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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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April 10, 2010 Board Meeting

Meeting called to order 10:31m at the Ponderosa ClubhouseJeanne Whitlow- presiding
Claudia Kuniholm-attending
Steve Geho, Peter Smith Ann Ashford, Attending via phone
Mary Cox, Association Manager
Minutes of March 13, 2010 board meeting accepted and unanimously approved.
No actions or voting taken in March 13th Executive Session.

Treasurer’s Report:
A/R report: collected 63% of our $394,448 HOD
Past Due Report from 1st billing: $20,222
See published financial report for additional details
Motion made to accept Treasurer’s report
Motion Seconded
Motion unanimously approved 5-0

Old Business:
Fire Dept. Lease Extension:
Lease agreement to be executed by all board members and fire commissioners
Mary and Chelcie to mail documents for signature

Nominating Committee:
Darren Wilbur will be running for a board position and Claudia Kuniholm is willing to continue if no other members come forward.
The cut-off date for nomination is April 15th.

Title Research Status:
Foster Pepper continues to research the documentation with the assistance of Chelcie which has led to a drop in the final numbers of effected owners. The estimated timeline for completion is the project is May 30, 2010.
Pete Smith-Secretary will continue to lead the project to completion once he leaves the Board in May.

Riata Settlement Update: The accepted agreement has been execute by Anne and Pete and returned to the appropriate parties. We can expect payment in Full within 10 business days.

Water Project Update: Application was submitted and we hope to receive a response by June 15, 2010.

Neighborhood Rental Follow-up: Claudia’s research has led her to propose that any action taken by the board would encompass both non-rentals and short-term rentals, thus any new rules should affect all. Pete’s additional research on “Professional Property Management” has determined the costs associated with professional management to be too large to be accepted by Ponderosa members, the standard rate of a 60/40 split between property owners and a management fee. Steve Geho has provided a document of proposed rules for all owners which the board should consider.

Memorial Day Pool Monitoring: Jeanne Whitlow proposes we implement a sign-in sheet for the pool over the Memorial Day weekend. Pete proposed that we have “security” during all operations hours of the pool on the Memorial Day weekend.  Steve suggests that we capture an hourly count of the occupants of the pool each weekend over the summer. Bob Melson suggests a count be done at 12-2 and 4 when security is present. Mary will research all options and make her suggestions to the board in the May meeting but regardless Mary will arrange “security” for both days of the Memorial Day weekend.
Motion made to provide security at the pool for both days of the Memorial Day weekend Sat/Sunday.
Motion Seconded
Motion unanimously approved 5-0

Robert Rule of Order discussion: Jeanne offers a simplified Roberts Rules of Order to improve communication within the board and allow all officers of the board to bring a motion and vote. This will allow the board meeting to be more “informal” and allow improved participation.
Motion made to adopt the informal Robert Rule of Order.
Motion Seconded
Motion unanimously approved 5-0

Security within the Ponderosa: Jeanne proposes that we hire a private security firm from Wenatchee to provide security over Memorial Day weekend from 8pm – 2am. The per day costs would be approx. $120 for the 6 hour window. Pete, Ann & Steve agree and propose we hire security for all 3 evening of the Memorial Day weekend- Fri/Sat/Sunday.
The board will compile a SOW-Scope of Work for the security firm rules to enforce and escalation procedures.
Motion made to provide private security over the 3-day Memorial Day weekend from 8pm-2am.
Motion Seconded
Motion unanimously approved 5-0

New Business
Watershed Committee:
Anne makes a motion to change the Watershed committee from ad-hock to a formal standing Ponderosa committee and incorporate the Greenbelt committee into the Watershed Committee and operate within the existing 2010 Greenbelt budget and will headed by Doug Pendleton
Motion Seconded
Motion unanimously approved 5-'0

Bylaws Review Committee
Doug Pendleton has agreed to serve as chair and all members have been determined to “members in good standing” including:
Doug Pendleton
Gina Wilkins
Tom Barttlet
Sharon Quackenbush
Bill Whitlow
Janine Geho
The Bylaws committee has been approved and is fully sanctioned by the Ponderosa board.

Association Managers Report:
Clubhouse Septic System repair: Mary has researched the septic issue has found that pumping should resolve the immediate issue but a pump replacement is required.
Motion made to authorize the use of $1650 from M&O reserve for septic improvements.
Motion Seconded
Motion unanimously approved 5-0
Estimated project competition date is April 30, 2010
Shop Safety Improvements: In order to meet the WISHA safety standards we need to make improvements to the maintenance shop. Improvements would be made to lighting, drywall, safety equipment, etc and a bathroom with safety shower would be installed. Mary will research all options and requirements and make her suggestions to the board prior to the May meeting.
Motion made to allow Mary to spend up to $15,000 from M&O reserve to begin making shop safety improvements required by WISHA.
Motion Seconded
Motion unanimously approved 5-'0

End Report

Meeting Adjourned at: 12:12





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