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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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Ponderosa Community Club
May 29, 2017, 10:00 a.m. at the Ponderosa Clubhouse

Board Members Attending:

  • Ken Paauw – President
  • Doug Barga – Vice President
  • Louis Kimmel – Director Of Operations
  • Tim Abel - Secretary
  • Paul Clark – Association Manager

(Treasurer Shannon Stithem excused)
General Members Attending:   76
The meeting was called to order by Ken at 10:06 a.m.
10:06 a.m.     Welcome Statement – President Ken Paauw welcomed all members, gave tribute to all Veterans on this Memorial Day weekend, then handed the floor over to:
Fire Chief Mick Lamar updated members on emergency response personnel and developments within our local fire department over the past year, highlighting the lowering of our fire insurance rating from an 8 to a 6 due to the Firewise program and the efforts of our Watershed Committee in the thinning of fuels in our greenbelts.  Fire Chief Lamar updated members on the Chumstick fire.  He reminded everyone to build defensible spaces around our homes, sign up for the Firewise Program and encouraged everyone to contact the Fire Department to receive FREE smoke detectors featuring 10-year lithium batteries.  He reminded all members that, as of June 1st, outdoor burning of yard waste is prohibited.  Campfires are still allowed (legally described as a fireproof ring less than three feet in diameter extending all the way down into mineral soil with at least three feet of clearance around it). Fire Chief Lamar announced a free event for adults and kids at Station 93, the fire station next to the Beaver Valley School, happening right after the meeting.  FREE reflective address signs while-you-wait!!  FREE bike helmets too!  He reminded members, please don’t park in front of hydrants and do not leave sprinklers running during fire events.


  • Chair, Doug Pendleton introduced:
  • Officer Eric Boyd with Fish & Wildlife, who addressed the recent bear problems.  He reminded members that bears are here and always will be, impressing members that we are the problem.  We need to learn to live with the bears and be proactive by removing such enticements as bird feeders, pet food and trash.  He reported if we learn to remove all attractants, these bears will still be out there but not come to the Ponderosa looking for food.  Trash is the biggest concern.  Garbage cans cannot be left out for days, let alone overnight.  Members with rentals must devise a better system for dealing with the garbage left by renters. It was recommended that we clean barbecue grills thoroughly after each use and members/renters try wiping down their garbage can lids with bleach before putting them out for trash pick-up.  Bears hate this.  Doug recommended a task force be formed to specifically address the special dynamics in regions such as the Ponderosa where people can learn to coexist with wildlife.
  • Mike Chamness, chairman of the local FireWise program, addressed the FireWise program, encouraging all members to sign up for this valuable program.  Brochures were passed out to make the sign-up process as painless as possible.
  • Craig Conner, offered his company’s services to help members who want to be FireWise but, either through to physical, financial or other limitations, can’t commit to the program.
  • Doug spoke on the DNR cost-sharing grants he’s secured for eliminating fire fuels from Ponderosa lots.  For this day only, he offered his personal truck and muscle to haul away these fuels for free.  The DNR is offering a $23.04/hr per person credit to clean up our lots.  We need to match the grant funds with sweat, encouraging all members to get out there, clean up their lots and, by all means, document their time.
  • Bill Whitlow, Watershed Subcommittee Chair, introduced new trail signs for our system of trails.  Some of these signs were on display for members to view.  Bill added that the committee hoped to have all these signs installed by the end of the summer, as well as colored ‘degree-of-difficulty’ tags at each trailhead in order to give members an idea of what they’re getting into.  He also announced there is a new trail which allows access to the beautiful and once semi-isolated, Ponderosa-owned beach under the power lines.  There was also talk of creating a trail to the top of Beaver Hill as well as into Plain.  Bill added that there are work parties planned for the last Saturdays in June (24th), July (29th) & August (26th), 9-noon.
  • Doug Pendleton warned members not to create dams or channels by moving river rocks around.  It is illegal to do this along this stretch of river.

11:20 a.m.     President Ken Paauw – introduced Paul Clark, our new Association manager.  Ken briefly expounded on Paul’s qualifications and background before introducing Andy Lee, our new full-time grounds person.  This was followed by a brief summary of Andy’s background and qualifications.

  • Budget update – Our budget is 351K and with 23% of our budget spent, we are currently running slightly below budget.
  • Pool – It was announced the swimming pool will be open 7 days a week this year.
  • New plow truck – looking for a sanding unit.


  • Chelan County Code enforcement – The Ponderosa defaults for most violations to Chelan County Code.  But the problem with Chelan County Code Enforcement is that it has 1/8 of an FTE dedicated to code enforcement.  Some issues the board has discussed are:
    • JUNKY PROPERTIES – getting those cleaned up.
    • FARM ANIMALS – illegal to have on lots of less than .5 acres.
    • LIGHT POLLUTION - Light Trespass!  It’s a real thing and a Chelan County law, folks.  We enjoy our night sky in the Ponderosa.  It is just one of the many quality-of-life facets of living here in our beautiful community.  Please keep your yard light to yourself.  Many alternatives and modifications are available.  Motion sensors or automatic lights are awesome!  Shields will knock down that light before it can flood into a neighbor’s property.  Check around for other ideas.)
    • FIRE EGRESS – Getting a secondary egress for fire evacuation down the old Camp 12 road.
  • Capitol Planning – with Paul’s expertise we hope to beef up our capital planning.

11:34 a.m.     Ballot Results

  • Introduction of New Board Members: Mike Chamness and Kevin Weishaar.  All Board Members, new and returning, signed the Code Of Conduct at this point of the meeting.

11: 38 a.m.    Members Open Floor Questions

  • Buildings & Grounds patted themselves on the back for the new chairs on which most members were seated.  The committee representative also announced they are focusing on the playground this summer with a work party planned in June.  The rep requested people not jump on or abuse the lounge chairs or the toys on the playground, and to self-police if you see anyone abusing Ponderosa property.
  • A question came up over water meter charging and was put to bed just as fast with a definitive ‘no’.
  • The problem of pool capacity limits came up.  How many people is too many and how do we police this?  Without constant monitoring, there is no way to limit capacity or to keep those people out that don’t belong.  Association Manager, Paul Clark, responded by reporting that our bylaws allow renters to use the pool IF, and only if they are long-term renters (renting for 10+ Days).
  • It was reported that fireworks (all fireworks are banned in the Ponderosa) continue to be a problem in certain areas of our community.  Ken recommended either confronting the offenders in person or calling the Sheriff.  Living way out here, this is our only recourse.
  • President Ken Paauw honored outgoing board members, Vice President Doug Barga and Treasurer Shannon Stithem, for their years of service.  A round of applause for the both of them.
  • President Ken Paauw responded to a question about weekend security, stating there wouldn’t be a patrol over the Memorial Day Weekend as the return has historically proven ineffective and not worth the cost.
  • A member mentioned that the Watershed Committee’s plan to place parking lots for trailhead access along the Camp 12 road would inhibit their view of the Ranch Reserve from their property and urged the Committee to reconsider.

11:47 a.m.    Adjourn
12:01 p.m.     New Board Executive Session – Determine Board Positions
            President – Ken Paauw
            NEW Vice President – Mike Chamness
            Director Of Operations – Louis Kimmel
            NEW Treasurer – Kevin Weishaar
            Secretary – Tim Abel
12:14 p.m.     Adjourn




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