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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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Annual Member’s Meeting Minutes
May 26, 2012 10:00 a.m. at the Clubhouse
All members invited

10:00 a.m. Welcome statement from Ponderosa Board and Introductions

Board Members attending:

  • Jeanne, President – term ends today
  • Daryn, Director of Operations, term ends in 2013
  • Vern, Vice President, term ends 2014
  • Stan, Treasurer, term ends 2014
  • Mick, Secretary, term ends 2013
  • Mary, Association Manager, 4 th year

Approximately 100 members attending.

Pledge of Allegiance

10:05 a.m. Review of Agenda and Meeting Rules

10:10 a.m. Review of Accomplishments and Projects for 2012

      • Budget – Approved for 2012, the Financial Review report & audit report are available for members.
      • Operations – Regular maintenance done. Four employees now:
        • Chelcie, Ken, Henry recently resigned, and Rick Chappel who does pool maintenance. There will be a security guard this weekend – their phone number is posted on office door.
      • Passed all Dept of Health water tests, painted reservoirs, installed 3 full-size fire hydrants on Lariat, graded gravel roads.
      • Pool passed Dept of Health inspections. Replaced the backhoe with a newer, used backhoe; and rebuilt sander on dump truck.
      • Communication: The Pine Needler comes out 4 times year. Articles are due May 30 for the next issue. Needler Commitee Tim & Lorelie Olson, Donna & Igor Malcevski, and newest addition photographer Maureen Mitchell. The Ponderosa website is managed by Rose Anne Mcroberts and John McRoberts. Board meetings agendas and minutes are posted on Ponderosa website.
      • Fire Commissioners and Auxiliary members introduced. After this meeting, the Fire Dept is hosting a bake sale and chili feed as a fundraiser.
      • Committee Updates
        • Buildings & Grounds Committee – Nancy Melson, Chair
        • Watershed Committee – Doug Pendleton, Chair
        • Social Committee – Marisha Robinson, Chair
        • Ombudsman – Ken Paauw
        • Sign-up sheets for committees
      • Community Involvement – Volunteers are needed. Board is volunteer.
      • Greenbelt Encroachments – Working with homeowners to clarify where community property lines and private boundaries are located.
      • Updated Bylaws and Operating Procedures – Approved by membership in December, 2011. Our attorney reviewed the revisions.

Water Project – Vern & Mary. Ballot went out. Mary passed out sheets on FAQ. KRCI out of Wenatchee was awarded bid and will begin June 11. We are working with County to clear trees on Camp 12 Road – hopefully at no cost. Vern explained the ballot and the need for additional funding:

        • The lowest bid was 2% over the engineer’s estimate and State’s amortization calculation was low. New archaeological requirement for construction monitoring on Saddle. County requires us to pay for tree removal on Camp 12.
        • The ballot measure increases the annual water assessment by $14 per lot.
        • We are working to reduce costs on a line item basis.
        • There is not enough funding to pave the gravel roads.
        • The ballot measure includes spending up to $150,000 from Capital Improvement Reserve fund; the current balance is $215,000.
      • You will be notified 24hrs in advance for water shut off. They will work Mon-Thurs 7am – 6 pm.
      • When you shutoff water also shut off water heater. KRCI will provide a construction schedule so those not here full-time will know ahead of time so they can shut off their water.
      • They plan to complete by Oct 9 (120 days).
      • Jeanne asks you sign up on e-mail to help notify people of the 24 hour notice.
      • There a many accounting and contractual requirements to make sure we spend Federal and State dollars correctly.
      • The State requires water meters to be installed by 2017.
      • Mary reminded us that everyone needs a water shut off valve to their house.
      • KRCI’s construction schedule will be in the Needler and on the website.
      • Question from a member on water funding ballot and PCC staffing. Daryn explained that PCC staff is doing work on the water project which is above and beyond their regular duties. They are paid from the water project budget. The State limits amount of money that can be spent PCC labor for the water project.
      • Any forecast for next year’s annual budget? Goal is to keep dues the same, this past year we were able to keep it within $1. Water project is separate budget.
      • Member question on why we have to do the archaeological monitoring? Archaeological assessments are a requirement of accepting Federal and State funds. Extra funding is not provided by the State to perform the archaeological activities.
      • Ken’s role this summer – he knows where all valves are and will help KRCI to keep moving.
      • RH2 will be our Construction Manager and Inspector for the water project. Mike Pleasants. He will have space in the office.

Fire Reduction Project, Daryn Wilbur

  • Forest Stewardship Plan
  • Fire Break Corridor & Firewise USA
  • A major effort by Doug Pendleton and the Watershed Committee this year has been our forests. Currently, our forest isn’t healthy. The Forest Stewardship Plan is designed to make sure our forest is healthy, and to reduce the impact of a wildfire, should one occur.
  • In addition, the DNR will create a fire break on Camp 12 from the PCC reader board to the power lines, and will also clean up green belt area behind Shetland. The DNR grant is worth $45,000 and won’t cost us a dime.
    • Also, private property owners can do Firewise checklist and get same service at no charge.
  • Fire Dept will also work with us and we may be able to adjust burn ban times as our forest becomes more healthy.
  • First Watershed Fair was last year, with a salmon bake and lots of other activities, especially for kids. They will do again this year Aug 25 th.
  • Priorities for the Watershed Committee are the Forest Stewardship Plan, FireWise, Improving the trail system, and improving the beach area by the clubhouse. They would like your input on an idea for a riverside park, and would like to develop the rest of the property we own next to beach.
  • Doug is looking for additional volunteers. Let Doug know and there are release forms for FireWise. His e-mail is Dougpen@nwi.net

10:50 a.m. Ballot Results for Board of Trustees position

  • 147 votes for John McRoberts
  • 1 write in vote for Bill Hamm,
  • 1 write in vote for Dean Wilkins.
  • There were 6 invalid ballots.

Jeanne introduced John McRoberts as the new Board member and John joined the Board.

Board Members signed the Code of Conduct. This is done at each annual meeting.

11:00 a.m . Member’s Open Floor Questions & Comments

(3-minute limit per member)

Budget question: A member explained they are 3 rd generation PCC owner, and had question about security. Security is only here on three holiday weekends. Maintenance will notify homeowners if they see something out of the ordinary but we don’t have on-site security. Suggestion from a member: notify someone on your street so you can be notified if there is a problem. Suggestion – ongoing issues can be reported to Ombudsman. Chelan Co Sheriff is our police.

Question for John McRoberts on what he sees as priorities for the coming year: To carry out duties, abide by by-laws, work on completing existing projects, not increase budget. Interested in trails, website, has worked on strategic plan. Past membership on committees.

What are pink ribbons in woods? DNR is flagging areas to bid on for fire reduction as part of FireWise program. They will work around water project and should begin in July or August.

How many lots does Ponderosa own? 4 lots in addition to Greenbelts. They will be part of Fire program.

Speeding on Colt and Stirrup is a problem. Can we borrow the portable radar display to encourage people to slow down? Could we have more stop signs since members voted down speed bumps.

Chip Seal Roads – any plan outside water project? Daryn would like to see this done. Maybe we can consider doing this after water project is complete.

More Fiber Optic Network – PUD has chosen not to expand at this time. It would cost us $70,000 to lay conduit and no guarantee PUD would put fiber in. We will install conduit only at the 4 Camp 12 Road crossings during the water project.

Daryn – thank all the members for coming, invited members to attend board meetings, and get to know your neighbors. Thank you to Jeanne for all of her work, she was a great leader. Special thanks to Mary for all of her work on water project

Second ballot sent needs to be returned by June 9

11:35 a.m. ADJOURN – Board agreed to meet after meeting to decide on Board positions, as specified by the Operating Procedures.

  • Board Positions for the next year were agreed to as follows:
    • Daryn Wilbur, President
    • John McRoberts, Vice President
    • Stan Morgan, Treasurer
    • Mick Mitchell, Secretary
    • Vern Little, Director of Operations
  • Daryn asked Stan to update the signatories on our bank accounts per the Ponderosa signature policy: President, Treasurer, and Association Manager are signatories.




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