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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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June 14, 2008

President Bill Griffin called the meeting to order at 10:30 am. Board members present were Jeanne Whitlow, Peter Smith, Mike Buck, Gina Wilkins, and Association Manager Bob Melson.

Gina Wilkins submitted a collection of variances found at her home from her husband to Bob Melson to be reviewed and filed in the office.

Bill Griffin brought to the attention of the board that the Ponderosa insurance policy does not include fidelity insurance to cover board members, association manager and employees and asked Jeanne Whitlow to find out from insurance agent about coverage.

The annual report for 2007-08 was discussed and it was determined that spending seemed to be on track for the year. Bill brought up a point about budgeted vs. spent and comparing it to income and interest accrual and does what is shown truly reflect out financial status, and proposed looking into this as homework for our future budget meeting.

Bill passed around an upcoming article he is working on for the next Needler that there needs to be financial heads up for members regarding unavoidable increases coming in the future regarding past financial errors.

Bill discussed the proposed plan from the meeting with Jeanne, Gina, Bob, Paul, the engineer, and himself regarding water and roads.  Two emergency propane powered pumps for water pressure will be purchased based on money designated from a previous board.  The plan for replacement of the water system would begin in stages with areas receiving new water lines, water meter vaults, fire hydrants, and paved roads. The first would be lower Riata. The second stage would be Bridle, Bronco, and Spur. Third stage would then continue from there through the rest of Ponderosa beginning with Shetland, Corral, and Upper Saddle. Peter Smith will look into low cost loan financing associated with the project and present back to the board. Bob and the engineer will work out costs associated with the project. 

The board then began looking at revisions of the By-laws of the association since they have not been updated for approximately ten years. Discussion on naming the Ponderosa Community Club as the Ponderosa Home Owners Association took place and what legal aspects need to be considered before moving forward with any changes. Other items of the by-laws were looked at for word clarification. The fiscal year was also looked at and is under consideration of being changed from the calendar year so that it corresponds with the board members term in office. The idea being that the next board doesn’t inherit partial book keeping records and budgets from the previous board for the current year.  It was agreed that we: Change our name to Ponderosa Homeowner's Association, but Bill is to determine if that would affect deeds and legal documents already filed under the old name. That the Annual Member's Meeting is to become an Annual Meeting, which eliminates the quorum problem we had last month and is more consistent with the way these meetings have been run in the past. To eliminate the 1-, 2-, and 3-year terms of office for the Board and make them 1-year terms. That real estate transactions should require a paper ballot. To eliminate the need for a motion at a meeting in order to hold an Executive Session. To formalize the Board's use of closed session Workshops. To change our financial year from a calendar year (Jan - Dec) to a fiscal year (May - Apr) in order to bring our budgeting and finance into sync with our operational year.  Bill is to meet with a member CPA to determine method and feasibility. Further discussion of the by-laws will be continued at the next board meeting.

Peter and Bob presented a list of property owners with dues in arrears. Of that list, five property owners were shown to warrant putting a lien against their property for excess dues owed.  It was stated by Bob that attempts to make payment on dues had not been made by those homeowners. It was stated by Bob that attempts have been made to contact and notify these homeowners and further action is warranted.

The board then called for election to positions and no changes were made.

Bill then proposed the idea that the board make the decisions in regards to memorials and presented a set of guidelines to follow for the types of memorials allowed and were they may be placed.

Bill then passed around an article he will propose be added to the next Needler in regards to homes in the Ponderosa being used as rentals. It will warn landlords of the State law requiring a business license and payment of taxes for "transient rentals".  In view of problems being caused by short-term tenants the Board will be seeking enforcement of that law.

There was a brief discussion of all the activities taking place during the July 4th weekend and the Board decided 
not to have an information booth at the July 4th events.

The Board then adjourned to executive session and reconvened at 12:22 p.m. In regards to the executive session the Board decided to retain the status quo on the lot owned by Chelan County.

Jeanne then passed around draft copies of board and employee roles for members to look over and respond back to her by July 1st with any feedback.

Bob then brought to the board’s attention the office computer recently needed servicing and although it is not very old, it may need replacing. Bob mentioned that all information is back up and since being serviced it is running better. A new replacement is estimated at $500 and would be paid for out of the office budget if needed.

Bill adjourned the meeting at 12:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Buck, Secretary of the Board




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