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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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Ponderosa Community Club
March 10, 2012 10:30 a.m. – at the Clubhouse

Board Members Attending:

  • Jeanne Whitlow – President
  • Vern Little – Vice President
  • Daryn Wilbur – Operations Director
  • Stan Morgan – Treasurer
  • Claudia Kuniholm – Secretary
  • Mary Cox – Association Manager

General Members Attending: 7 including guests/members representing the Fire Department

The meeting was called to order at 10:30.

10:30 a.m. Salute the Flags

10:32 a.m. Approval of Prior Board Meeting Minutes – The minutes of the February Board meeting were approved as written – all approved. Moved and seconded – Vern, Stan, approved.

Executive Session Report & Voting as Required

No Executive Sessions items required a vote.


In relation to the budget we are on track with expenses:

17% of year has passed. YTD expenses are at 11%.

Special Notice to the Following :

A/r status update: Homeowners Dues – Thru the end of February $183,997.11 in Homeowners Dues were collected. Just over $10k in past due assessments. 87 owners are past due, but this is a marked improvement over last year at this time.

Watershed Committee is below budget because we received a reimbursement from the Forestry Stewardship Plan

M&O General is a bit higher than expected because sander needed to be rebuilt.

Thomas & Associates are our new insurance brokers and have experience with other non-profits.

Closed the BofA savings account as discussed in the prior months meeting.

Received $171k against our loan from the state.

Monthly Summary :

M&O Maintenance Account Balance - $168,808.70

M&O Reserve Account Balance - $34,168.79

Water Fund Account Balance - $355,595.30, with an outstanding loan balance of $244,528.92, during the month of February $49,510.94 was spent on the Water Mains Project.

Backhoe Replacement – The old backhoe was sold for $16,500 and a new backhoe was purchased for $43,153.25.

Capital Improvement Account Balance - $215,103.72.

Vern moved/Daryn seconded to approve Treasurer’s Report – All approved

10:35 a.m. Committee Reports -

Watershed Committee – Nothing new to report.

Social Committee – Will be purchasing supplies for the pancake feed and Easter egg hunt this next month.

Nominating Committee – Nominees are being gathered

10:40 a.m. Fire Commissioners – Discussion about new rules as outlined in Operating Procedures, paragraph 17 by the Ponderosa. The group passed out a document outlining their position. Discussion followed as to how the new fine system was put into place and that the goal was to have the members understand how important fire safety was. The fire department is suggesting that we need to take another look at how we have written the policy and consider changing the Operating Procedures to meet the needs of both groups. It was suggested that a group get together and adjust the verbiage so that it reflects what needs to be said. Vern, Daryn and commissioners will meet to make sure that the Operating Procedures reflect what they need to for clarity for both groups. In the meantime, permits will continue as they have been in the past during this discussion period.

The Burn Pile will be postponed this year because of the water project.

The board will consider adding a line item to help offset the burn pile ash removal expense.

The Fire Department will host a chili feed after the annual meeting.

11:46 a.m. OLD BUSINESS  

Identify Items for Mid-Month Executive Session Water project, real estate, or legal issues that might arise. The time/date for the meeting is April 3, at 7:30pm.

Water Project Update – See attached update for details. Daryn moved that the engineering firm for construction management and construction inspection be RH2 chosen based on the results of the interviews that occurred on March 9, 2012, allowing Mary to negotiate a contract to be approved by the board. Vern seconded. All approved.

12:14 p.m. NEW BUSINESS  

Association Manager Report Highlights  

Front Axle of the F250 broke - truck has no value in the condition it is in now. The cost to replace the front axle would be in excess of $3k, with a blue book value of $2k once it has been replaced. Mary and Daryn will explore options and will report back to the board. In the meantime the plow will be moved to a different vehicle.

Backhoe – The old backhoe was sold and a new one purchased. The purchase will come in under budget.

Process for 3 Year Strategic Plan – Tabled again this month but it will be on the agenda for next month with a reserved time of 30 minutes.

Member’s Open Floor Questions & Comments – A member asked about a 24 hour emergency number. Mary will review the emergency process.  

12:22 p.m. ADJOURN – Moved to adjourn to Executive Session. Claudia/Stan. All approved.

1:45 p.m.RECONVENED – Discussion was held about one legal issue with a homeowner. Letter will be sent to this homeowner. Motion to adjourn, Vern/Stan. Meeting adjourned.

Water System Upgrade to New DOH Regulations and Fire Protection
Status Report
As of March 10, 2012

  • The schedule is to begin construction in May and complete the work in 4 months. A construction schedule will be published after a contractor is selected.
    1. Required permits:
      1. The environmental review (SEPA) by Chelan County should be completed in March. There will be a hearing. Mary should attend along with one Board member. We will get 1-2 weeks’ notice prior to the hearing.
      2. The cultural review by Dept of Health (DOH) has been delayed by 4 weeks with approval planned for mid-May. We cannot begin construction until the environmental and cultural reviews are complete.
      3. The BPA permit is complete. The permits from Chelan County Public Works for work along Camp 12 Road are in process and will be completed in April. We are preparing a stormwater construction plan for Dept of Ecology which should be complete in April.
    1. Revised Schedule
      1. PCC Board Meeting 3/10
        1. Review recommendation of Procurement Committee for Construction Engineering firm and Construction Inspector
      2. RH2 Plan-Spec completion 3/14 – 4/1
        1. RH2 delivered the “100%” plans on 3/7. Vern & I will review contract. Jesse, Ken and Henry will review specs/plans.
      3. SEPA Approval by March 30
      4. PCC Board Meeting 4/14
        1. Review and approval of contract bid package (plans, specs)
        2. Review and approve Chelan County Franchise Agreement
      5. RH2 Advertisement for bid 4/17
      6. RH2/PCC Contractor walk-thru 4/24
      7. Stormwater permit and Chelan County permits acquired by 4/30
      8. RH2/PCC Bid Opening 5/8
        1. This needs to occur at a time and public location which will be advertised in the bid solicitation. RH2 suggests they would open with some Board members in the Clubhouse.
        2. RH2 will fully analyze the responses, check references, and recommend a contractor for award of contract.
      9. Cultural Review Complete by May 12 (if all goes well)
      10. PCC Board Meeting review responses, RH2 recommendation, and award contract 5/12
      11. RH2 Notice of Award 5/14
      12. RH2/PCC Pre-construction meeting 5/21
      13. DOH Notice to proceed 5/24
      14. Construction 120 days 5/24 to 9/24
  • Selection of engineering firm for construction management and construction inspection
    • Eight firms responded to our Request for Qualifications.
    • The selection group reviewed their qualifications. Two firms were identified as the most qualified and their references were checked.
    • Interviews with RH2 Engineering and Hammond Collier PACE were held on March 9.
    • Recommendation to the Board made by Daryn based on the meetings held on March 9.
    • Contract to be negotiated for Board’s approval on April 14.
  • License Agreements & Easements
    • The balance of the remaining agreements and easements with members is being negotiated and hopes are to have this wrapped up shortly.
  • Logging: Approximately 100 trees will be removed; 70 of which are along Camp 12 Road. We determined we do not need a Forest Practices Application from the DNR, but we do need approval from the County (RH2’s responsibility.)
    • We considered doing the work separately from the contract, because it shouldn’t cost of anything (logger would take the wood). However, tree removal is considered part of “site prep”, which is considered part of construction – which we cannot begin before May 12. Therefore, we decided to have the contractor do it – and we’ll tell them we expect the only cost to be stump removal. The stumps will be hauled away.
    • Feller-Buncher will be used to remove the trees.
  • Riata Road improvements & fill: The two effected members have agreed to our plan to remove the “dip” at the bottom of Riata Road. License agreements have been sent to them for signature.
  • Financials and contract administration: Chelcie submitted and received our first reimbursement for water project expenses for $107,000. In addition, we paid the loan fee of $34,700.
  • Fiber: We have worked with RH2 and Chelan County PUD on the options for providing fiber service for those areas within the Ponderosa which do not have access to fiber: North Camp 12 Road, South Camp 12 Road, and Riata.
    • Cost is quite high – in the range of $70k. South Camp 12 Road has additional considerations that need to be looked at. The PUD will be reviewing their fiber project at the end of May. More research is being done on the feasibility of this portion of the project. It was also not included in the initial loan application.
  • Update on road impact/pipe storage/construction shack
    • Traffic triangles will be removed, along with cul de sac islands. At some intersections, PCC is encroaching on member lots. These will be corrected as part of the water project construction. Reviewed all road changes with Daryn Wilbur.
    • Cul de sac at end of Stirrup is very small and will be enlarged.
    • Construction trailer by sand shed
    • We are identifying areas where pipe can be stored
  • Latecomer’s fee
  • The objective is to ensure each lot pays their share of the water assessment through the life of the loan.
    • There are 3 cases in which we may not be able to enforce payment for the water assessment:
      • There are a handful of lots that are not tied to the Articles and Bylaws.  They do not currently have water service. (approx 5 lots)
      • Homeowners who are in bankruptcy or bank foreclosure.  If the bank is in first position, we won’t get paid for past dues/assessments owed. (approx 3-4 lots)
        • (The bank will have to pay us for dues while they own the property)
        • In most of these cases, we have turned off their water.
      • Chelan County:  If they own property through a tax foreclosure, we cannot charge the dues or assessments.  (They don’t have water service.) (1 lot)
    • Attorney’s opinion:
      • This could be done if approved by the membership.
      • The membership could agree to impose a “Capital Improvement Charge” on any owners that have not paid their special assessment. Any new owner who receives the benefit of the water improvements but that lot had never paid the special assessment for the work completed, would incur the Capital Improvement Charge.
      • We could include the 2011 water assessment of $200 plus the new assessment of $285/year.
      •  Attorney would need to do research and draft the ballot language. She estimates her cost at $700 - $1000. Daryn moved that we engage our attorney for the research and language, Claudia seconded. All approved.




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