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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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Ponderosa Community Club
December 10, 2011 10:30 a.m. – at the Clubhouse

Board Members Attending:

  • Jeanne Whitlow – President
  • Vern Little – Vice President
  • Daryn Wilbur – Operations Director
  • Stan Morgan – Treasurer
  • Claudia Kuniholm – Secretary
  • Mary Cox – Association Manager

General Members Attending: Members – 5 plus 4 to count the ballots

The meeting was called to order at 10:30.

10:31 a.m. Salute the Flags

10:35 a.m. Approval of Prior Board Meeting Minutes – The minutes of the November Board meeting were approved as written – all approved. Moved and seconded – Vern, Stan, approved.

Executive Session Report & Voting as Required

No Executive Sessions items required a vote.


In relation to the budget we are on track with expenses:

92% of year has passed. YTD expenses are at 89%. At this time we anticipate being right on budget or just below.

Special Notice to the Following :

A/r status update: Homeowners Dues – Currently just over 100% of the budgeted amount has been collected, with an additional $1,242.26 collected in December. $295 of this was from a past due member when they received the threat to have water disconnected. Mary has contacted folks on payment plans that have not paid since payment plans call for payment in full by year end.

2012 Water Assessment Invoice – Invoices will be divided out between M&O and water assessment.

Monthly Summary :

M&O Maintenance Account Balance - $90,036.90

M&O Reserve Account Balance - $27,522.14

Water Fund Account Balance - $296,360.48, with an outstanding loan balance of $244,528.92, during the month of November $35,593.35 was spent on the Water Mains Project. An additional $6,932.25 was spent towards fire hydrant upgrades.

Capital Improvement Account Balance - $215,393.94 with $794.44 having been spent during the month of November for the Ball Field Upgrade Project.

Bank Accounts were set up as requested in prior month’s meeting for the water project funds.

Daryn moved/Vern seconded to approve Treasurer’s Report – All approved

10:45 a.m. OLD BUSINESS

Credit Card Service Fees – We do not qualify to charge service fees. Thus we cannot accept credit cards. The cost to the Ponderosa is too high and would potentially increase the dues for everyone to absorb the costs for the few that would take advantage of this.

Water Project Update – All easements have been signed and will be recorded on Monday. The Ponderosa is now ready to sign the loan contract . is now ready to be signed from the Ponderosa signed. Mary is working with the state to get all of the details taken care of. We are waiting for the State to send the final contract. The contract is now in the hands of the state. Along Camp 12 Rd there are a couple of potential lots that might require easements. RH2 Rh2 provided 30% plans. They will be presenting a quasi 50% plans within the next week. The plans will be available on the RH2 Rh2 website. A link will be made available on the Ponderosa website. There will also be some overview plan sets available to look at in the office. The goal is to go out to bid in the spring. The cultural permit and shoreline review are still in progress. Bill Schmidt will be winding up his part of the project before the end of December. Bill will remain on the project as our advocate and consultant. Mary will contact homeowners that have existing Ponderosa service connections on their property or where the roads have encroached on their property. The franchise agreement between Chelan County and the Ponderosa still needs to be done for Camp 12 Road which is owned and maintained by the part of the roadway that is shared with Chelan County. In the spring, Mary will speak spoke with Chelan County about the portion of Camp 12 Rd that is not paved . . The roads will not be done for some time so the paving discussion will need to occur continue in the spring so that the current deadlines on the water project can be met. Mary contacted those affected by the i slands and the removal of the cul de sac islands. of them. The engineering firm has spent some time reviewing the most cost effective placement of the new piping. The most cost effective way to do the water project is to place the system in the road. It will cost 2 to 4 times as much to run the lines along the side of the road. 5,000 cubic yards of trench spoils are expected from this project. Discussions were as held about the most cost-effective options for where and what to do about this excess soil/rock/etc. Mary will meet with homeowners to discuss a possible location at the lowest point of along Riata. Mary noted that the possibility of a special meeting may be needed in January to discuss water project updates. This will be decided nearer to the end of the month.

Strirrup Drainage Plan Review – There were some floods that occurred earlier in the year when the snow melted. Engineers were contacted to discuss the run-off problem. It is suggested that catch basins and culverts be installed along the bottom of Arabian. The other part of this solution will be to restore the area where the problem starts back to its natural state. Straw mats will be used to help the water dissipate naturally. Plants would be planted along this area. The rough estimate for this project will be around $2,000. This would occur in the spring. It would come out of the M&O budget for roads.

11:15 a.m. NEW BUSINESS

Identify Topics for Mid-month Executive Session – Nothing anticipated at this time. If something that does come up then a call will be scheduled.

Snowplowing on Upper Riata – The property in question is a privately owned drive and is very steep which may cause safety issues for our employees. The Ponderosa is not able to take on this responsibility at this time. It has not been plowed by Ponderosa staff for many years. Daryn moved that we will not plow any private drives. Vern seconded. All approved.

Nominating Committee – There will be one opening for the board this year. Jeanne will work to find a Nominating Committee Chair. The Committee will be looking for volunteers interested in serving and in assisting on the Nominating Committee.

Forestry Plan – Final draft has been approved and signed. The goal will be to complete this before the new paving so that the wear to the new roads will be negated. The next step includes entering into a new agreement with Shellhaas Forestry. The plan should pay for itself through commercial logging. The next step is to inventory plantings within the Ponderosa to determine which plants are not native, to find all the noxious weeds that are within the Ponderosa, etc. Doug has been in contact with different agencies to see what needs to be done. The state DNR would approve the final plan. It is estimated that this will not begin until the fall of 2012 at the soonest. The goal is not to interfere with the water project. Meetings will be held with homeowners, etc. to provide additional education. It is also possible that there will be a series of meetings to discuss this project. The Watershed Committee is still deciding the best approach.

Other Watershed Committee Updates – The riparian project along the river is now complete. Special thanks to everyone who assisted with the success of this project. The Watershed Committee will meet this afternoon to plan the activities for 2012.

Ballot Results – 483 ballots were mailed. 40% of the ballots must be returned in order for the vote to be valid.

Issue #1 Amend the June, 2011 Bylaws of the Ponderosa

Community Club, Inc.

Approve the proposed amended Bylaws, dated October 8, 2011,

enclosed with this ballot.

For - 173
Against - 55

Issue #2 Amend the April, 1999 Operating Procedures

of the Ponderosa Community Club, Inc.

Approve the proposed amended Operating Procedures, dated

October 8, 2011, enclosed with this ballot.

For – 171
Against - 55

Issue #3 Select the time and day of our Member’s

Annual Meeting

Please select the time that best fits your ability to attend the Member’s

Annual meeting:

  • Saturday at 10am - 117
  • Saturday at 1pm - 56
  • Sunday at 10am - 27
  • Sunday at 1pm - 13

Issue #4 Approve Proposed 2012 Budget

For period January 1 to December 31, 2012

For – 196
Against - 31

Issue #5 Replacement of Ponderosa Community Club


Note: This funding would come from the Capital Reserve Fund and will NOT increase homeowner dues.

Is the Board authorized to spend up to $35,000 of the Capital

Improvement Reserve Fund, and proceeds from the trade-in

or sale of our current backhoe, to purchase a newer used backhoe?

For – 187
Against - 38

11:45 a.m. OPERATIONS

Association Manager’s Report – 3 full size fire hydrants were installed on Lariat. Two 2 leaking service valves were replace d s on Stirrup and Camp 12 Rd. New bearings and a new impeller were installed on the 2 nd booster pump. The brakes on the dump truck had a problem so the truck was taken into Wenatchee for repair. It has now been repaired. Some other safety upgrades have been done on other equipment.

11:50 a.m. If Time Permits –

Member’s Open Floor Questions & Comments – One member discussed the water project after reviewing initial documents. The member would like this to be a “Buy American” project. It is anticipated that the impact would be about 3.5% in additional costs. The last project the Ponderosa did in 2003, no manufacturers could be found that could provide the supplies for the “Buy American” plan. It was also suggested that this project should be done “green”. HDPE pipe was suggested as an alternative to the ductile iron pipe. HDPE pipe allows for more flexibility and it is faster to install. It may come in cheaper than the iron pipe. The engineers strongly suggest that we go with the ductile iron pipe. HDPE is prone to expansion and contraction, more fragile than iron pipe and has a history of lasting 100 years or so. Additional research will be done before a final decision will be made on the piping.

11:57 a.m. ADJOURN – Moved to adjourn to Executive Session. Claudia/Daryn. All approved.

12:36 p.m.RECONVENED – It was decided to appreciate our employees by giving them a holiday bonus this year as discussed in Executive Session. All approved

12:45 p.m. Motion to adjourn, Daryn/Vern. Meeting adjourned .




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