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Ponderosa Community
Annual Meeting May 24, 2009

Meeting called to order 10:00am at the Ponderosa Clubhouse

Board President Bill Griffin presiding
Board Secretary Peter Smith recorder of minutes

Board Members Attending: Gina Wilkins, Jeanne Whitlow, Ann Ashford
Mary Cox, Association Manager attending

Quorum needed: 50 members, 52 in attendance

Bill provides review of Ponderosa Wildfire Protection Plan and provides 3 conclusions
            1. Homes would not be considered safe to defend
            2. Primary consideration: protection of the residents and safety of firefighters
            3. Due to condition of camp 12 road evaluation would be problematic

Bill provides format and agenda of meeting. Asks members to submit all ballots to be counted.

Bill provides top 4 issues the current board has been dealing with.
            1. Real Estate
            2. Financial topics and reports
            3. Communications
            4. Review of Governing documents and by-laws

Bill asked those attending by show of hands:
            Who receives the Needler: nearly everyone in attendance
            Who reads the Needler: nearly everyone in attendance
            Who receives the Needler via email nearly everyone in attendance

Bill opens the meeting to Q & A from those attending:
MC=Member Comment, MQ=Member Question

MC: “Our lot assessments are way too high”
Response: The Board will be discussing the budget beginning in the August meeting.  Your specific suggestions for cuts in services would be helpful then.

MQ: has there been a change in the laws as to what owners can do on their lots?
Response: Yes, there have been changes put in-place by the county, but the Ponderosa does not have anything in our by-laws relating to county codes.

MQ: Is there a plan to continue to pave roads?
Response: We plan to maintain the current paved  roads we have.  Upgrades to unpaved roads are rolled into the water system upgrade project and those costs are included in the project.

MQ: Is there a weight restriction on our roads?
Response: we have no way to enforce weight restrictions on our roads. Please use our Ombudsman  to rely any complaints via Mary. A review of jurisdiction of our roads is provided and recommends members call 911 to report criminal activities on roadways.

MQ: What is the status of the negotiations with the developer above Riata.
Response: A team has been actively working to resolve the issue. A complaint has been made with the DOE (Dept of Ecology) DNR has required the developer to develop a plan so the problem doesn’t occur again. A Plan is due late June for review. Developers have offered to assist us to fix Riata road, final details are still pending.

MC: I wanted to thank the board members for their continued efforts and work.

MQ: What are the limitations of Ponderosa vehicles?
Resonse: We have an 85 pick-up and a Yukon.  Both are used only for Ponderosa business.  The persons authorized to use the vehicles are our two maintenance employees and our Association Manager.  The Board is not authorized to use the vehicles.
MQ: What can we do about animal control?
Response: There is a animal control (Humane Society) but also make our Ombudsman aware of complaints. Also call 911 if you are “threatened by animals”

MQ: Has there been any progress on the easements on the lower end of Camp 12 road?
Response: This is an easement given by a prior Board allowing a driveway through our Greenbelt, which our governing documents do not allow. There has been on-going communication with the owner of the property and visual inspection will continue.

MQ: What is the update on people renting their homes here?
Response: The pending results of the ballot will determine how the Board will proceeds. Those with complaints of renters or owners please provide that information to the Ombudsman.

MQ: Has there been any thought about using a blog format for members to communicate/chat?
Response: Yes, we are considering a forum for members.

MQ: What are the top 3 challenges regarding the water project?
Response: That subject will be covered later in the agenda.

President provides the top 4 issues the board expects to deal with this year.
       1. Water main replacement project
       2. Volunteerism
       3. Budget and Economics
       4. The public use of a member’s only facility

President offers a brief review of the water main replacement project, scenarios, maps and estimated timelines.

President offers current volunteer situation and possible fix of addition of budget line item to cover labor of those projects that could be provided by volunteers. Also offers the idea of volunteer deduction to those that volunteer.

MQ: Is there any plan to spray for mosquitoes?
Response: no, there isn’t currently any funds allocated for mosquito spraying

MQ: What financing options are there for Water main replacement project?
Response: There are 4 different funding scenarios for funding. Those scenarios are available for member review (posted on the clubhouse windows and available in the office and soon to be available on the PCC web site.)

MQ: What would be the cost of the Water main replacement project if we didn’t pave the roads?
Response: That information can be found in the project overview and spreadsheet.

MQ: Where are these water mains to be located?
Response: You can find that information in the project overview.

MQ: Are water meters included in the water main replacement project?
Response: The plan calls for installation of the vaults to contain the meters, but not the meters themselves. You can find additional information in the project overview.

MQ: Is there any consideration to provide agricultural water to the Ponderosa?
Response: We have rights to Chiwawa Irrigation district but have no plans to incorporate that into the project. 

MQ: Has there been any thought to accelerate the project due to the economy and construction costs?
Response: That is always a possibility but our financing needs to be determined prior to that.

MC: I believe it would be a good idea to place a line-item into the budget for labor that could be done by volunteers.
MC: That would increase the total dues…

President asked those attending via show of hands who would agree with such a line item? A majority agree.

MQ: Has there been a discussion of public use of the pool?
Response: We have put that off until votes are tallied.

Ballot results:

Ballot Issue #2 Public use of Pool and Clubhouse: 83 for / 153 against
Ballot Issue #3 Revisions of by-laws: 219 approve / 17 do not approve
Ballot Issue #4 Purchase of vehicle: Yes 185 / No 47

Board position:
Ann Ashford 157
Steve Geho 149
Bill Griffin 171
Peter Smith 145
Jeanne Whitlow 168

Write in votes for the Board:
Terry Drexler  1
Mark Maxwell  2
Ann Blanchard  1
Judy Drexler  1

Bob Houze 173
Write In Votes:
Bill Griffin  1
Dianne Johansen  1

236 ballots were cast of 465 ballots mailed (50.7%), so the amendment passed with more than the 40% requisite.

Continued Q&A

MQ: What is the legal liability of the Association for renters?
Response: Our liability doesn’t change unless there is a trespass. In addition if we were to allow the public to use our pool the state requires a lifeguard which presents a staffing and economic issue.

MC: The board should communicate the members vote and wishes to the known landlords.
Response: We have asked landlords to register with the association but have not received any response. This was a advisory vote, this is not a rule which will be posted tomorrow.  This vote provides the board with direction and members wishes.

MQ: What liability the association bares for ATV and dirt bike riders/ motor vehicles.
Response: Our insurance provides adequate coverage regardless of situation.

MC: Homeowner's policies do not cover liability arising from the use of these vehicles, nor do auto policies provide coverage for unlicensed vehicles and unlicensed drivers.  There is a huge exposure to the owners and parents.

MQ: Is there any plan to increase the size of the basketball court?
Response: please make these suggestions to the building and grounds committee.

MQ: Is there any plan to use speed bumps to reduce speeds?
Response: A radar speed display will be on-site next week, and speed bumps may be an option.

MC: I don’t believe we should take the additional expense for speed bumps when there are many higher priorities.
MC: Maybe an “enforcement” line-item should be included in the budget.
MC: Increased volunteer communications may result in better participation.

MQ: Is there a chance we could form a volunteer committee to oversee the volunteer efforts and participation?
Response: Yes, but a volunteer coordinator would be required.
Are you willing to volunteer for that position?

MQ: How many renters are in the Ponderosa?
Response: We will continue to investigate those known renters and unknown renters. The Board passed a rule to charge landlords a fee equal to, and in addition to the Annual Dues for allowing the public to use members-only facilities.  This rule has not been implemented because we were awaiting the results of the ballot issue.

  • a member proposed a show of hands regarding the $703 landlord fee:  "How do the members feel about this idea?"  After much confusion about the question to be voted on, the members who voted opposed the idea about 2-to-1.  This advisory vote was contrary to an earlier advisory vote on a similar question.)

MQ: What is the process to determine the next-steps for the water main replacement project?
Response: There will be a number of meetings to determine the next-steps and the who, what , when ect…

MC: What steps determined the proposed fee for renters/landlords?
Response: The Board discussed the issue and approved the fee. The Board has this authority via our governing documents.

MQ: Is this fee effectively trying to discourage rentals?
Overwhelming Audience answer: yes…..

MC: Maybe full-time residents should pay the additional fee..
Response:  That would lead us into having to further distinguish usage between those part-timers who are here infrequently and those part-timers who are here more frequently.  This would be a major administrative problem

MQ: When was this fee approved in a board meeting or executive session?
Response: Last fall in executive session,

There was a request to clarify the fee and amount by both members and board members.
Response: It has been called a "use fee", but that is not what it represents.  If implemented, it is a fee landlords will be charged for allowing the public to use members-only facilities for the landlord's personal gain.  In order to make the fee easy to administer, it was set as an amount equal to, and in addition to the Annual Dues (e.g. $703 would have been the fee for this year if it had been implemented.)

MQ: Can we simply ban renters in the Ponderosa?
Response: Yes, but  it would require 100% approval by the members.

Gina Wilkins offers her resignation from the board, and notes there are 4 exceptional candidates who wish to continue on the board. Gina’s resignation is accepted.

Bill notes the time of 12:10, thanks those attending and ends the meeting.

MQ= Member question
MC= Member comment





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