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March 8, 2008

President Bill Griffin called the meeting to order at10:35 AM.  Present were Board members Jeanne Whitlow, Peter Smith, Tim Olson, Gina Wilkins and Association Manager Bob Melson.

Operations Director Jeanne Whitlow’s Report:
Greenbelt Committee:  Judy Toenyan resigned as Chairperson. Jeanne presented the research completed showing the number of the Ponderosa Association’s owned lots.  She displayed the location of the 24 lots on a map of the Ponderosa.  The research included those properties on which the Ponderosa pays taxes (4) and those that we do not.  We do not pay taxes on the dedicated properties within the greenbelts.
Bill Griffin said that all of this has come to the fore because a buyer made an offer on lot 12, which is an easement to property outside the Ponderosa.  The Board reached a consensus that the sale of any property would be handled on a case-by-case basis. Further discussion centered on the necessity of conferring with a real estate attorney regarding what we can legally do in respect to each of the association owned lots.  Bob is to research the possibility and cost of having a real estate attorney make a presentation to the Board.

Vegetation Control
The Bonneville Administration wants to do vegetation control again this year as they have done in the past.  The control consists of clearing around the power lines for vegetation control.  A representative from the Bonneville Administration will be meeting with us and determine how this will be accomplished.

Controlling Noxious Weeds
WSU in cooperation with Chelan County is willing to come out (for free) and release bugs that eat and kill knapweed.  This was done a few years ago and it has been successful. The Board reached consensus that it will accept this offer.

Ponderosa Association Committees to be Eliminated and to be Retained
The Board discussed what association committees should be eliminated and which should be continued in light of the changes in operations caused by our having an Association Manager.  The Board agreed that the following committees should be retained: Social, Building and Grounds, Greenbelt, Elections and NEEDLER.  The Board also agreed that we need to continue the position of Ombudsman.  The Board decided that the Nominating Committee and Ballot Committee will be eliminated and will become part of the Vice-President’s duties.  The Board decided that the Water and Roads committees are now no longer needed that we have an Association Manager.  The Finance and Budget Committee will be renamed the Finance Committee and become an ad hoc committee whose responsibility will be arranging financing for Ponderosa projects.

The board accepted Marisha Robinson’s volunteering to chair the Greenbelt Committee.

Job Descriptions and Association Manager’s Contract
Jeanne passed out drafts of  job descriptions for three employees and alternative drafts for a contract of the Association Manager.  Bill suggested that the Board members take the drafts for purposes of study and to come to the April meeting prepared to come to an agreement regarding the job descriptions and contract and looked to the May meeting for a finalization of the contract and job descriptions. Bob agreed with Jeanne that it would be possible to combine the QuickBooks and Office manager’s positions.

Social Committee
Gina announced that Marisha is still getting acquainted with her new committee responsibilities, but is planning several traditional social occasions and these are planned for Saturdays when most members are present in the Ponderosa.  Also, the question of a new phone book was mentioned and tabled to gather information regarding what plans the Fire Auxiliary has about a new edition of the phone book.
The fire department will be holding a burn pile and barbecue on May 17.

Building and Grounds Committee
Bill asked the committed  to consider the possibility of changing the focus of the Clubhouse from a meeting place with occasional social activities to a social place with occasional meetings.

Treasure’s Report
Peter gave a brief over view of our current status including the return of financial books to the Ponderosa and said that the transition was successful. Current financial statements are available on the website and outside the office and from the Manager’s office.

Mission Statement
Tim read the current Mission Statement and two others contributed by Doug Pendleton and a synthesis of the two contributed by Lorelie Olson.  The Board accepted Lorelie Olson’s as the Mission Statement for the Pondeorsa.

Water Meters
Bill announced that the state will be requiring that we meter the use of water at each lot by 2017.  This requirement will be expensive and must be coordinated with water system requirements..

Letter to the Board
Bill read a member’s  letter to the Board questioning the publishing of the December NEEDLER. He read it to make the point regarding the Board’s policy on the NEEDLER.  Bill stated several points as Board policy. The Board supports the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution, which deals in part, with the freedom of the press. The NEEDLER has only three restrictions place on it: 1) the law of the land; 2)The Bylaws requirement that it be published at least four times a year; 3) The funding approved by the members. 
Any member may submit a suggestion, an article, or a letter to the Editor for considerations, but it is the Editors sole discretion as to when the NEEDLER is published, how it is published and its content.  The Board’s rights in this regard rise no higher that the rights of the members.

Executive Session
At 11:25 AM, Gina moved the Board adjourn to executive session to discuss a personnel issue.  Jeanne seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
The Board reconvened at 12:00PM.  In the executive session, the Board discussed and unanimously approved a salary and compensation package.
Bill passed out several draft articles to be considered for a Trustee handbook that could be utilized by this and future boards. Bill asked for responses from the Board members to further refine this draft.
Tim moved for adjournment at 12:45 PM; Peter seconded the motion and Bill adjourned the meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Secretary, Tim Olson




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