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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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Ponderosa Community Club Association Manager Report
by Mary Cox
August, 2014

We welcome your suggestions and ideas for improvements. Our major activities are listed below.

Serving Homeowners

  • Responded to homeowner’s calls, emails, and office visits regarding the wildfires and evacuation status, 2014 dues, greenbelt thinning/logging project, pool cards, clubhouse rentals, email addresses for the Ponderosa group email list, renter’s prohibition of using the swimming pool, names of tree fellers and painters, and weather conditions.
  • Bears eat 3000 calories a day in the autumn to build fat reserves going into their winter hibernation. Be sure they aren’t getting calories from your garbage! Do not put out your garbage until Monday morning. This is a safety issue for you and your neighbors.
  • Several new members joined the Ponderosa in August. Chelcie provided New Member Packets.
  • Provide information to escrow companies, banks, realtors, buyers, and sellers when properties are sold in the Ponderosa.

Water System

  • Two lightning storms in August damaged our Devar electronic controllers, which are one of three separate electronic controllers in the water system.
    • The Devar units were repaired by the manufacturer (in Connecticut). Geno operated the system manually while the units were being repaired.
    • Earlier this year, we upgraded the lightning protection on the electronic control which was most frequently damaged by lightning. No failures have occurred on that controller since the upgrade.
    • Integritech installed new, additional lightning protection for the Devar units and the third electronic controller.
    • An insurance claim has been placed.
  • Integritech provided recommendations and cost estimates to rehabilitate well #3 which should restore the well to (nearly) its original production level.
  • Completed annual maintenance of our fifty-seven (57) fire hydrants, which consists of checking flow, lubricating caps, and ensuring valves are set to the proper position.
  • Completed annual maintenance of the thirty-six (36) air-vacuum and blow-off assemblies.
  • Worked with Sensus, the water meter manufacturer, to obtain the correct meter configuration software. Completed configuration of all water meters.
  • We noticed a large puddle on Saddle and found a homeowner’s frost-free hydrant was leaking. Notified the homeowner and turned off their water.
  • Conducted monthly coliform tests and the annual inorganic compound test. All tests were satisfactory and were reported to DOH. Test results are posted on the office bulletin board.
  • Rotated well usage between our six wells.
  • Accessed the water vaults to turn water off/on for homeowners, as needed
  • Performed water line locates, when requested by “1-800-call before you dig”.
  • Provided water availability and other water system information for homeowners, as needed.


Buildings & Grounds and Swimming Pool

  • Each day, we clean, test, add chemicals, and perform maintenance on the pool. We also clean the bathrooms and pool decks.
  • The Chelan County Department of Health made their annual, unannounced swimming pool inspection. As usual, we passed with high marks.
  • Performed regular maintenance on the grounds – irrigating, fertilizing, mowing the grass, and emptying garbage cans. Raked the entire playground and park.
  • Cleaned the clubhouse for social events and rental groups and filled the BBQ propane tanks.
    • In August, this included the Labor Day Barbeque and the Watershed Fair.
  • Clubhouse chimney repair: The roofing company is in the process of building the metal cap for the chimney. They plan to install the new cap and replace the flashing in September.

Roads & Equipment

  • Repaired a coolant leak in the backhoe. Replaced a sealed hub on the dump truck.
  • Cut and removed several dead trees along the roads: Riata (1), Saddle (5), Arabian (1), and Camp 12 Road at Riata (3).
  • Ditches and Driveways Drainage
    • Began work on Arabian. Installed culverts under three driveways and installed a culvert under Arabian. Created bar ditches.
    • Installed culverts under two driveways on Palamino and one driveway on Stirrup. Enlarged bar ditches near culverts.
    • Work will continue through September.
    • Received cost estimates for chip seal repairs.
    • Met with member engineer Jesse Perrault to review ditch and culvert designs.

Watershed Committee

  • Provided support to Doug Pendleton, project lead, for the commercial thinning/logging project which began the end of January.
    • Analyzed financials with Doug. Reported financials to the Board.
    • Prepared and submitted the DNR cost-share reimbursement request.
    • Received several questions from members about logging and mulching in the greenbelts. Referred them to Doug.
  • Helped set-up for the Watershed Fair.
  • Five dead trees were cut down in the greenbelts.

Financial Management

  • Created and published the July, 2014 Ponderosa financial reports.
  • Reviewed the monthly financial reports with the PCC Board of Trustees Treasurer, Shannon Stithem.
  • 2014 month-end financial transactions and tax payments were completed.
  • Completed the process to change authorized bank signers to reflect the change in Treasurer from Stan Morgan to Shannon.
  • Provided year-to-date expense information to committee chairs in preparation for budgeting.
  • Provided information to the State of Washington Department of Commerce regarding the water project loan.

Homeowner Dues

  • Turned off pool cards and sent payment reminders to past due members. At 60 days past due, water may be shut off.

Support to the Board of Directors, Ombudsman, and Committees

  • Prepared for and attended the Board Meeting on August 9.
  • Updated Doug Barga and Daryn Wilbur with operational issues on a regular basis.
  • At the direction of the Board, updated the Operating Procedures Rules and Regulations.
  • Provided information to the Board on one real estate issue.
  • Provided information to the Board and to our attorney regarding the RH2 dispute.
  • Provided information to the Ombudsman and the Board regarding an ongoing complaint in which Chelan County code enforcement has taken action.
  • Worked with the Social Committee on preparations for the Labor Day BBQ.






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