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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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Meeting convened at 10:36 a.m. (delayed awaiiting a quorum).  Those present were Bill Griffin, Gina Wilkins, Peter Smith, Jeanne Whitlow, Bob Melson, Mary Cox and Chelcie Strode.

Bill Griffin, President
A husband and wife purchased a property in the Ponderosa about two years ago.  They recently had the property surveyed and found a portion of their residence and all of their septic system to be on a Ponderosa property next door.  In an Executive Session on December 10, the Board decided that a copy of the recorded property survey document is needed before any action can be considered.

Some years ago a member did not pay Ponderosa the Dues and Assessments he owed, but no lien was filed to protect our interest.  Subsequently, that member lost his property to  Chelan County in a tax foreclosure and the county now owes Ponderosa in excess of $15,000 of their own unpaid Dues and Assessments.  Our attorney advised us we can file a lien against the property.  In the December 10 Executive Session the Board decided the following action would be taken in regard to the Chelan County-owned lot:  (1) Determine the approximate cost to remove existing structures from the lot;  (2) Determine the current market value of the lot;  (3) Prov ide a ballot to the members asking for permission to negotiate a reasonable settlement with Chelan County and to dispose of the lot in any manner the Board deems reasonable.

The Budget Creation document introduced in November was accepted by the Board for inclusion in the Trustee Notebook.

Tim Olson, NEEDLER Editor, had told Bill there is enough money in his 2008 budget for a December issue of 3 pages.  Bill indicated there are several articles of importance that will probably exceed that limit, and that an examination of our M&O Bank Account shows there are insufficient funds in our M&O Reserve Account to cover the additional expense.  (The problems with the 2008 Budget calculation are showing earlier than expected.)

It was suggested that the Board could shift money from another line item, but Bill's belief is that, when the membership authorizes, say, $10,000 for Roads, the Board has no right to spend that money on anything but Roads.  A member suggested that our Committees could donate any unused funds in their budgets to the NEEDLER, because Committees have the authority to spend their money as they see fit.  The Board agreed with this principle.  Bill is to contact the Committee Chairs and make the request.  In the alternative, the Board agreed to fund the needs of the December NEEDLER issue from M&O bank deposits in hopes the members would understand the extraordinary need.

Nancy Melson requested that her proposed article be included in the December issue.  Bill said he did not know what editorial decision Tim had made regarding it, but he would check with Igor Malciewski.  The Board agreed to fund it.

The Thoroughbred Lane lawsuit resolution has been processed by the title company and the road deeded to the Ponderosa.  Documentation has not yet been received from the title company.

Peter Smith, Treasurer
The only anomalies in the November Income & Expense Report are the $2,230 over-expenditure in our Insurance Account due to mid-term purchase of better insurance coverage, and the $3,000 over-expenditure in our Payroll Account due to snowplowing and flood damage road repair overtime.  All other expenses are on target.

Our Accounts Receivable are normal and are being actively pursued.

Jeanne Whitlow, Operations Director
Mary Cox, our new Association Manager, and Chelcie Strode, our new Office Manager, were introduced.  Bob and Nancy Melson were praised and thanked for all they have done for the Ponderosa during their tenure.  Peter added that the foundation they have provided will benefit the Ponderosa for many years to come.

A meeting is scheduled later in the afternoon with Bill Schmidt, our water engineer, to review his cost estimates and the Board's priorities concerning the replacement of our water mains.  The application for State low cost financing is in progress.

Property behind Riata is being developed.  In a recent heavy rain water from that property damaged Riata.  The damage will be below the deductible on our insurance policy.  Ponderosa has put a lot of time and effort into the repairs, over $6,000.  Our insurance adjuster will write a letter to the persons we believe to be responsible and to their insurance carriers putting them on notice of our claim.

Executive Session
The regular meeting was adjourned for an Executive Session to discuss several real estate issues.

The regular meeting was reconvened and Bill reported that the issues in the Executive Session dealt with real estate issues which could not be made public at this time without compimising negotiations in progress.

Elections Committee Report
2009 Budget
            149  Yes
            124  No

Clubhouse Floor Replacement
            146  Yes
            130  No

There were no invalid ballots.

Total ballots  276

We now have an accurate count of the number of lots in the Ponderosa:  585 including the 4 on Thoroughbred Lane, but not including the 4 lots owned by Ponderosa.  The per-lot calculation will be changed from 582 lots to 585 lots for the billing to be sent out in January.

A number of voters added comments to their ballots, which were read:

  • Payroll - Most companies are cutting back & requesting mandatory NO overtime.  Newsletter - Email with request received if needed: Newsletter & Bylaws - we can either email or print.  Building & Grounds - $15,000 for painting? - plz itemize.  Legal and Liens - plz itemize.  Annual Dues - why aare we paying for the lots that arenÆt paying?  Have we foreclosed on any lots?  Have we recovered any monies on the lots that aren't paying?   Why is there not an offsetting line item for that?  This is a down year for many.  Unless it is structural or needed maintenance on the Clubhouse, we should wait a couple of years to improve the floor.
  • (The $807 per lot) is getting ridiculous.  When will it go DOWN?
  • (Ballot Issue #1 voted for) Begrudgingly.
  • We need to look at a tighter budget with the given economic issues.  (Cut spending) i.e. overtime, no raises, mailings, no paint on Clubhouse this year.
  • Let's save for a "rainy day" given economic after water & roads.
  • Part time Manager $39,000?  (Balance of comment not included because of its personal nature).
  • The taxes inccreased drastically this year - we are being priced out since we are on fixed incomes!
  • Please cast my vote twice since I am charged for two lots and two annual dues.  We don't feel that permanently raising the dues in order to cover expense that are considered 'one time' warrants a $171.00 per lot increase in dues.  Some increase due to energy costs are valid.  (Elections Committee said only one vote was counted on this ballot.)
  • Budget calculation is unclear - please send more information to members.
  • I am very disappointed the dues are increasing.  I think we need a detailed Balance sheet that lists how much money we have in each account!
  • Increase seems to all go to Personnel.  (As to the Clubhouse floor) who gets to use it?  Certainly not me!!!
  • Consider a 20% maximum increase to 2008 dues.
  • (As to the budget) my vote may have been different if it was explained what the $100 was for.  (As to the Clubhouse floor) I feel this money could be better used somewhere else.
  • (As to the Clubhouse floor) Yes!
  • (As to the Budget) time to tighten our belts!
  • We need to replace water lines FIRST, then road paving, then cosmetics like the floor.
  • (As to Clubhouse floor) water or paving roads FIRST.
  • (As to Clubhouse floor) will you charge for usage for private event (i.e. weddings)?
  • Spending $13,000 for painting the Clubhouse is INSANE considering the small amount of wall space to be done.
  • (As to Clubhouse floor) Clubhouse users can make donations & save for it.

Bill commented that these member comments suggest that, at a minimum, the Board needs to crank up our information to the members about what is being done and what is planned.  Several of these comments deal with things that are already on our website, already being posted, already in the NEEDLER.  It's the old principle that you have to tell your story several times in order to get it across.

There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 11:55 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Griffin (acting Secretary)





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