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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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June 13, 2009 Board Meeting
Meeting called to order 10:32am at the Ponderosa Clubhouse

Board President Bill Griffin presiding
Board Secretary Peter Smith recorder of minutes

Board Members Attending: Steve Geho, Jeanne Whitlow, Bill Griffin, Peter Smith
Mary Cox, Association Manager attending

Result of Executive Session held June 11, 2009 via conference call
The Board has agreed to pay our Assoc. Manager (Mary Cox) her regular hourly rate + payroll taxes for extra hours worked on natural disasters, real estate, legal issues and major facilities projects beginning June 1, 2009 thru 2009 year-end. This additional expense will come under the Reserve M&O fund.

Treasures Report : (financial report available on Web and office)
37% of total expenses with 42% of year expired.
A $5,735 overpayment to the 2008 M&O has been moved back to 09 general M&O checking account.

Building and Grounds report submitted: Clubhouse exterior paint color has been decided and painting will begin Monday June 15th.  The committee will review options on providing seating in the pool patio area.

New Business:
Board unanimously decides any future fees and fee amounts specific to landlords and or renters will be decided by the board without a vote of the membership. Any members with additional comments are encouraged to contact board members personally via email.

With input and direction provided by the members the board will move forward to research a volunteer financial refund to members who volunteer within the PCC. Details will continue to be researched and made available to members via the Needler and our email distribution.

Mary & the Board will continue to research a company which is willing to provide snow removal on Riata. Additional research is needed with regard to 25619 Camp 12 Rd and the responsibility of the PCC to this road and property. The board requested additional documents of the property owner associated with this property including plat maps and survey information.

Pool Rule implementation: The board unanimously agrees to implement new pool rules beginning July 1, 2009 to limit tenants from the pool and pool area. A letter will be sent to known landlords stating the new rule; limiting tenant’s use of the pool and clubhouse.  Beginning July 1, pool-cards #’s of known landlords will be noted with our pool monitor and the identity of those members will be confirmed prior to entry to the pool.  Tenants will not be admitted to the pool and clubhouse area. Upon a second offence, the pool-card of that member will be deactivated for the remainder of the calendar year.

Repair of Riata Rd.: The board unanimously agrees to make temporary repairs including grading to Riata rd until a permanent plan is finalized. The scope includes approx. 4-6 hours of labor/grading.

Registration of off-road vehicles: A board member suggests that we create a registration database of off-road vehicles /ATV’s as well as all vehicles owned by members and guests of the PCC. This topic will be tabled for a future board meeting.

Lot 12 Spur easement: A prior board granted an easement thru lot 12 on Spur. The grantee of the easement has made improvements to the easement. The board will review the easement language to determine if the grantee is within the terms of the easement.

Camp 12 easement: A prior board granted an easement thru our greenbelt along Camp 12 road. The board will review the language of the easement to determine if the grantee is within the terms of the easement. A reminder letter will be sent to the property owner as a 1 x courtesy.

The president notes the time of 12:19 and adjourns the meeting.




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