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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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SEPTEMBER 9th, 2017 at the Ponderosa Clubhouse
Board Members Attending:

  • Ken Paauw – President
  • Mike Chamness – Vice President
  • Louis Kimmel – Director Of Operations
  • Tim Abel - Secretary
  • Paul Clark – Association Manager
    • Excused: Mike Weishaar - Treasurer

General Members Attending:  5
8:00 a.m.       Approval of Prior Board Meeting Minutes – All approved.
8:02 a.m.       Treasurer’s Report – Reporting for Treasurer Kevin Weishaar, Association Manager Paul Clark.  Several over-budget items were discussed/explained.  Treasurer’s Report was unanimously approved.
8:15 a.m.       OLD BUSINESS


  • SOCIAL COMMITTEE – It was reported the Labor Day festivities were cancelled due to the annual Fire Department yard sale.

  8:20 a.m.       NEW BUSINESS

  • EASEMENT FOR THE HARKUMS’ PROPERTY – A brief discussion led Board Members to find the request acceptable.  All approved to have the easement relocated and will provide the appropriate paperwork stating so.  The Campbell’s easement issue is on hold, not dead.
  • IDENTIFY TOPICS FOR MID-MONTH EXECUTIVE SESSION – Plans for a mid-month conference call is in the works to discuss the groundwork for the new budget, date and time TBD.
  • POOL USE BY NON-MEMBERS – After several requests by non-members to use the Ponderosa’s facilities over the past month, the board briefly discussed the matter and unanimously agreed that liabilities issues alone would prohibit approval of these, and any future requests.
    • Presented paperwork for New Shoreline Master Plan update
    • Presented Current Project & Task List update
    • Presented pie chart of employee time distribution
    • Reported on the upcoming County discussion regarding county-wide plan for rental units
    • Reported the Ponderosa water has had its annual testing and passed
    • Web Cam status
    • Provided pictures of the new plow truck’s recently acquired sanding unit and provided a timeline for its installation.
    • Reported that DOT has grants available for the funding of new trails

9:25 a.m. OPEN FLOOR

  • A member mentioned the rampant light pollution problem we have in the Ponderosa, singling out a streetlight on Stetson as an example.  This is a county law: The light you shine on your property cannot extend beyond the boundaries of that property.  It is called ‘Light Trespass’, a finable offense.  Clean it up.  From shields to motion-sensors, there are many affordable options that can assist you in keeping your light to yourself.  Call the office for more info.
  • A member mentioned the disappearance of a stop sign at Saddle & Stirrup.

9:35 a.m. Adjourned to Executive Session – No Executive Session in lieu of the mid-month conference call – Time/Date TBD
9:35 a.m.       Meeting Adjourned - All approved.




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