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April 12, 2008

President Bill Griffin called the meeting to order at10:35 AM.  Board members present were Jeanne Whitlow, Peter Smith, Tim Olson, Gina Wilkins.

Bill Griffin opened the meeting with a special tribute to Jack Bartleson who passed away this week.  Bill emphasized Jack’s contribution to the Ponderosa Community Club over many years and the instrumental role he played in building our new pool. Tim Olson moved that the Board rename the pool the Bartleson Pool.  Peter Smith seconded the motion.  The Board will vote on the motion at a succeeding meeting.

Proposed 2009 Budget Draft Discussion
Jeanne asked the Board to include the money for the beetles needed to fight knapweed in the greenbelt. Peter asked a question about the Building and Grounds budget. Discussion centered on which items in that budget belonged in maintenance and which items belonged in capital improvements. Discussion continued on how much of the capital reserve may be used in any year and the necessity for a significant amount to remain in the account.  A significant amount must be kept in the Capital Reserve for emergencies.  The Board agreed that capital improvements should not be hidden in maintenance budget requests as has sometimes been done in the past.  Bill asked Diane Johansen to come back to the Board with specific amounts for both maintenance and capital improvements in the Buildings and Grounds budget.
Gina asked whether the amount allotted for fuel was sufficient in light of the increase in fuel costs.  The Board expressed confidence in our maintenance crew to estimate the fuel costs for the year.
Tim brought up the NEEDLER budget and the Board increased the budget $300.00 to make possible a December issue after the budget ballot.
Gina brought up the costs for the pool including propane and the continuing costs of a monitor on heavy usage weekends.  The resurfacing of the pool is a capital improvement cost.
Peter said that the compensation package increase is to account for additional costs in that area.
Bill emphasized that this is a draft of the budget for 2009 and will be further considered after the Board is elected at the Annual Meeting.
Peter presented a list of capital improvements Bob had been asked to provide to the Board.  Items included both a wish list including $15,000 for a back-up pick-up, $15,000 for a snow blower; and an item written into this year’s proposed budget of $10,000.00 for a new floor for the Clubhouse.  All these figures are subject to further analysis and consideration before the budget will be adopted.

Discussion then turned to roads, the priorities for paving and other factors that impact the roads like installing meters and the coming of fiber optics.  We need more specifics before specific amounts can be determined.

Bill told the Board that Rose Ann (our current webmaster) has funded it, but expects that the Board will take the website back into the Ponderosa when it’s up and running.  The Board discussed several ways to bring the website into the Ponderosa and that the Office Manager appeared to be the best alternative for keeping the website up to date.

In answer to a question from Bill, Peter said that the $10,000 for legal costs should be sufficient.

Bill said we needed to include the costs of printing the planned revised governing documents and sending them to the membership. $2,000.00 was suggested as a sufficient amount for this purpose.  We need to include sufficient money for new information packets for members.

Ron Vokas, member brought up the efforts of a person to buy a piece of property that is currently a “surplus” property that Chelan County owns. Pam Nicklas suggested that the best way to get action is to attend a Chelan Council meeting.  The Board decided that they could not involve themselves in a personal property transaction.

Dick Nicklas questioned the Board’s definition of capital improvement.  Bill responded that this has been a long standing question in the Ponderosa. The Board will reach a consensus on a particular item.

Dick Nicklas reported on the close out of our water project.  We came in $40,000.00 under the project estimated costs.  Bill stated we all owed Dick a debt of gratitude and Dick was roundly applauded.

Committee Reports
Gina reported that we are still in need of chairperson for the Greenbelt Committee.  Gina and Bob will be putting out the ballot for trustees and we do have four members running for the board.

Jeanne needs recommendations for those areas most infested with knapweed to help the WSU people in placing the beetles that destroy the knapweed.

Diane Johansen brought up the possibilities of memorials for members that have contributed to the community.  Tim suggested that members could be encouraged to put up memorials to members with the approval of the Board. This will be discussed at a succeeding meeting.

The Social Committee reported that the Spaghetti Potluck was a success.

Vandalism continues to be a problem both on private property and community property.  Both the Board and the Sheriff have a role to play in solving this problem.  Bill suggested that we publish the costs of the vandalism in the NEEDLER.

Tim moved that the Board move to executive session and Peter seconded the motion.  The session will consider: discuss real estate, employee compensation and member concerns.

In executive session, the board determined: (1),The Board decided not to sell lot 12; (2) The Board decided not to alter the easement (make it permanent) to Andrew Campbell on our greenbelt (the original easement was granted in violation of our Bylaws Article 21 in that it altered the “natural state” and “conveyed” a portion of the greenbelts); (3) The board decided to give a courtesy response to Lange regarding his request about the Riata alteration; (4) The Board approved the Association Manager’s contract; and (5) The Board decided on a personnel budget item.

Bill adjourned the meeting at 1:00PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Tim Olson, Secretary




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