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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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Ponderosa Community Club
July 10, 2010 10:30 a.m. – at the Clubhouse

 Board Members Attending:

  • Ann Ashford - President
  • Daryn Wilbur – Vice President
  • Jeanne Whitlow – Operations Director
  • Steve Geho - Treasurer
  • Claudia Kuniholm – Secretary
  • Mary Cox – Association Manager

The meeting was called to order at 10:35.  6 general members were present at the meeting.

10:35 a.m.     Approval of Prior Board Meeting Minutes – The minutes of the May meeting were approved as written – moved by Claudia, seconded by Daryn – all approved.
Executive Session Report & Voting as Required

  • Executive Session was held on July 10 prior to the board meeting to discuss the cancelled June Board Meeting.  The Board issued a formal apology to the members.  The June meeting was cancelled because our newest member, Daryn Wilbur, was the only Board member available to attend in person and so meeting was cancelled.  Most of the board members had been available by phone, but the board as a whole was not comfortable with having Daryn run the meeting on his own.
  • Board will begin to hold mid month Executive Sessions on the last Wednesday of every month via a teleconference.  Business discussed will be kept to business allowed in Executive Sessions.
  • May Executive Session held after the May meeting decision made at this meeting was the board positions that board members would serve as noted above.

10:40 a.m.     TREASURER REPORT
In relation to the budget we have spent:
50% of year has passed
46 % of budget year to date has been spent
76% legal budget spent on liens, etc.
96% insurance – this is an annual fee
50% salary of salary budget has been spent
$800K for water and M&O set aside in bank accounts

  • Accounts Receivable Status – A/r – very short list of past due accounts. 4 were behind however 3 were paid in full, 1 is making payments – only $7200 remaining owing – lowest owing in several years due to efforts by Mary and Chelcie – thank you Mary and Chelsie!
  • Liens & Foreclosures Status – there is one that the board can foreclose, husband died suddenly, estate is being contested, family believes it will be resolved within a couple of months.   One other family is on a plan that needs to be responded to by July 15.  After that time the board can discuss.
  • Playground project starting on July 26, so some expense will be seen soon for this project.
  • Monthly transfers being made
  • Acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report – moved by Claudia, seconded by Jeanne, all approved

11:00 a.m.     OLD BUSINESS

  • Title Research Project Status and next steps
    • 112 were sent out 2/3 were sent back. Approximately 40 people remaining.  Balance of homeowners have been reminded by Chelcie several times via email, phone and mail.  Final letter to be sent with a response date by the August 14 board meeting.  A chance for a last plea will be given at noon after the August meeting.  If no response then water will be shut off etc. If a board member knows any one on the list, then the board member may approach personally to discuss.  Generally these people will have questions and Mary has met with them to discuss the benefits of being a member, etc.  In Executive Session we will discuss certain members who may need specific assistance in understanding the document and the concerns that the member may be feeling.
    • Member suggested that county be made aware of this title issue that we have experienced so that if other lots are made available for sale by the Ponderosa in the future, this notification would keep this from happening again.  Jeanne mentioned that Peter Smith had covered this concern when this project started.  Mary Cox will follow-up with Peter to confirm that this has been in fact done.
    • PCC Water Distribution Project funding options
      • $4m to replace current system – application to the state was denied.  Federal government (USDA – Rural Development) may have some funds available for a project of this type.  Mary and Jeanne submitted a preliminary application for a loan at an interest rate of 3.25% with a 40 year repayment plan – approx $360 per year per lot for the duration of the loan. 
      • The board is looking for other alternatives or suggestions from the members.  Ann’s husband and Daryn may have some suggestions.  Ann’s husband works with many water systems.  Ann to provide possible purchase of used meters at a much-reduced rate to Mary to present to Bill Schmidt.
      • Pump Loan – the assessment that members have been paying annually for this will be done this year – $291,850 balance remains owing.  The funds are available to pay this loan off, however the interest rate is only 1% so the funds will be held and the loan will be paid as scheduled.  The funds that are available from this may used towards this project since the borrowing of funds is more expensive now.   
      • Should a new special assessment be assigned starting next year to start setting funds aside for the Water Distribution Project?  Discussion was held about this possibility.  We are not at a point were this decision can be made just yet.  Need to find the dollar amount of this new assessment and then present to the members for a vote.  GOAL – to have this resolved in time for the December budget ballot.  If final dollars for project are not available in time for budget preparation should the existing assessment be continued and increased based on the expected cost of the project? No decision yet.
      • New system will include water meters at each property as per requirement of the state of WA. 
      • New project includes paving roads that are currently dirt roads.   If this portion of the project what would the short-term savings be to members?  Should both options be sent to the members?  What is the cost savings over the long term if all the roads paved?
      • Discussions about this project will continue over the next couple of months.
      • Motion by Steve – Invite Bill Schmidt to August or September meeting to give another overview of the requirements of the project.  Steve moved, Daryn seconded.  Steve, Ann, and Daryn approved, Jeanne and Claudia voted against thinking that this could meeting could wait for a later date.
      • Member, George DeBoldt has volunteered to review final proposal once we have it in hand.


  • Neighborhood/Rentals Conversation Decisions
    • A number of different proposals are being discussed by board members.  Daryn voiced concern that any rules in the Ponderosa should apply to all members. 
    • Concern was raised about possible liability of the Ponderosa if we start making rules that apply to specific groups of people. 
    • Jeanne discussed possible fee to those that provide rentals as a way to pay for the use of the amenities that are used by outside renters.  Response from Steve and Ann was that the use was not increased – it is the same as if a landowner was on the property so impact was not an issue in their opinion.
    • Attorney had been contacted prior to the meeting about possible fees.  Some discussion was held about response from attorney.  Is there really a basis for a fee?  Attorney provided opinion, however additional clarification is being sought on response received.
    • Motion from the floor to present questions to the attorney that the board agrees to prior to submittal.  Questions would be in regards to different rules to different groups of people in the Ponderosa – Jeanne, moved, Claudia seconded, everyone approved.
    • Watershed update
      • Doug not available today to attend meeting
    • Camp 12 Road fire evacuation concerns
      • Daryn volunteered to be the liaison with the Fire Department with concerns about the evacuation route(s).

 11:20am          NEW BUSINESS GENERAL

  • IRS Tax return completed
  • Security for 4th of July weekend – very quiet, no security issues
  • Bylaws committee update – no members of committee present
    • Money had been budgeted in this fiscal year to reprint by-laws, once they had been revised.  It looks as if this may end up being an expense for 2011.
    • Daryn has been appointed to the liaison for the By-Laws ad hoc committee. – Presented by Steve, seconded by Jeanne – all approved.

 11:35 a.m.          OPERATIONS

Association Managers Report Highlights

  • Ponderosa Homeowner Survey results 
    • Most items had a score of an average of 3.  Great response from members. 
    • Mary will provide an article for the Needler addressing some of the operations related questions
    • Ann will provide a response to some of the policy questions for the Needler later this year.
  • New Booster Pump Motor
    • All the parts have arrived in the area – the new parts/motor should be installed by the end of this next week.
  • Swimming Pool Update – pumps, security system
    • 3 major breaks – pumps, heat pumps, compressors all had issues.  While pumps were down for about a week the propane cost $800. to keep the pool heated.
    • Security program/controller is broken – cost to replace is about $1100. Is this is a rush repair?  The cost to rush the repair is an additional $500.  Total repair for rush repair would be around $1600.  Moved to take funds from M&O Reserve funds up to $1600 to replace security controller ASAP due to possible liabilities arising and increased vandalism or crime once the word gets out the system is not working correctly.  Rush repair will be completed by mid week. Steve moved, Jeanne seconded.  All approved.
    • Pool Budget is 9k, already spent over 7k, Mary may need more funds to keep the pool going through the end of the season if any other unanticipated breakdowns occur.
  • Water distribution electrical problems
    • Twice the system has been zapped during thunderstorms this past year.  Cost was $1500 for last repair in June.  Concern was raised that the system was not grounded correctly.  Ann’s has volunteered her husband to take a look.
  • Sport Court update
    • To be poured at the same time as the shop floor to save money
  • Research Camp 12 dust control – homeowners along road to fund
    • Camp 12 residents will pay for dust control and/or paving the last part of that road.  Mary is working on more of the details of this project and will report back.  Someone outside the Ponderosa has also volunteered to pay for a portion of this project.
  • Shop Safety Upgrade Project update
    • Progress is being made.  Septic design has begun, other aspects have been started as well.  End of August completion date is planned.
  • Historical Records
    • Mary discovered some historical documents for the board to read.  They relate to real estate issues and how they were dealt with in the past.
  • Light Spillage
  • Contact the county with concerns initially. 
    • Consistency needs to be applied to all members concerning all complaints
  • Individuals can file a complaint on an individual basis

12:20 pm.  Member’s Open Floor Questions & Comments

  • Who is the Watershed Committee Chair?
    • Doug Pendleton
  • Are we watering the ball field?
    • No sprinkler system available to do so at this time
  • When do terms of board members expire?
    • This is available in the office.

12:23 noon   ADJOURN                                                   




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