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November 14, 2009 Board Meeting

Meeting called to order 10:31am at the Ponderosa Clubhouse
Vice President Ann Ashford - Acting President presiding
Secretary Peter Smith recorder of minutes
Board Members Attending: Peter Smith, Steve Geho, Jeanne Whitlow,
Ann Ashford
Mary Cox, Association Manager attending

Vice-President announces resignation of Bill Griffin from the board effective Oct 12th.

Outcome of Executive Session held on Oct 10th. Regarding 4 lots on Camp 12 rd: The board directed the Association manager to review legal options up to and including release of said property from the Ponderosa bylaws and financial responsibilities. After review with legal counsel the Ponderosa will not pursue the release of property. The board will continue to research all options regarding this situation.

2010 Budget: Ann asks for questions regarding the proposed 2010 budget. 
The board announces a clarification regarding the Greenbelt budget specific to survey of property. Those funds have been redistributed to the Legal budget in the proposed 2010 budget.
A clarification is made regarding the funding of the M&O Reserve fund. The board believes there will be adequate funds to fully fund the 2010 M&O Reserve fund.

Treasurer’s Report:
2009 M&O budget at 83% of year expired and we’re at 84%, we’re on budget. There are additional items that will be accounted for prior to year-end which will account for the remaining M&O budget.
Budgeted income from the year has been exceeded for the year. Budgeted income is $401,000 current income is $405,000, an overage of $4000.
HOD are $1000 short of 2009 budget. Mary will continue to pursue the remaining balance from those owners.
Additional oversight procedures and signatures will be implemented regarding Ponderosa bank accounts, CD’s and check signing. Steve to update all signatures on all accounts.
Treasurer and Secretary will be signatures on all accounts. Mary to have check signing authority on required accounts.
Mary will confirm that our insurance covers fidelity insurance for officers and employees. Our existing insurance covers “wrongful acts” but Mary will confirm these additional details regarding bonding of officers and employees.
Steve reads authorization correspondence addressed to Bank of America with regard to change of signatures on B&A accounts.
Motion made to accept the authorization
Motion seconded
Motion unanimously approved.

Safe Deposit Box signatures will also be updated to reflect all board members & Mary as signatures.
Treasurer and Assoc. Mary will work to maximize the interest rate of bank accounts, CD’s & ING accounts.

Motion: We change the fee associated with filing a lien from $350 to $500 to be reviewed annually.
Motion seconded
Motion unanimously approved.

Motion: Approve remaining M&O budget spending per Mary’s direction to be reviewed at Dec meeting.
Motion seconded
Motion unanimously approved.
End Report

Secretary’s Report:
Foreclosure: Regarding 4 lots on Camp 12 rd: After review with legal counsel the Ponderosa will not pursue the release of property. The board will continue to research all options regarding this situation up to and including foreclosure.

Title Research:  Research has determined that a total of 92 lots are not directly tied to the Ponderosa bylaws, articles of incorporation & financial responsibilities. Additional research has determined an additional 76 lots where the ties to the Ponderosa bylaws and financial responsibilities are clouded.

Title Research- Approval of cover letter.  Secretary reads cover letter concerning expired Ponderosa covenants, bylaws, articles of incorporation & financial responsibilities of all owners due the Ponderosa by virtue of vesting deeds.
Motion made to accept cover letter,
Motion seconded
Motion unanimously approved.

A timeline to complete this project has yet to be determined but will be revisited as additional information becomes available.
End Report

Operations Director’s Report:
Water Main project:  Jeanne estimates that we should receive a response the 2nd quarter of 2010.  Total amount for the funding is just under $2 million dollars.

Greenbelt encroachment: The Greenbelt has identified approx 20 lot owners that may be encroaching on Ponderosa greenbelts. This includes cars, landscaping, sheds etc. The Ponderosa will send correspondence to those owners to notify them of the issue and ask to resolve the issue as soon as possible. The letters should be mailed to those effected owners by the end of the year.

Rental Members meeting follow-up: Jeanne offers her thoughts and observations regarding the outcome of the special members meeting regarding rentals. Jeanne has asked that additional research be completed on several topics and members suggestions regarding rentals by February 2010.

Telephone & internet will be brought to the clubhouse via a simple low-cost installation at a minimal cost. The existing phone and internet service will be used which will not increase the cost of these existing services.
End Report

Open Discussion:
The board provides a status of the open board position and any interested parties. Currently we have not been made aware of any person interested in the position. The board also thanks Lois, Tim and all the Needler contributors for their efforts publishing the Needler.

Meeting adjourned to Executive Session 12:22pm

Meeting reconvened from Executive Session at 1:35:
The board has authorized the Assoc Mgr to pursue 5 liens at $500 for each filing.
Approved via unanimous vote

The board will communicate via letter with property owner at 23106 Saddle with regard to ROW on Ponderosa property.
Motion made to accept proposed communication and plan of action
Motion seconded
Motion unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned 1:36pm





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