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JUNE 10th, 2017 at the Ponderosa Clubhouse

Board Members Attending:

  • Ken Paauw – President
  • Mike Chamness – Vice President
  • Kevin Weishaar - Treasurer
  • Louis Kimmel – Director Of Operations
  • Tim Abel - Secretary
  • Paul Clark – Association Manager

General Members Attending:  4

8:00 a.m.       Approval of Prior Board Meeting Minutes – Hard copies of the previous board meeting (Annual Members meeting of May 27th, 2017) were reviewed.  President Paauw recommended adding the members comment about parking lots along Camp 12 road to the Open Floor questions.  After more scrutiny of the variety of topics that were covered in that meeting, President Paauw motioned for the board to accept the minutes with the mentioned addition.  Louis moved, Tim seconded.  All approved.
A brief executive session was held directly after the Annual Members Meeting to determine positions.  The results of that meeting are at the top of this page.

8:05 a.m.       Treasurer’s Report – New Treasurer, Kevin Weishaar, reported he would like to see a more comprehensive statement sheet that would show all facets of the money flow through the Ponderosa, specifically profit/loss detail.  President Paauw agreed that a better, more detailed report was needed.  Association Manager, Paul Clark, seemed to think this was doable and agreed to team up with Kevin at a future date to work out the kind of report that would have the real numbers from which a more accurate report could be presented each month.  Kevin reported, from what he could pull from the old forms, we seem to be on track, spending 37% of our budget with 42% of the budget year expired.  President Paauw requested that Kevin look over the water account numbers just to reassure the board that we are on track with our loan payments. President Paauw gave a shout-out to Jillana for working on our short-term accounts receivable and working with members to reduce the outstanding amount.  Ken moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Louis moved, Tim seconded.  All approved.

8:30 a.m.       OLD BUSINESS


  • WATERSHED COMMITTEE – Chairman, Doug Pendleton in attendance, reported the two DNR (Department of Natural Resources) cost-share grants have been completed, both dealing with the fuel reduction in the upper valley.  The first was for removal of hazard trees along Camp 12 Road which posed the risk of blocking the Ponderosa’s one and only evacuation route in the event of a fire.  The second cost-share grant dealt with removal of ground fuels from individual property, matching funds up to $1500 in ‘sweat equity’, meaning, if the members of the Ponderosa did the work (@ 23.04/hr) and filled out the time sheets, DNR would match that effort up to $1500.  Doug reported members far exceeded the goal with $26,763 in time sheet reporting for just the Memorial Day weekend when roughly 200 yards of material was pulled out of the Ponderosa.  $26,763 in time sheet reporting.  Doug reported that the Ponderosa can bank the excess ‘sweat equity’ for future grants and thanked all members for their participation in the program. Doug also gave a shout-out to Paul, Ken and Andy for all their fine work in dealing with the 200 yards of material that piled up over the weekend, adding that the bottom line to all this effort is that a lot of fuel was removed from the Ponderosa and all of this was done at a net cost of just $500.
  • Doug also reported that all 95 trail signs have been installed along the trail system.  Watershed Committee member, Rose Ann McRoberts, handed out a hard copy of the new trail overviews that will be available on-line for researching any trail in the Ponderosa before you go, featuring pictures and other important attributes i.e., elevation gain/loss, difficulty, location, length, etc…
    Doug followed up on the parking lot issue that was raised at the Annual Members Meeting.  He reported, after meeting with the member and discussing the problem, the Watershed Committee revised their plan, reducing the number of parking lots slated to be developed along the Camp 12 Road from three to one.  Ken offered kudos to the Watershed Committee for working with both sides of the issue.
    Doug spoke to the meeting he and Association Manager, Paul Clark, attended in Plain with our local County Commissioner, Kevin Overbay, addressing three concerns in particular with the Commisioner: 1) The 20-acre block of land owned by the Forest Service that is choked with fuel and, for the sake of the residents of the Ponderosa, needs to be thinned. 2) Opening Camp 12 Road all the way through to the Chumstick for an alternative fire egress.  3) The possibility of widening the Camp 12 Road, especially in those areas through the sharp curves where it is impossible for a driver to see a pedestrian.  Both Paul and Doug praised the Commissioner for coming out to Plain and meeting monthly with constituents and both came away with the sense that these concerns are now on the Commissioner’s radar.
    Doug also made another push for the formation of a Ponderosa Bear Task Force, one with the purpose of dealing with current and future bear/wildlife/human issues.  From this discussion, President Paauw suggested Association Manager, Paul Clark, look into adding unsecured garbage to the fine schedule in the operating procedures.

  • SOCIAL COMMITTEE – Rose Ann McRoberts reported that the Chili Cook-off was a smashing success.  She added that, because the food was supplied by members, the cost of the event was $200 less than previous Memorial Day functions.  She threw kudos to Mo Stitch for his help on setting that up and added, buy the time the party wrapped up, the boot being passed around for the Fire Auxiliary raised $350. Next bash: The annual 4th of July Parade, scheduled for July 1st with free ice cream social to follow.
  • SEVERLY PASSED DUE ACCOUNTS .Association Manager, Paul Clark, reported there is a section of the Ponderosa operating procedures that deals with payment plans.  He’d like to see the language strengthened and the stages along the delinquency ladder simplified.  President Paauw agreed but felt there should be enough leeway in the language so that the Association Manager has wiggle room.

9:16 a.m.       NEW BUSINESS

  • ASSOCIATION MANAGER REPORT – Paul Clark presented information to the board which described and explained the new work order system, i.e. the types of work orders, the way they work and the way work orders are prioritized and processed, all with the intent of applying more accountability, transparency and integrity to the Maintenance & Operations branch of the Ponderosa.  Paul reported this new system will allow him to more accurately account for where budget money and employee time is spent.  Paul also reported, in the week or so the pool’s been open, we’ve already had a couple of incidences regarding unruly kids.  In regards to web cams… they’re still on the way!

9:40 a.m.       OPEN FLOOR
Common theme was kudos to Association Manager Paul Clark for the initiative and response he has brought to the position.  A request was made for more information on the two new employees (Paul Clark & Andy Lee) in order to feature the two in a Pine Needler article, helping to make them a little more familiar to Ponderosa members.  President Paauw mentioned the letter that was sent to a member regarding the Ponderosa’s stand on drainage issues and with that, considered the matter closed.  Vice President, Mike Chamness, brought up the issue of an open/leaking septic problem on a lot on Spur.  As this is a violation of County Code, the Health Department will be notified.

9:45 a.m.       Adjourn to Executive Session.  As there was no need for an executive session, President Paauw motioned to adjourn.  Tim seconded, all approved.




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