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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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February 11th, 2017 at the Ponderosa Clubhouse
Board Members Attending:

  • Ken Paauw - President
  • Doug Barga – Vice President
  • Shannon Stithem - Treasurer
  • Louis Kimmel – Director Of Operations
  • Tim Abel - Secretary
  • Brad Ulrich – Association Manager

General Members Attending:  8

8:00 a.m.      Approval of Prior Board Meeting Minutes – Board members reviewed hard copies of the December Board Meeting Minutes.  A member mentioned that the Buildings & Grounds report presented at the December meeting was not recorded in the minutes.  December minutes will be revised to reflect this.  Ken entertained a motion to approve the December 10thth Board Meeting Minutes.  Shannon moved, Louis seconded, all approved.

8:03 a.m.      Treasurer’s Report – Shannon reported we came in at 92% of the budget.  The surplus will roll forward and be included in the 2018 budget which should serve to help reduce the 2018 dues.  Six members are off-track with their dues.  A lien will be filed against one member that is $388.18 behind.  Brad requested that the board approve investing 90,119.25 of Water Funds into a CD account at 0.5% for six months at Spokane Teachers Credit Union.  Ken motioned to approve the investment, Shannon moved, Louis seconded, all approved.  Ken motioned to approve the Treasurer’s report.  Louis moved, Shannon seconded, all approved.

8:37 a.m.      OLD BUSINESS

  • WATERSHED COMMITTEE – Signs for trails are currently being crafted.  Watershed Meeting planned for March 11th.  Watershed committee members out on snowshoes voluntarily creating winter activity trails for all members.
  • SOCIAL COMMITTEE – reported they will follow last year’s schedule with the addition of a Craft Fair and a Line Dancing event.  Chili Feed this year will include a cook-off challenge. Schedule will be posted on-line website within days.  Looking for someone to run the ‘projector’ on movie nights.  Will train.
  • BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS - New chairs have been purchased and delivered.  The old chairs were sold for $150 which went back into committee budgets.
  • PONDEROSA EASEMENT UPDATE–.Owner in clear violation of the easement agreement.  President Paauw sent a letter last month stating he was in clear violation of the easement agreement.  President Paauw and VP Barga plan to meet face-to-face with owner immediately following this board meeting.
  • ROAD SIGNS UPDATE– Are here and just waiting for winter to let up to be installed.
  • ROAD MAP UPDATE – Brad introduced the new, improved Ponderosa map which now displays the entire Ponderosa without sections of it being covered up by legends and keys.  Only edit requested was to make the map clearly reflect that Stetson and Lariat Roads do not create a loop.  Both roads dead end.
  • WEBSITE UPDATE – A meeting was held to discuss the Ponderosa Community Club’s website update, what are the needs, how to make it user-friendly, and what should be considered public/private information, accessible only to Ponderosa members.  The meeting concluded that Public items should be: Governing Documents, Water System, Rules & Regs with a public e-mail access separate from all other e-mails.  Private website areas would include: The Needler, Forms, Committee Reports, Association Manager’s Report, FAQ’s, Volunteer Opportunities, Meeting Minutes, Agendas, Financials, Ombudsman and the Long Range Plan.

9:05 a.m.      NEW BUSINESS

  • IDENTIFY TOPICS FOR MID-MONTH EXECUTIVE SESSION – Possible meeting to discuss results of impending meeting with property owner over Easement Violation issue.  TBD

                    Nominating Committee – Brad will reach out via e-mail to members to create the Nominating Committee which will field candidates that wish to fill vacating positions (2 slots) on the board this year.
                    Strategic Planning Committee – Discussion over hard copy of current Strategic Plan.  This is the plan created so that we can be currently pro-active to future projections.
                    Booster Pump Control Panel Failure – Approval to submit bids for county building permit and construction of the emergency booster pump house.  Bids seem to be around $2,800.  Plans were on display for members to inspect.  Ken motioned to get the project moving, Tim moved, Shannon seconded, all approved.
                    Association Manager Report Highlights – Some problems with the mix of the sand this year, plugging up the plow truck more than usual.  Louis brought up the sand shed, how was build back in the days when demand was not so high and questioned if there was a chance of adding an 8-foot extension to the sand shed roof so it could accommodate more sand.  This was tabled for future discussion.

9:25 a.m.      OPEN FLOOR
Members brought up the possible conflict in the Ponderosa’s non-profit status in regards to its application to the Social Committee’s soon-to-be-scheduled Craft Fair.  Also mentioned was a conflict with the current Yoga classes offered in the Community Clubhouse.  It was reported that this is run by a non-member who owns a Yoga Studio and comes out to the Ponderosa to collect $12/person/session.  The problem seems to be that there are occasions when there are no Ponderosa members involved in the Yoga class, which violates the Ponderosa’s non-profit bylaws and allows the Yoga instructor to use our facilities with no overhead.  For this class to continue, the Ponderosa needs at least one member to attend and all Ponderosa members to have access to the class at no cost.
Another member brought up what information is appropriate to post on the public website ‘Ponderosa NextDoor’.   What should be private/public.  The board seemed to agree that we, the Ponderosa, cannot govern what gets posted on the public website.
Another member requested more accountability in regard to the time-use of paid Ponderosa employees.  Kudos were given to Ken Severance.

9:55 a.m.      Adjourn to Executive Session.  Ken entertained motion to adjourn to Executive Session.  Shannon moved, Louis seconded, meeting adjourned.

10:15 a.m.    Reconvene from Executive Session – No voting required.

10:16 a.m.    Adjourn August Board Meeting – Ken entertained a motion to adjourn. Doug moved, Louis seconded, motion carried.




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