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MAY 25, 2008

President Bill Griffin called the meeting to order at 10:10 am.  He announced that the Annual Meeting would be changed to resemble a corporation annual meeting where the Board officers make comments about the past year within the development and then open the meeting to questions from the members.  He also announced that the last year’s annual meeting minutes and financial report would not be read at this meeting as they have been previously posted and are available in the office.  The meeting will also focus on what we face in the next couple of years.

Gina Wilkins, Vice-President, announced the completion of new job descriptions for Board members in light of our having a Board Manager.  Part of her job description is to act in place of the President in his absence.  She also has committees to coordinate including the Social Committee. Marisha Robinson is now heading this committee.  Gina is also responsible for the elections.   Gina is soliciting members for the committees she coordinates
Jeanne Whitlow, Operation Director, began by complementing Bob Melson on the job he is doing and the changes that means in the Operation’s Director’s responsibilities.  Jeanne is the coordinator with the Buildings and Grounds committee (Nancy Melson, chair) and the Greenbelt Committee (Steve Malmstead, Chair). Another responsibility includes the properties of the Ponderosa and she has been at work mapping and defining the properties that the Ponderosa owns.  Her other job has been to develop job descriptions and contracts for our employees and manager.  She emphasized the value of the website in contacting Board members.  Nancy Melson reported on improvements made by the Building and Grounds Committee in the past year that feature several new recreational activities available to the members. Jeanne noted that we are looking at the problems rentals are causing for the organization. She referred to the state mandated timeline for installing water meters in the Ponderosa.

A member asked a question regarding priorities for paving our roads.  Bob Melson listed the current priorities for this summer that are covered by this year’s budget: 1) Gravel and grade Pinto, Upper Saddle, and Riata; 2) Paving projects include patch and apply single chip to intersections of Arabian, Shetland, Pinto and upper Palomino, pave with a single chip all of Cayuse, and miscellaneous patchwork throughout ponderosa.  Any further improvements in our roads would require an assessment to complete them. Dust retardment is in the year’s budget, but the schedule is not determined.

A member asked a question about what the Board intends to do with Ponderosa owned properties.  The Board has decided to take each lot case by case rather than making a blanket policy. Several options exist including selling, turning them into greenbelt properties and other options.

Treasurer, Peter Smith, is on vacation and Bill gave his report.  In January we brought our bookkeeping into our office and Nancy Melson is now our bookkeeper.  This move has saved us money and the reporting is timelier.  Financial reporting has been revised and these are made available at the office and on the website.  We have a detailed cash management procedure that includes a series of mini-audits to check on our financial health.  Regarding the budget, Bill reviewed the problems created by the overtime for snowplowing and increased electrical cost during the severe winter.  Our collections of members’ dues for 2008 are 90% percent completed. We are well ahead of where we expected to be.  We do have 5 members in serious arrears and are following already existing procedures (including liens and foreclosures) to collect them. Our investments in certificates of deposit are paying about 4.5 %.  These will be evaluated for further possibilities as the certificates mature.  Bill then summarized the budget problems the Board faces for 2009 because of difficulties created by errors in the past two years’ budgets (the two credits given in the 2008 assessment of $17,227.00 and $20,000.00).  These will have to be resolved in next year’s budget and will cost members more money in the annual assessment.  A member asked a bout selling some of our properties to alleviate the additional assessment.  Bill responded that that is one of the possibilities. The Board intends to talk to a real estate attorney regarding that issue and other real estate problems.

Tim Olson, Secretary, noted little change for the Secretary because of the addition of the Ponderosa Manager.  A real change, however, is the improvement of communication to the members through rapid posting of the minutes at the office and on the website.  He then summarized the changes taking place on the Board as a result of having a manager and with these positive changes the Board can now act on issues that will help move the community in a positive direction.  Tim made a plug for members to consider running for the Board and making a contribution to the community.

Bill opened the meeting to the floor for questions:

A member asked a question about water meters.  Bill replied that we are mandated by the state to have water meters in place by 2017. It’s important to coordinate this process with improvements on our roads.  A related question regarded the additional money needed and the possibility of fundraisers.  Bill said this is a possibility but we will also be looking at state grant monies that may be available.  A question was raised about the current state of the fire department. The department is in a need of volunteers and a chief.  One possibility is to join with one of the neighboring fire districts. It was also noted that in case of a serious fire, the safety of residents and the firefighters was the highest priority. Plans for evacuation are critical.  Jeanne added that evacuation going south on Camp 12 is not a possibility.  A member emphasized how important the fire department is to our community, its impact on interest rates, and the importance of a fast response when medical help is needed. Nancy Melson reported for the Fire Auxiliary and emphasized the success of the annual burn pile and the effort to update our Ponderosa phone book. A question was asked about water quality.  Bob assured the members that our water manager takes care of the testing and reporting on our water quality to make certain our water quality is pure. Bob stated in answer to a question, that Lariat has full flow hydrants in place and other hydrants are throughout the community.  They are adequate for fighting local fires but not wild fires.

A member noted that she’d heard that the trails have been opened to ATV’s. Bill emphasized that this is not the case; trails are not open to any motorized vehicles.

A member praised the work of our maintenance crew and management during the past year and particularly during the snowy winter. A member asked about the community’s liability insurance.  Bill assured her that we are fully covered. Another member thanked the Board for the effort they are taking to improve the community.  A member mentioned the importance of notifying guests of the rules that need to be followed in the community. Bill referred to the long range plan the Board is developing and how that will speak to several concerns. We need to put in place some controls that would help including enforcement of speed limits.  Speeding is a particular a problem. One possibility would be the placement of radar units in the community; another is the installation of speed bumps.  Bob is checking into the availability of a radar unit. 

In answering another question, Bill referred to the long range plan and the emphasis on turning the clubhouse into a building that’s used far more for community activities than meetings. Additional surveillance is needed in the community center if it is used more regularly. Further discussion followed regarding the increasing problem caused by rentals and also the impact of gas price increase on driving to the Ponderosa. Bill reviewed the process used in setting up the “Long Range Plan” and how that looks forward to what we might face in the coming years.

Bill announced that the meeting did not meet the requirements for a quorum to validate the election of Board members.  Gina, the counting board member, noted the results of the members having sent in their ballots, and appointed the members running for the Board:  Bill Griffin, Jeanne Whitlow, Mike Buck, and Peter Smith.

Bill encouraged members to attend board meeting and said that agendas for all meetings are posted previously to all meetings.  He summarized several changes in the way the Board operates and that all Board members have a guideline to facilitate the community’s business

Bill concluded with a note of gratitude to several members that Bill called, “our Unsung Heroes”.  Those recognized were: Jack Bartleson, Dick Nicklas, Sharyl Nelson, Rose Ann McRoberts, Igor Malcevski, Tim Olson, Bob Melson, and members of the current Board.

Bill adjourned the meeting at 12:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Tim Olson, Secretary to the Board




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