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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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Board Meeting Minutes
April 11, 2015

Board Members Present:
Daryn Wilbur-President
John McRoberts-Vice President
Shannon Stithem-Treasurer
Board Members Absent:
Doug Barga- Director of Operations excused
Kevin Sweeney

Meeting called to order at 10:35 am by President Daryn Wilbur.

10:35 am: There was no Executive Session to report or voting required, No quorum of Board members so there was no Approval of Prior Board Meeting Minutes.

10:36 am: Treasurer Shannon Stithem provided the Treasurers Report, 11 members are behind on Dues, better than last year at this time, Overall on track with the Budget.

10:38 am:Old Business, Brad gave a progress report on the chip sealing the gravel roads project, identified some drainage issues on Colt, Upper & Lower Bridle and Spur but on track so far. A member present had some questions regarding funding, budgeting, timelines and wanted assurance that his road would be completed as part of the project.

A member asked about the mailbox kiosks and if they are a part of the chip sealing project and whether they will be rebuilt and permanently placed or continue to be on skids.

Brad gave an update on Well #3, had a camera sent down to inspect the well casing and there are no holes in the casing. Further recommendations are pending at this time.

The Technology Committee will be having a conference call on April 17 to discuss updating the website and other ideas.

Other Committees have some volunteers but no Committee Chair’s, Daryn requested a list of all of the volunteers.

A member asked about PUD and their Fiber Optic strategy.

11:30 am New Business, Discussion on replacing the old Ford F250 back up plow and Yukon. The Old F250 was sold last month and the Yukon is not operational, parked and for sale. There was a considerable amount of discussion on the options moving forward, we are down to two vehicles, one of which is the large dump truck, which is not feasible for use on a daily basis, from four vehicles. We are looking at possibly replacing the old F250 and Yukon with one vehicle that suits the needs of both.

Each measure on the ballot was reviewed and discussed including the Nominees, a change in the Bylaws regarding the Board Meeting Times and a measure to replace the F250, Yukon and/or large dump/plow truck.

Discussed a letter to the members regarding the upcoming chip sealing project and Culvert Replacement Policy.

12:10 pm Association manager Report, Brad reported on the Fire Dept. Lease and that it had been recorded and that there are potentially major repairs needed on the Clubhouse deck. There is a recall out on the decking material itself, the railings will need to be addressed and some 4x4’s are rotting. Chelsie’s husband will examine and evaluate it and provide us with a recommendation

12:30 Break

12:40 Discussion with Kevin Sweeney, he chose to resign as Secretary on the Board of Trustees. This, per the Bylaws, gave us a quorum at the meeting.

12:45 Approval of Prior Board Meeting Minutes, Shannon Moved, John seconded, motion carries.

Treasurers Report comes with a motion to accept, John seconded motion carries.

John made a motion to approve the Ballot is discussed earlier Shannon seconded, motion carries.

John made a motion to adjourn, Shannon seconded, motion carries.





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