, 2009 Board Meeting
Meeting called to order 10:32am at the Ponderosa Clubhouse

Board President Bill Griffin presiding
Acting Secretary Bill Griffin recorder of minutes
Board Members Attending: Steve Geho, Ann Ashford, Jeanne Whitlow, Bill Griffin, Peter Smith via phone with limited connectivity.
Mary Cox, Association Manager attending

Conflict of Interest vs Personal Interest
Bill introduced this subject as important because we have two landlords on the Board and we will be discussing issues that can or will affect their income; it is important for the Board to establish a policy on conflict of interest:  what is a conflict of interest in our terms and how we should approach it.  Previously supplied material was referred to that describes conflict of interest.

Motion: Motion was made to table discussion of “conflict of interest” policy to a future meeting to clarify language and as to whether a vote of the membership is appropriate.
Motion is seconded
Motion was approved unanimously by Ann, Steve and Jeanne.

Ponderosa Fire Dept. report: Mike Bunney: Co-Chief.
In response to a Needler article Mike clarifies the Ponderosa firefighting position.
Mike indicated the Fire Dept would like full fire flow.  Most of Ponderosa’s mains are too small, we need 6” mains.  Their firefighters and all the neighboring districts have been instructed NOT to use Ponderosa’s hydrants to fight a large fire because of the potential of damaging Ponderosa’s system.  The Fire Dept has large Porta-Tanks to which the hoses are connected and is the best defense considering the inadequacy’s of the PCC water & hydrants. A burn ban is now in effect (i.e. no outdoor flame), and the County has a new regulation:  No briquette barbecues

Treasurer’s Report:
We are at about 50% of the year and we’ve spent roughly 46% of the budget.  Accounting and Insurance expenses appear high because of the seasonality.  We have agreements or are working on agreements with those members who are in arrears (about $20k to $25k).  From last month’s 21 in arrears we are down to 6.  We do not have current contact information for those 6.  The Water Fund contains $388,000 and our Capital Improvements Fund contains about $214,000, both growing normally.  My mini-audit shows our procedures to be good.  Two changes needed:   Update check signing to Steve, and a small addition to check authorization.

Operations Director’s Report:
The pool was inspection yesterday and has passed inspection.

The Clubhouse painting is complete, thanks to the Buildings & Grounds Committee and Bob Melson.

Water financing is in process.  One source was eliminated, but the Drinking Water Revolving Fund may be available.  Application deadline is October; Jeanne plans to attend their application workshop in September.

The “for sale” vehicle has been removed from the Campbell easement on Camp 12.  The address sign and the mailbox are so close to Camp 12 Road that they are probably on that right-of-way rather than our Greenbelt.  The issue is too small to pursue further.
The easement on Lot 12 on Spur is 30’ wide.  The 12’ roadway is legal, but we are asking Moore/Irontree to replace the water bar they removed. A letter will be sent to Moore/Irontree asking for these items to be addressed.

Two individuals are selling Lot 6 on Primitive Park Road, which is within Ponderosa, back and forth to each other, and we are concerned about collecting the damage caused by a mudflow that damaged Riata.

Result of Executive Session held June 17, 2009:
The Board decided to send a bill to Yaskus, Green and Wischman for costs incurred to date (about $8,400) due to damage to Riata as a result of runoff and mudslide from property above Riata.

In addition: DNR and the Dept of Ecology have a deadline of end-of-July for the developers to create a plan to mitigate multiple deficiencies in the development of that project, with a potential fine of $10,000 per day for late planning and implementation.  Our engineer is to review the plan and may make recommendations.

The Board should consider that we probably have a capacity issue with the pool on peak periods. We should consider a simple system a pool monitor could handle to manage capacity.

Motion: A motion has been made to create a “special” members meeting after the August 8, 2009 Board Meeting to discuss rentals, and any proposed associated fees.
Motion is seconded
Motion was approved

Motion: A motion has been made to amend the previous motion to reflect a date of September 12, 2009 following the regular board meeting and to cover printing and postage for notice to members.
Motion is seconded.
Motion was approved unanimously by Ann, Steve and Jeanne.

Vice President Report:
Investigation of Crosby property has shows that that property is owned by Peter Norris
Additional research is needed regarding  Chelan County “open space”and if that classification impacts  the PCC

President adjourns the meeting 12:29




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