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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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June 09, 2012 10:30 a.m. – at the Clubhouse

Board Members Attending & for the record, Daryn announced the new positions:

  • Daryn Wilbur – President
  • John McRoberts – Vice President
  • Vern Little – Operations Director
  • Stan Morgan – Treasurer
  • Mick Mitchell – Secretary – excused absence
  • Mary Cox – Association Manager. Mary was assigned to record meeting minutes.

General Members Attending: 7, including 3 ballot counters.

The meeting was called to order at 10:32 a.m.

10:30 a.m. Pledge of Allegiance to the USA Flag

10:32 a.m. Approval of Prior Board Meeting Minutes – The minutes of the Board Meetings from May 12, May 15, and May 17; along with the Annual Member’s Meeting minutes of May 26 were approved as written. Vern/Stan moved and seconded, all approved.

Executive Session Report & Voting as Required

No Executive Sessions items required a vote.

Donation to Ponderosa

For the record, a gavel was presented to the Ponderosa by member Amanda Guerra. Her grandfather, Nicholas Mikulich, was President of the PCC Board of Trustees in 1968, and this was his gavel. The Board thanks Amanda and her family for this piece of history.


In relation to the budget we are on track with expenses: 42% of the year has passed. YTD expenses are at 32%.

Special Notice to the Following :

  • A/R status update: Homeowners Dues – Water shut off to three properties for delinquent dues. Three other homeowners paid their dues and avoided water shut off. Since last month, we collect $10,000 in delinquent dues.
  • Office/Board is 51% year-to-date due to $920 purchase of a new office computer and software to replace the failed system.
  • The audit and accounting fees came in under budget at $6100 vs $8000 budgeted.
  • Agreed Upon Procedures (Audit) best practices recommendations: CliftonLarsonAllen made three best practices suggestions for internal controls. Stan and Mary reviewed the suggestions and they will be implemented. Stan provided a report to the Board.
  • Angela Richardson, Senior Audit Manager for CliftonLarsonAllen, had a 30 minute conference call with Mary and Chelcie to review the water project control process with an eye toward the A-133 audit which the State will require for the water project in 2013. Angela noted appropriate control processes were in place and being followed.
  • PCC received new property tax valuations for 2013. Overall, value increased 5%.

Monthly Summary :

M&O Maintenance Account Balance - $135,339.42

M&O Reserve Account Balance - $34,022.55

Water Fund Account Balance - $272,985.30. During the month of May $26,434.64 was spent on the Water Mains Project.

Backhoe Replacement – $505 was spent on a new shifter switch and new bucket teeth. Backhoe expenses are still approximately $6000 under budget.

Capital Improvement Account Balance - $215,721.84

Daryn/John moved and seconded to accept Treasurer’s Report – All approved.

10:50 a.m. Committee Reports -

Watershed Committee – Multiple articles were posted in the Needler on FireWise.

Social Committee – Gearing up for July 4 th celebration on June 30.

Buildings and Grounds Committee – Report posted in the Needler.

10:55 a.m. Fines Discussion

The new Operating Procedures implemented a fine for illegal fires. Our attorney reviewed fire statutes and advises that PCC does have a right to impose fines for illegal fires. The Board proposes that it impose a fire ban period, which would follow the CCFD #4’s burn ban, but would be an additional burn ban under the authority of PCC. Then, the language in the Operating Procedures would be changed to something like, “An illegal fire is defined as a fire which occurs during the PCC burn ban.” Communication and education to the membership will occur after the rule and enforcement are finalized. Daryn, Vern and Stan will meet with CCFD #4 to discuss and report at the July meeting.

11:05 a.m. 3-year Strategic Plan

John McRoberts proposes to develop a process which would allow and encourage more input from the membership, utilizing many communication tools including the website. An ad-hoc committee may be formed. John will do research and report at the July Meeting. Once a process is defined, the timeline for developing the Strategic Plan will be developed.

11:10am Correspondence from Members

  1. Daryn reported a member complained about dust on Saddle and about great disappointment that the road paving would not occur. The Board commented that the water project and the road paving were two separate ballot measures, and that the voting results from the measures were quite different: the water project passed by a wide margin, the road paving passed by a narrow margin. Because of this, the Board feels members understood the measures were separate. Daryn will write a letter of response, with review by the Board.

Five Minute Recess to deal with a bear sighting on Saddle reported by Ken. Ken will call the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

  1. Daryn reported a member had questions regarding the water project and staffing.
  • Daryn stated for the record: The Board is entirely volunteer and is not paid.
  • Vern stated that at the outset of the project, the Board knew they must hire management for the project. The Board chose to have PCC employees do the management, rather than hire an outside agency, because our employees were best qualified given their skills and their knowledge of the community and the water system. Also, it would have been more expensive to hire an outside agency. Having our employees manage the project is the right thing to do for the members and the community. The rules are very strict because federal funding is involved, and it requires regular management and detailed attention.
  • Daryn stated that when our employees are working on the water project they are funded by the water project, and they are not getting paid by Ponderosa maintenance funds at the same time. Their work on the water project is above and beyond their normal duties and regular hours for the Ponderosa. In other words, the Ponderosa is paying our employees for their normal hours, which they are working. Our employees are also working additional hours on the water project, for which they are paid from the water project fund. There is no connection between the two. There has been no reduction in the number of hours our employees are working on their regular Ponderosa responsibilities.
  • A second issue from this member was that the Board consider going back to hiring a maintenance contractor, rather than having maintenance employees and management. Discussion was held. The Board has investigated this in the past, and is in agreement our current structure should be maintained. There were problems with the contractor structure which are eliminated by PCC having our own employees. The current structure provides better accountability, increased quality of service, and more services from our employees.
  1. Daryn reported on a third letter from a member regarding an on-going issue on the license agreement for the water project. The member’s daughter attended the annual meeting and facilitated the signing of the license agreement. The daughter requested that future communications go through her.

11:35 a.m. Ballot Results – Water Project Funding

The following ballot measure passed by a vote of 175 For, 47 Against, and 5 invalid ballots:

Approve an increase of $14.00 per year per lot to the water assessment for full loan funding as required. This would raise the water assessment from $285 to $299 per year for the life of the loan.


Approve an expenditure of up to $150,000 from the Capital Improvement Reserve fund to pay off the old water loan in the near future. Paying off this loan will save $16,000. No cost will be incurred to the members for approving this expenditure.”

The Board expressed appreciation to the membership for supporting the water project.

11:36 a.m. Tim Olson requested that Daryn appoint Maureen Mitchell as a member of the Needler committee. Daryn made the appointment.

11:37 a.m . Committee Appointments

Daryn has appointed John McRoberts as the Board Liaison for the Watershed Committee forest management projects, including the FireWise program and Forest Stewardship Plan. John has been involved with the greenbelts for many years.

11:40 a.m. Discussion for Options to Pave PCC Gravel Roads

Daryn acknowledged that many members, and Board members, are disappointed the gravel roads will not be done as part of the water project. Daryn proposes that 50% of each year’s Capital Improvement Funds be dedicated to a “paving” fund, which would only be used for new paving, not maintenance of existing paved roads. This would require a vote of the membership, possibly with the budget ballot in December.

Daryn would like to form a committee, to involve members, to do a feasibility study on paving the gravel roads: costs, options, etc… Board discussion was held. In the past, some members paid personally to have their streets paved. We are looking for members to come forward to participate in an ad-hoc road paving committee. John volunteered to be the Board liaison to such a future ad-hoc committee. Stan volunteered to work with John on the project. This will be a continuing item on the agenda.

12:00 Noon Water Project Update

The contract with KRCI has been signed. The Notice To Proceed was issued for June 11, which means that KRCI must be complete by October 9. RH2 will conduct weekly status meetings with KRCI and PCC. The water meters will be delivered June 13. Communication will be provided to the membership on the status and progress of the project via a color-coded map. Cost Reductions: We have identified some tasks which can be performed by PCC and reduce costs by approximately $35,500. If we can use native soil rather than select backfill, an additional $40,000 in savings may be possible. Our RH2 engineer will make the determination on backfill throughout the project.

12:06 a.m . Association Manager Report Highlights

Mary reported the State DOH required Annual Water Quality Report is available for member review and will soon be on the website. No water quality violations occurred in 2011. Last year, we produced approximately 13 million gallons of water, which is a reduction of over 30% from 2010. The pool opened on Memorial Day and is operating for the season. We are interviewing for a new maintenance employee today and will fill the position soon.

12:11 p.m. Member Comments

  • A member stated a concern about confusion between CCFD #9 and CCFD #4 rules on definitions of “open burning”, “campfires”, and the periods during which those are allowed in each district. This is confusing to members. The member has expressed this issue to both fire districts, but they have not taken action.
  • A member was present who has a vacation rental in the Ponderosa. He said many vacation rentals advertise Ponderosa amenities on the web and via printed advertisements. We explained this is a violation of PCC rules, and when we become aware of advertisements, we take action to cause the advertising to cease. The member agrees with the amenities advertising policy, wants the best thing for the PCC as a whole, and follows the Owner/Guest Guidelines.

12:30 p.m. ADJOURN – Motion to adjourn. Vern/John. All approved.




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