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March 14 2009 Board Meeting
Board Members Attending: Bill, Jeanne, Ann & Peter

Meeting called to order: 3:00pm

First order of business: Ann Ashford introduction and election of officers: Peter offers to serve as Secretary and Ann offers to serve at Treasurer, election is approved. Bill requests that board candidates submit resumes to Mary by April 1st.  Bill asks for suggestions to assist with member correspondence, similar to the forum used in the past to publicize comments, letters etc from members.

Treasures report: February report. Review of YTD -One line item above projection: Buildings and grounds due to painting. Account fees YTD are above projections due to transition from Chelcie and Nancy in January.

Accounts receivable are being worked; Mary has created a standardized A/R process and collection which is available for member review. Bill’s analysis of previous bank balances specific to the 2008 budget showed an error which Mary caught and the estimated shortfall has been scaled back significantly. Bill’s continued belief that there will be a “shortfall” rolled from the 2008 budget. 

Pete reports that Mary is opening an additional bank account to keep our accounts under the FDIC $250k limit. We expect the $250K limit to be extended past 2009 and if it isn’t we will take any needed action.

A member asks about collection: Mary’s response: Our current A/R collection are on plan and won’t effect our current budget, we have received over 50% of our budgeted A/R thus far approx $217K.  End report

Bill mentions that budget discussions will begin in April and the board hopes to provide a draft budget to the next board. A member asks about the Needler budget: Do we have the budget for the extra issues? Bill’s responded that we do, and hope to make the Needler available electronically to all that would accept it in that form. A member volunteers to solicit other volunteers for committees and groups during community events. 

Bill reads the following into the minutes: “On March the 10th the Board decided to offer a $20 reduction of 2009 dues to the four (4) lots whose only access is via Riata and to the two (2) lots that front on Camp 12 if their access is via Riata. Our problem is that upper Riata is so steep that we can not snowplow it due to its steep grade. Our expense accounting doesn’t allow for us to determine how much snowplowing Upper Riata actually costs so a rough calculation has been made. The calculation took into account 4 months of plowing (1/3 of the year) + 5% payroll which equals 38% of the M&O road budget for 2008. We divided that between 585 lots equals $18 thus rounded to $20. We offer this to these owners as a goodwill gesture in recognition that the effected members do not have the option to use or not use Ponderosa facilities as other people have. We don’t intend this 2009 reduction to be taken as a precedent but the board will revisit the issue when considering the 2010 budget. A member asks a clarifying question regarding this.

Association Managers Report: Mary provides an update of the Riata washout situation. Situation history: The floods of November & January created water and mud damage coming across Camp 12 onto Riata from the properties that were developed above that area. Mary reports that we hope to work with the developers to make changes so that this doesn’t happen again and recoup our costs of repair. Mary reports that she has contacted many agencies to see if there are monies available to assist with this issue. Mary reports that the board has decided to update our parking policy. Parking is not allowed in culs-de-sac year-round. Violators will be towed at the owner’s expense. Members can report a violation to the office, Mary will then take any necessary action including towing. End report

Board votes on the following: Does the Ponderosa wish to rent the clubhouse to members who would allow its use by other groups to raise revenue? No, No, majority reached. Policy will be updated.

Bill opens discussion of revisions of Bylaws: item- definitions of members and guests.  Jeanne and Peter agree there should be members and non-members. Bill offers definitions (handout) to those attending. Bill’s says the intent is to maintain the Ponderosa as a private members-only organization. Bill mentioned restriction can be made to manage the pool and clubhouse but the challenge is our greenbelts, trails, roads, water etc. Discussion of handout continues, definition of member, guest, tenants etc continues. Bill provides the main issue: Do we want to be able to give owner rights to the public to use private property? A member asks “what is considered compensation? Discussion continues. Is bartering compensation? A member asks is the issue capacity? Bill says no, the issue is “the public use of private property” Discussion continues….a comparison of the Washington Athletic Club (WAC) is made and discussed…. Clarification is made: any change of bylaws must be voted on by the membership. Again, a member asks is the real issue capacity? Discussion continues….Mary offers for discussion: “Should we have rental or not”? Discussion continues….Mary provides a variety of complaints which apply to members and guests equally, ie trespass, speeding, drunken parties etc…Should members be educated on who to contact and what it means to be a “good neighbor”? Discussion continues…..Should all contact information for landlords be made public and posted? Discussion continues…Shall a use fee be created? Discussion continues…Jeanne mentions that we may have to have a lifeguard if the pool is open to the public, additional research is needed regarding this topic but a estimated costs for providing a lifeguard is estimated at $15k. Again a member asks is the issue capacity or usage? Discussion continues… Clarification is made: The current bylaws include members, guests and long-term tenants and a change in the bylaws require a majority of members voting.
A member asks “Can renters use the pool”? Bill’s response: Our governing documents allow long-term tenants to use facilities; short-term tenants are not allowed to use facilities. Discussion continues regarding Chelan County code, covenants etc…

Other item: a member offers information on the Chelan County Conservation district to homeowners with waterfront property with erosion concerns or problems. If homeowners would like additional information please contact the Association Manager additional details will be made available on the Ponderosa web site and the Needler.

A member would like voice concerns regarding lot assessments ie increasing dues but time is limited and Bill invites member to continue the conversation via email. Bill mentions that budget discussions will begin in April and the board hopes to provide a draft budget to the next board. As with last year budgeting meeting will be open to the members, all are welcome to attend the April meeting.

Meeting adjourns to executive session:

Meeting reconvened from executive session: Bill places the following into the minutes. The board has decided on implementing an agreement between Peter & Renee Norris who have a property on Riata essentially a land swap to accommodate a situation where their dwelling has been discovered to be encroaching on Ponderosa property.  

Meeting adjourned 4:52pm




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