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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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February 13, 2010 Board Meeting
Meeting called to order 10:41am at the Ponderosa Clubhouse

Vice President Ann Ashford - Acting President presiding
Board Members Attending: Steve Geho via phone, Jeanne Whitlow,
Ann Ashford, Claudia Kuniholm
Mary Cox, Association Manager attending and acting recorder of minutes
Secretary Peter Smith

Vice President:
River Committee Discussion
Presentation by Doug Pendleton for the Ponderosa adopting the River.  The program would be incorporated into the Greenbelt Committee and a suggested new name for the combined committee is Watershed Committee.
Motion: Motion made asking Acting President Ann Ashford to appoint an ad hoc committee called the Watershed Committee incorporating both the existing Greenbelt Committee and the additional scope as outlined by Doug today.
Motion Seconded
Motion unanimously approved 4-0

Bylaws Review Committee
Doug Pendleton has agreed to serve as chair. 3 additional members have volunteered to serve. Additional members should be solicited via the PCC update email distribution. A questions was raised as to who shall manage the “living” bylaws document. Shall the drafts be manages by the committee members, the office or another volunteer?

End Report

Treasurer’s Report:
January Financials collected: $61,426.83
Past Due Report:
5 Liens filed December 24th and water shut off will be the next step. Board to hold a conference call for each member which has a lien filed on Feb 24th. If those members do not make a response water will be shut of on Feb 25th.
Motion: Motion made that board shall participate in upcoming conference call rather than a representative of the Ponderosa.
Motion Seconded
Motion unanimously approved 4-0

25802 bankruptcy:
Motion: Motion made to write-off as bad debt in the amount of $2127.46 due to bankruptcy.
Motion Seconded
Motion unanimously approved 4-0

Treasurer and Assoc. Mgr will be working with LeMaster & Daniels to firm-up our year-end financials review prior to annual members meeting.

End Report

Secretary’s Report:
Tim Olsen will continue his role as the editor of the Needler thru 2011.
Executive Session outcome: There were no action items from the outcome of the December 12, and no actions we’re taken in Executive Session.

End Report

Operations Director’s Report:
Collections efforts regarding the Riata mud slide and the responsible parties continue. The responsible parties have offered a settlement. The board has submitted a response as part of the negotiation and we are awaiting a response from the responsible parties.

Water Project Update:
The application deadline has been extended and the Ponderosa has been asked to resubmit our application with specific metrics such as water loss and increased operational efficiencies Deadline: March 1, 2010. Specific terms of the loan won’t be known until funds are allocated.

Managers report:
Mary’s makes the suggestion to sell the road grader due to maintenance and upkeep. Mary also suggests selling the Yukon.
The estimated cost to transport the grader will be determined once a firm has been selected. The estimated sell price is approx $8k depending in condition.
Motion: Motion made to authorize the Assoc. Mgr to sell the road grader at auction.
Motion Seconded
Motion unanimously approved 4-0

A decision to sell the Yukon will be tabled.

Mary asks for imput: Shall the PCC send invoices via email? The board asks Mary and Chelcie to create a process and formalize a “opt in” option for interested members for implementation in the July billing.

Secretary to follow-up via letter on suggestions made to the board in complaint filed regarding renters and landlord and follow-up items regarding bylaws and fines. The Secretary should send a letter to the landlord reiterating rules of the Ponderosa and Chelan County of regulations.

Follow-up from Oct Renters meeting:
Security Firms: Ann and Jeanne reported on some information for security firms. The scope and responsibility of such a role has not been formalized. Additional research will be conducted and presented to the board as part of the feasibility research.
Business License: Steve offers research of the requirements of a business license for rentals. Doug offers additional research at the web site of  Lincoln City OR as well as a sample of the rental agreement.

Meeting adjourned to Executive Session 12:25pm

Norris Boundary Line Adjustment
The Board approved the boundary line adjustment as described in the February 11, 2010 BLA application and survey drawing, rather than the easement granted in June, 2009. Illegal Tree Cutting at 25801/24628 Spur
The Board directed Mary to have the property surveyed by Landline Surveyors at an estimated cost of $1500 plus tax.
The Board directed Mary to write a letter to the homeowner requiring him to make no further alterations to our property, and notifying that fines, loss of privileges, and/or replacement of trees may be required.  We will notify him of our decision when the survey is complete.





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