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Ponderosa Board Meeting Minutes
for November 2008

President Bill Griffin called the meeting to order at 10:30 am.

Budget Creation document

Bill handed out a Budget Creation document and asked the board to review it and place it in their Trustee Notebooks for future boards to use as a guide.

Bill pointed out that there was a typo in the water project figures in THE NEEDLER and that it should read $2.5 million rough estimate of costs.

At its Executive Session on October 30, the Board decided the following:
1)  To interpret the word "tenants" in our Operating Procedures, Article 9, in accordance with our attorney's recommendation; that is, when the Operating Procedures were written and approved there were only a few long-term rentals because Chelan County's zoning ordinance for the Ponderosa did not allow short-term rentals.  Therefore, the word "tenants" in Article 9 means only those persons renting property under a long-term lease agreement.  This means that persons renting property under shorter term agreements do NOT enjoy the same privileges to use Ponderosa facilities as members.

2)  To revise our governing documents to reflect the intent expressed in (1) above.

3)  The following Rules & Regulations were adopted which become effective immediately:

    a)  Owners who rent their property to others, whether on a short-term or long-term basis, must register that status with the Association Manager on a form provided by the Association Manager.  Failure to do so will result in fines and penalties established by the Board;

    b)  Owners who rent their property to others, whether on a short-term or long-term basis, will be charged an "Annual Use Fee" for allowing the public to use Ponderosa Roads, Water and Water System, Playgrounds and Greenbelts.  The "Annual Use Fee" shall be in addition to the member's Annual Dues and Assessments, beginning January 1, 2009, and shall be equal to the Annual Dues established by the budget approved by the members. The "Annual Use Fee" shall not be prorated for unused time, nor does the "Annual Use Fee" include use of the Clubhouse and Swimming Pool.

    c)  The Clubhouse and Swimming Pool are restricted to "Members and their Guests Only".  Tenants of rental properties are not included as guests of the member.

    d)  Members are prohibited from allowing anyone, other than the member's guests, to use the member's pool card.  Violation of this rule will result in forfeiture of the member's Swimming Pool and Clubhouse privileges.


The line item of $2,500 for property taxes was left out of the proposed 2009 budget.  All other figures and totals are correct. Emails were sent out to make members aware of this and corrections have been posted on the PCC website.

Financial Report

There were no anomalies to report, other than some legal fees incurred but not yet paid.

Fire hydrant

A realtor accidentally backed into a fire hydrant on Palomino and was looking into paying for fixing the hydrant either through their insurance or out of pocket. The leak as well as about four other leaks have been fixed. Most leaks were in the upper half of the Ponderosa near the water tower and were related to old valves.

Certified Letter to John Lange

Mike Buck sent a letter to John Lange from the requiring removal of his trailer from Riata road and restoration of our property to its original condition by April 1, 2009. Mr. Lange had been given permission by a previous board to set up a trailer on the end of the cul de sac for one year while he built a home on his adjacent lot.


Ombudsman Bob Houze has been contacted vehicles parked on Ponderosa streets and debris piles on various lots.  He asked that the Board put some teeth in our “no parking” policy. Cascade Towing has been retained to enforce our “no parking” rule and has provided signs to post.  Towing and impound costs will be at the car owner’s expense.  Signs are currently posted on Appaloosa and will be posted on Spur, our two most abused sites, but signs can be posted wherever needed.


The owner of property outside the Ponderosa has asked permission to clear away debris and brush from the Ponderosa greenbelt adjacent to his property. Our Bylaws require that we maintain them in as natural state as possible, with some exceptions.  The Greenbelt Committee is looking into the feasibility of the request.

Lot 12 on Spur

A non-member of the Ponderosa was given an easement through this property and on Spur, both of which are owned by the Ponderosa.  The easement requires the Grantee to maintain the easement.  Our attorney has advised that maintenance on Spur would not include things such as normal snowplowing, but would include any damage done to Spur by the Grantee.

Chelan County owned Lot on Primitive Park

The county owes Ponderosa in excess of $15,000 in unpaid Dues and Assessments.  Our attorney has advised we can file a lien against the property, but this would effectively kill any County effort to sell the property for the back taxes of $1,200.  We have three choices:
Write off the money owed us as a bad debt and wait for the County to sell the property, which would create a new member.  The lot is marginally buildable because of an easement to BPA for their power lines.

If/when the County puts the property up for auction we could bid in $1,200 and buy it.

File a lien and negotiate with the County Treasurer:  The County should give us the property rather than incurring the expense of our foreclosure action.

The Board is to consider our options and decide this at a subsequent meeting.

Water System Project

Bill Schmidt, our engineer, is refining his cost estimate for replacing our water mains in accordance with priorities given him by the Operations Director:  First, replace mains in the upper Ponderosa where water flow is problematic and fire hazard high.  Second, tie in our upper system with our lower system in order to maintain water flow.  Third, replace the lower system, which cannot be currently used by the fire department because of danger of collapsing the old PVC pipe.

When we have evaluated Mr Schmidt’s proposal, we will post maps and details.

Dick Nicklas has done the preparatory work for low cost financing, but this cannot be carried forward until we have more solid cost estimates.

The meeting was then opened to the members for questions and comments.

Meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by,
Michael Buck
Secretary Ponderosa Community Club





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