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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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November 8, 2014 at the Ponderosa Office

Board Members Attending:

  • John McRoberts – Vice President
  • Doug Barga – Director of Operations
  • Shannon Stithem – Treasurer
  • Mary Cox – Association Manager

Board members Absent: President Daryn Wilbur.

John McRoberts presided over the meeting. Mary was appointed to take minutes because the Secretary position has not yet been filled.

General Members Attending: 5

The meeting was called to order by John at 10:30 a.m.

10:35 a.m. Approval of Prior Board Meeting Minutes – John asked for a motion to approve the previous month’s October 11, 2014 Board meeting minutes. No Executive session was scheduled for month of September. Doug moved, Shannon seconded – all approved. Motion carries.

10:37 a.m. Treasurer’s Report - Shannon reports over all on track with 92% year expired and at 89% of budget expenses. DNR reimbursement of $21,175 was received which will offset logging cleanup expenses.

Expense call outs are:

The Forest Management Funds and expenses were discussed. Fund is in the red by $8086 currently, but PCC will receive logging revenue in November which is expected to put fund in the black and possibly have a small surplus.

John asked for a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report. Doug moved, John seconded. All approved – motion carries.

10:50 a.m. Old Business – Committee Reports

  • Watershed – Mary reported for Doug Pendleton

Units 1 and 2 – Elite Logging is currently logging Units 1 & 2 and expects to complete the logging in November. DNR has given us another 50% matching grant of $19,210 to be used by May, 2015 for logging cleanup and Firewise activities. The hours expended by volunteers to clean up the greenbelts can be submitted as part of the grant to DNR for reimbursement. Mary will notify Doug Pendleton of the volunteer names submitted at the meeting for follow-up. The proposed “Member firewood cutting in the greenbelts” weekend activity in November was postponed until the spring because only 2 members volunteered to help, and more were needed to supervise the event.

  • Social – John McRoberts reported for Marisha Robinson

Volunteers will be needed for decorating the Clubhouse for Christmas.

  • Buildings and Grounds – Mary reported for the committee

The new “Ponderosa Community” sign was erected along Camp 12 Road near Thoroughbred.

  • Hiring Committee for new Association Manager – Mary reported for the committee.

Jeanne Whitlow is chair of the committee, with members Claudia Kuniholm and Tim Olson. All are former Board members. The position was advertised in the Wenatchee World newspaper, Craigslist, and Indeed.com The committee is reviewing applications – have received more than 20 so far. Interviews are scheduled for November 17. The interview team will be the committee plus Daryn Wilbur and Mary Cox.

Ditches and Driveways – Mary Reported Update

Ditches were created on the north side of Stirrup between Colt and Palamino. Culverts were installed under driveways along 3 properties. One of the owners wanted more than 20 feet of culvert, so they agreed to pay for the extra culvert which was installed by PCC. At this point, the high priority areas identified at the start of the Ditches and Driveways project have been completed per the standards developed by our engineers (Integritech).

Opening for Board Secretary – Mary Reported Update

A member has expressed possible interest and will decide soon.

11:20 a.m. New Business

  • No mid month Executive session is required or scheduled at this time.
  • Proposal to Create Technology Committee – John McRoberts

The Board reviewed John’s proposal to create a technology committee, in response to some suggestions from the Strategic Plan. Discussion occurred on the process of committee creation (ad-hoc committee must be created by Daryn as first step), timeline, purpose, and advertising for volunteers. The goal is to explore, recommend, and possibly implement technologies which could improve productivity for staff and/or improve services to members. Another approach could be to create a “technology special interest group” to explore technologies which may be of benefit to the Ponderosa. An extended discussion occurred with participation by members in attendance. Shannon Stithem volunteered to be the board member liaison to the committee. Agreement was reached that if a committee is created, it should initially an ad-hoc committee, and the Board could consider changing it to a standing committee, in the future, if a long-term need is identified. Motion: The Board of Trustees recommends to Daryn that he appoint an ad-hoc Technology Committee and advertise for member volunteers. (Doug, Shannon second, all approved, motion passes.)

  • Proposal to Create Organization Restructure Committee – John McRoberts

The Board reviewed John’s proposal to review the committee structure. His proposal was created to address some elements from the Strategic Plan. Discussion occurred on the evolution and changes in committees in recent years. The board agreed that in 2015, it would be useful for one board member to meet with the committee chairs as a group (and possibly committee members) to hear the committees’ ideas and/or concerns about how to improve committees’ ability to accomplish their goals. This would include asking the chairs if restructuring and/or redefining committee charters would be beneficial.

  • Rules Update

Ponderosa rules prohibit hunting or discharging of firearms in the greenbelts. In late October, a member residing at 24610 Spur shot a deer. Two shots were fired. Based on statements made by the member to employees, and statements from other members, the shootings occurred in the greenbelts. The 24610 Spur member said he didn’t know hunting and shooting were prohibited in the greenbelts. When the incident occurred, the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) was notified and they are investigating. The Chelan County Sheriff was also notified. They stated the DFW had jurisdiction, so the Sheriff’s office wouldn’t get involved. The Board discussed options for responding to the rules violation and will discuss further in executive session.

  • Association Manager Report Highlights
    • The new snow plow for the dump truck should arrive the week November 15. The old plow will be retained as a back up plow.
    • Ballots were mailed earlier in the week to all members in good standing – thank you, Chelcie.
    • The Bonneville Power Administration did send us some of the documentation we requested regarding their vegetation control under the power lines in the greenbelts along Camp 12 Road. We’re expecting more information from them.
    • We resolved some technical problems with the individual water meter reading software. The next step is to create reports specific to the Ponderosa.

11:45 a.m. Members Open Floor Questions

  • Pam Nicklas reported that she attended the fire department meeting on October 29 regarding the proposed merger between CCFD #4 and CCFD #9. She shared handouts from the meeting and gave a summary stating that both fire departments and all the commissioners have agreed to the merger. Pam stated her strong support for the merger. The fire departments are using a petition process to achieve the merger, and are contacting registered voters in the Ponderosa. Mary noted that PCC has a lease with CCFD #4. The Ponderosa Board expressed support for the merger and will contact Chief Lamar.
  • John Heighway had a question on certification of fire hydrants. Mary explained our annual maintenance process of fire hydrants which occurred this summer. She also explained the hydraulic analysis which is in the process of being completed by RH2 Engineering. John presented a document to Director of Operations Doug Barga from the City of Bellevue which is a step-by-step process for annual fire hydrant testing and maintenance.
  • Members had several questions on details of the 2015 M&O Budget and other ballot issues. The Board answered the questions.
  • Question on RH2 dispute status. The lawsuit is in the Discovery process.
  • Merrilie Aho complimented and thanked the Board and Mary for their good work.

12:20 p.m. Adjourn to Executive Session

  • John asked for a motion to adjourn to Executive session. Doug moved, Shannon seconded – all approved.

12:50 p.m. Reconvene From Executive Session

  • Motion: Impose a $1000 fine on Tracy Gronlund, of 24610 Spur, for hunting and multiple discharges of a firearm in the Ponderosa Greenbelts which is a violation of PCC rules. The Board considers this infraction of PCC rules serious safety issue. Provide Mr. Gronlund an opportunity to be heard before the Board of Trustees at the next board meeting. (Shannon moved, Doug seconded – all approved. Motion passes.)

12:55 p.m. Adjourn – John asked for a motion to adjourn the Board meeting. Shannon moved, Doug seconded - all approved. Meeting adjourned.




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