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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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Ponderosa Community Club Association Manager Report
by Mary Cox
September through Mid-October, 2013

We welcome your suggestions and ideas for improvements. Our major activities are listed below.

Serving Homeowners

  • Responded to homeowner’s calls, emails, and office visits regarding fire rules, pool rules, gravel road conditions, high speed internet, PCC’s group email list, lost and found, dead trees, clubhouse rentals, and bear-proof garbage cans.
  • We had several new members. Provided New Member Packets.
  • In mid-October, Chelcie mailed ballots to all members in good standing.
  • With the Ombudsman, PCC submitted a complaint to Chelan County regarding a member’s property which has many vehicles and lots of junk in their yard, in apparent violation of County ordinances.

Water System Upgrade to New DOH Regulations and Fire Protection

  • Restoring the paved roads to their original condition prior to the water project construction.
    • Worked with Granite Construction and Forsgren Associates to schedule (and reschedule) Granite’s onsite work to complete the punch list. Work was completed October 16.
  • Reviewed the loan repayment financial analyses with the Board prior to finalizing the ballot.
  • Submitted warranty work requests to KRCI.
  • RH2 began work on the hydraulic analysis, which involves the fire hydrants. The project has been put on temporary hold due to a dispute with RH2 regarding the water project.

Roads & Equipment

  • There were two very heavy rainstorms in September – one September 5 and the other Sept 28-30. The September 5 th was the worst and affected much of Washington State. We received a deluge of rain on Thursday night resulting in dozens of plugged culverts, mud-filled and overflowing bar ditches, erosion, and debris (mud and gravel) left in the roadways.  This occurred throughout the Ponderosa.  We received many calls from members concerned about storm drainage effects.
  • We had begun clearing the culverts and bar ditches prior to the September 5 storm, and started over again afterwards. All roads were evaluated and cleaning was done as needed, including upper Saddle, Riata, Stirrup, Colt, Palamino, and parts of Spur and Appaloosa.
  • We are using quarry spall (larger rocks) to build check dams in the bar ditches on steep slopes.
  • Riata and upper Saddle had gravel added and were graded by Upper Valley Excavating.
  • The Chelan County PUD arborist cut down trees which were a danger to the power lines. Reviewed trees with the arborist.
  • Saddle and Palamino were damaged by contractors doing work for members. The roads were repaired which was paid for by the contractors.
  • Filled the sand shed with sand in preparation for winter.

Water System

  • Continue programming the radio-read devices on the water meters. Every meter must be configured. Worked with Ferguson Waterworks to resolve a reading problem with the software. The programming will continue in October and November.
  • Numbered all fire hydrants.
  • Provided as-built water system drawing to the fire department.
  • The Canadian manufacturer repaired our electric water level probe for measuring water levels.
  • Measured the static water level and recharge rates in our wells.
  • The production of well #3 has decreased. After reviewing the situation with our engineer and with Tumwater Drilling, we had Tumwater Drilling pull the pump to inspect for problems. No problems were found except there was some minor mineral buildup on the pipes. We are investigating further for possible next steps.
  • Performed water system “locates” when requested via the “call before you dig” service.
  • Accessed the water vaults to turn water on/off, as needed, for homeowners.
  • Conducted monthly coliform water quality tests.All tests were satisfactory and were reported to DOH.

Buildings & Grounds

  • Performed regular maintenance on the grounds – irrigating, raking, fertilizing, mowing the grass, and emptying garbage cans.
  • In October, we winterized the irrigation system.
  • We over-seeded the playfield in October to thicken the turf.
  • Cleaned the clubhouse for social events and rental groups.

Swimming Pool

  • The pool closed for the season after Labor Day, September 2.
  • Winterized the swimming pool and bathrooms.
  • In late August, one of the two pool heat pumps failed, and a significant leak occurred in the propane furnace. After analyzing the options for repair or replacing, the Board decided to replace both. Orders were placed.

Watershed Committee

  • Worked with the Committee Chair, the Board, and our forester to discuss logging projects and review possible contracts.

Financial Reporting and Management

  • Each month, Chelcie and Mary complete and post the monthly financial reports; make federal tax payments and transfer funds to specific accounts as the Bylaws require; and review the Ponderosa financial reports with the PCC Board of Trustees Treasurer, Stan Morgan.
  • Prepared a draft budget for the Treasurer. Performed financial analyses and cash flow analyses for the Board on maintenance requirements and for other areas, as needed.

Homeowner’s Dues

  • Shut off water to two delinquent members for non-payment of dues.

Support to the Board of Directors and Committees

  • Prepared for and attended the Board Meeting on September 14 and October 12.
  • Provided documentation and information to the Board, as needed:
    • Prepared the draft ballot for Board review. Finalized ballot was printed, folded, and collated for the mailing process.
    • For real estate issues – worked on one (1) issue.
  • Updated Vern Little, Director of Operations, on a regular basis.
  • Participated in the Strategic Planning Committee Meeting on September 28.
  • Worked with the Paving the Gravel Roads Committee Chair on paving costs and the ballot.





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