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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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March 13, 2010 Board Meeting

Meeting called to order 10:32am at the Ponderosa Clubhouse

Vice President Ann Ashford - Acting President presiding
Board Members Attending: Steve Geho, Jeanne Whitlow, Peter Smith
Ann Ashford, Attending via phone: Claudia Kuniholm
Mary Cox, Association Manager

Minutes of February 13th board meeting accepted and unanimously approved.
No actions or voting taken in Feb 13th Executive Session.

Treasurer’s Report:
February Financials collected: $160,000
YTD: $221,572
Past Due Report: 61 past due accounts
Several past due accounts with liens have paid in full after water shut-off notification.
Motion made to accept Treasurer’s report
Motion Seconded
Motion unanimously approved 5-0

Old Business:

Bylaws Review Committee
Doug Pendleton has agreed to serve as chair and all members have been determined to “members in good standing”
Members contact information will be provided by Assoc. Mgr.
Doug has requested a board liaison.

Nominating Committee Update:
The nominating committee consists of 2 members: Ann Ashford & Jeff Robinson
Currently there is a single board candidate for 2 open positions
If additional members would like to join please contact Ann Ashford.

Title Research Project:
Ponderosa has reengaged with Foster Pepper to continue with Title research project. Foster Pepper to prepare mid-April “certificate” mailing to those effected members.
Chelcie is in the final steps to become a WA notary to assist effected members with the finalization of the “certificate”

Riata Grading Project:
Collections efforts regarding the Riata mud slide and the responsible parties continue. The responsible parties have offered a settlement. The board has submitted a response as part of the negotiation and we are awaiting a response from the responsible parties.

Water Project Update:
Addendum to our application was submitted and we are awaiting a response.
End Report

New Business:

Annual Meeting:
Secretary-Pete will set the agenda and lead the upcoming annual meeting.

Motion: To move the May board meeting to Saturday 5/29 at 10:30
Motion Seconded
Motion unanimously approved 5-0

Ballot timeline: all information required for the ballot will be due by April 20th.

Recruitment of full-time members: a recruitment effort will be led by Pete Smith.

Proposed Guests and Tenant Rules: Anne proposes printed guest and tenant rules which can be posted with all Ponderosa residents. These are the existing rules of the Ponderosa which are available on the Ponderosa web site. This information would used to inform all members, guests or tenants of the Ponderosa.  Ann asks for all to provide feedback and suggestions regarding the proposed rules and how they are communicated to the membership. Additional feedback is due by the April 10th meeting.

Illegal Tree Cutting at 25801/24628 Spur- additional discussion to be held in executive session.
Encroachment on Ponderosa Property: Individual situations of encroachment will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Communication with affected homeowners will be made via the Assoc. Mgr.

Financial reporting: Financial reporting on the web site and distributed will be made as “preliminary” due to reconciliation of accounts after “preliminary” publishing.

Water Shut-off Policy:  The board is to review a proposed revision of the Water Shut-off policy.
Motion: Motion made to accept the proposed Water Shut-off policy as submitted.
Motion Seconded
Motion unanimously approved 5-0

Based on the opinion of our legal counsel the newly adopted Water-Shut Policy shall be communicated to all Ponderosa members via a variety of communications ie. Direct mail, web posting, Needler etc.

Extension of Lease to the District 4 Fire Dept.
Motion: Motion to extend lease of the property to the Fire dept for the period of 25 years in the amount of $1.00
Motion Seconded
Motion unanimously approved 5-0

Announcement of the resignation of the Ponderosa Ombudsmen due to a move.
If any member would like to take the position please contact Ann Ashford.
End Report

Managers report:

Mary asks for feedback regarding the proposal to create an ice rink on the baseball field during the winter months. Any associated expense would be minimal as the Ponderosa has the required material on-hand. The ongoing maintenance would be minimal and of low priority for the Ponderosa staff. The overall reaction is positive and the staff will research further.

Shop Safety Upgrade: Mary asks the board to allow her and the maintenance staff to research and investigate needed upgrades to the shop and maintenance area. The proposed upgrade would include installation of a bathroom, improved lighting, sheetrock and septic field. The expense is estimated at $10-12k. The board approves and asks Mary to provide actual cost estimates to be included in the May ballot as a capital expenditure requiring member approval.

Clubhouse Septic System repair: Mary will provide the board with additional details regarding the required repair or replacement of the Ponderosa Clubhouse septic system.
End Report

Open discussion:
Roberts Rule of Order: Jeanne offers a simplified Roberts Rules of Order to improve communication within the board and allow all officers of the board to bring a motion and vote. This will allow the board meeting to be more “informal” and more precipitory.
Additional comments and feedback concerning this topic will be taken at the April 10th board meeting.

The sale of the road grader has been completed and brought in $2750
In an effort to communicate and solicit feedback with regards to selling of Ponderosa “capital” assets the board will delay sales of “capital” assets for 60 days. This time will allow for a review period and to allow for communication and solicit feedback from members.

Pam Nicklas has volunteered to act as a reporting person for water leaks within the Ponderosa. Pam will report her findings to the Assoc. Mgr. 

Diane Johansen announces her resignation from the Building and Grounds Committee.
If additional members would like to join the Committee please contact Nancy Melson.

Meeting Adjourned to Executive Session at: 12:38





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