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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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July 9th, 2016 at the Ponderosa Clubhouse
Board Members Attending:

  • Ken Paauw – President
  • Doug Barga - Vice President
  • Louis Kimmel – Director Of Operations
  • Tim Abel - Secretary
  • Brad Ulrich – Association Manager

(Treasurer Shannon Stithem excused)
General Members Attending:  5
8:05 a.m.       Approval of Prior Board Meeting Minutes – New this term, the President has requested we have hard copies of the previous month’s meeting minute at each subsequent meeting.  After looking over the previous meeting minutes Ken entertained a motion to approve the June 11th Board Meeting Minutes.  Doug moved, Tim seconded, all approved.
Executive Session Report - No Executive Session
8:07 a.m.       Treasurer’s Report – Brad reported we are on track.  All members are current on payments and there are no outstanding liens.  Board approved moving a $69,867 maturing CD with Spokane Teachers Credit Union to Wells Fargo checking in preparation for our first water project payment.  Ken motioned to accept the Treasurer’s Report.  Doug moved, Tim seconded.  All approved.
8:12 a.m.       OLD BUSINESS

  • STREET SIGNS – Roughly half the new street signs have been installed.  We found mistakes with some of the other signs.  The company supplying the signs is replacing these at no cost to the Ponderosa.  Fire Department gives the board kudos for the new signs.
  • ROADS AND REPAIRS – Dips have been repaired.  Geno worked on widening the bottleneck in the cul-de-sac on Appaloosa, filling and installing ecology blocks.  Appaloosa and Riata should be chip sealed by the end of this month.  It appears there will be a small sum of money remaining after the road project is wrapped up.  It was suggested we use this to patch the road at the top of Palomino, using our own crew.  Tree branches have been trimmed away from stop sign at Saddle and Stirrup.  New damage reported on the newly chip-sealed road at the top of Saddle.  Brad is getting cost estimates for repair.
  • WEBCAMS UPDATE – Webcams will be here Monday (7-11).  Vice President Doug Barga will handle the hook-up/installment.

8:25 a.m.       COMMITTEE REPORTS

  • Building & Grounds – The scraping of the office floor is completed, sand has been added to playground, weeds have been sprayed.
  • Watershed – New trail plan to connect the Bridge Trail to the existing Ponderosa trail system is reported to require additional funding.  The request was tabled for next month’s meeting when the plan has more clarification.
  • Social Committee – Best turnout ever for the 4th of July events.

8:35 a.m.       NEW BUSINESS

  • Saddle Street Property Petition – Still not enough signatures.  If you haven’t signed this petition yet please swing by the office and do so.  We need 50% +1 of the membership to approve this cost-cutting measure.

8:38 a.m.       OPEN FLOOR - Drainage remains a problem at the corner of Stirrup and Arabian.  It was reported that approximately six years ago, private owners removed the roadside ditches along Stirrup creating this problem.  Also mentioned was the erosion taking place at the top of Saddle.  Director of Operations, Louis Kimmel will investigate.
Mountain bikes were brought up as a hazard to hikers of our trail system.
9:05 a.m.       Association Manager Highlight Report – Nothing more to report other than what was already covered in the meeting.
9:05 a.m.       Adjourn to Executive Session
10:05 a.m.     Reconvene from Executive Session – No voting required.
10:05 a.m.     Adjourn July Board Meeting – Ken entertained a motion to adjourn. Doug moved, Louis seconded.  Motion carried.




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