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Ponderosa Community Club Association Manager Report
by Mary Cox
September, 2009

 Your suggestions and ideas for improvement are welcome – please call or email me.   Our major activities for September are listed below.

Serving Homeowners

  • Responded to numerous emails and questions about the October 10 Member’s Meeting.
  • The Clubhouse has been rented nearly every weekend throughout the summer.  We work with the homeowners to try and meet their needs and ensure the Clubhouse is clean prior to the rental.
  • Updated the New Member’s Packet.
  • Responded to a number of complaints:  late night noise, speeding, dead trees, and obscenities carved on our picnic tables.   If you see, or are the victim of, illegal activity – please report it to the sheriff!

Riata Rainstorm Damage

  • The Department of Natural Resources is monitoring the developer, Big View Ridge LLC, as the developer completes implementation of the DNR approved plan designed to prevent future mudslides. 
  • The Ponderosa is concerned that the plan will cause the instantaneous flow of water to be increased as it leaves the developer’s property and flows onto the Ponderosa.  This could increase erosion on our properties.
  • At our request, the Department of Ecology will be contacting the developers and notifying them of their liability if discharges occur from their sites.
  •  We will continue to request that the DOE require a Stormwater Construction Permit which could possibly lead to a stormwater detention pond – this is the long term solution we are seeking, and were hoping for this year.
  • However, since the long-term solution won’t happen this fall, we will make modifications to Riata Road to try and prevent stormwater runoff damage this winter.  We will deepen the road ditch, armor the ditch with large rock, install some culverts, add top course gravel to the road, widen part of the road, and bank one corner (as topography allows.)   Our goal is to complete the work by Nov 1.
  • This issue will be covered at each board meeting until it is resolved.

Maintaining Water System, Roads, Pool and Facilities

  • Closed the swimming pool for the season after Labor Day and began winterization.
  • Installed a light above the Clubhouse door – it automatically comes on at night.
  • Just before Labor Day, a control sensor went out in the water booster pump station which seemed to be related to a lightning storm.  Isolating and resolving the problem was a 7 day process (complicated by getting parts over the holiday).  During that time, we were required to manually monitor and control the water levels in the reservoirs.
  • Stockpiled sand for the winter.
  • Replaced two (2) broken water service valves.
  • Planned for modifications to lower Corral and Saddle.  In October, we’ll add ditches on either side of about 150’ of Corral where it intersects Saddle.  We’ll also grade that part of Corral, as well as Saddle, add some culverts, and clean out existing ditches and culverts.
  • Continued cleaning up the shop/garage area – disposing of old tires, paint, pipe, and piles of organic debris leftover from the “Burn Day” in May.
  • The Clubhouse/swimming pool septic system intermittently malfunctions.  We are investigating to determine the cause and possible solutions.
  • Responded to numerous homeowner requests to turn on/off water.
  • The Clubhouse and grounds are cleaned and maintained weekly.
  • Evaluated dead trees in the Greenbelt at the requests of homeowners.  They will be felled in October and November.
  • Purchased a Boss V-plow snowplow blade for the new truck.  Had a “rhino-liner” installed in the bed of the pickup for protection.
  • After reviewing alternatives, the Ponderosa has purchased additional equipment and will snowplow Riata Road.  We may make minor modifications to Riata.  Our plans to snowplow are based on assumptions about weather conditions, road conditions and equipment capabilities.  If assumptions are incorrect, we will stop snowplowing.
  • Purchased plastic pool recliners through a Ponderosa homeowner who was able to provide them at a minimal price.  Thank you!

Water System Projects

  • Continued receipt of components and installation of the Emergency Water System Pumping equipment.  Installation should be complete this fall.  
  • Conducted the monthly water survey for the project to increase the total number of “water service connections” assigned to the Ponderosa from 581 to 595.  

Financial Reporting

  • September financial reports were sent for posting on the website.

Financial Management

  • At the request of the Board, researched the possibility of putting M&O money in cd’s.  We will implement this in late January, 2010 after dues have been received.
  • Began developing policies on data/document retention.
  • Reviewed maintenance portion of the 2010 budget for the Sept board meeting.

Past  Due Homeowner’s Dues

  • Contacted homeowners with past due accounts to arrange for payment.
  • Proceeded, at the direction of the board, with one foreclosure.

Support to the Board of Directors

  • The Director of Maintenance and Operations and Board President prepared the water mains replacement project loan application – I provided assistance as needed.
  • Prepared for and participated in the September board meeting.
  • Provided documentation and information to the board, as needed:
    • For real estate issues – worked on two (2) issues.
    • For adherence to easement specifications – worked on one (1) issue.
    • For bylaws review
    • Financial reports and issues
  • On a weekly basis, reviewed issues and activities with the Director of Maintenance and Operations.




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