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Ponderosa Community Club Association Manager Report
by Mary Cox
August, 2009

 Your suggestions and ideas for improvement are welcome – please call or email me.   Our major activities for August are listed below.

Serving Homeowners

  • The Clubhouse has been rented nearly every weekend throughout the summer.  We work with the homeowners to try and meet their needs and ensure the Clubhouse is clean prior to the rental.
  • Sent out notice of the Member’s Meeting on October 10th.
  • We had a pool monitor at the swimming pool most Saturdays in August – usually 2-3 hours per day to help ensure compliance with pool rules.
  • Borrowed the Chelan County Sheriff’s portable radar/speed display trailer and parked it on Stirrup to try and reduce speeding.
  • Responded to a number of complaints:  late night noise, vicious dogs, illegal fires, ATV’s speeding and their drivers riding without helmets, dangerous behavior and drunkenness at the river front beach, dangerous dead trees, and discharging BBE guns.   If you see, or are the victim of, illegal activity – please report it to the sheriff!
  • Notified the Fire Department of the illegal fires which have been reported to us.  This included homeowner’s names and contact information.  The Fire Department sets the fire rules and is the entity with the jurisdiction to enforce the rules, including fines.

Riata Rainstorm Damage

  • The Department of Natural Resources accepted the plan by developer, Big View Ridge LLC, to modify their property to prevent future mudslides.  Implementation began by the developer’s excavator in mid-August.  The DNR is monitoring the site to ensure compliance to the plan.  They expect to complete work by the end of September.
  • The Ponderosa consulting engineer reviewed the plan, and thinks it will probably be effective in preventing mudslides, but he is concerned that the instantaneous flow of water will be increased as it leaves the developer’s property and flows onto the Ponderosa.  This could increase erosion on our properties.
  • As a result of our engineer’s concerns, we have done the following:
    • Involved our attorney (again).
    • Asked the developer to put in a stormwater detention facility on their property, to slow the rate of water flow onto our property.  He said, “No.”
    • Contacted the Department of Ecology again to determine if they followed through on their earlier commitment to require a Stormwater Construction Permit.  If so, this could possibly lead to a stormwater detention pond.  We are awaiting their response.
    • Contacted Chelan County Public Works – to discuss a potential culvert under Camp 12 Road at Riata to help manage water flow.
    • Contacted Chelan County Code Enforcement for a potential review of the geological plan implemented by the developer as approved by the DNR.
  • Our plan is to make modifications to Riata,  but not until we know the status of a stormwater detention pond on their property.
  • This issue will be covered at each board meeting until it is resolved.

Maintaining Water System, Roads, Pool and Facilities
Ken and Paul have been busy:

  • Stockpiled gravel for the winter.
  • Repaired a break in the water main on Palamino.
  • Replaced three broken water service valves.
  • Completed monthly water tests and our 5 annual water tests to comply with State of Washington Dept of Health laws.
  • Responded to numerous homeowner requests to turn on/off water so that broken pipes could be repaired.
  • Open and close the pool daily (except Tuesday) which includes cleaning and ensuring the water quality is good.
  • Took the big snowplow to the machine shop in Peshastin to have it repaired and reinforced.
  • The Clubhouse and grounds are cleaned and maintained weekly.
  • Calibrated the well pump secondary water meters.

Other maintenance activities:

  • We bought a new pickup with the funds approved by the members in the May!  It is a new, 2009 Ford F350 SD 4x4 pickup.   Many thanks to Dean Wilkins, Kevin Sweeney, and Mike Bunney who took on the task of working with dealers and finding the truck.  Kevin worked with Bickford Ford in Snohomish to make the deal.   It has a 3 year bumper-to-bumper warranty and a 5 year powertrain warranty.  It will be a great truck for plowing snow and should provide the Ponderosa with many, many years of service.  And for those who ask, “What color is it?”  It’s a very nice metallic gray!
  • Some Riata homeowners have questioned the March policy decision not to snowplow upper Riata Road for safety reasons.  We are looking at potential alternatives.
  • Worked with the Greenbelt committee to review plans and possible projects.

Water System Projects

  • Began installation of the Emergency Water System Pumping equipment.  Installation should be complete this fall.   We are installing propane powered pumps which will be able to power our well pumps in an emergency. 
  • We have decided it would be prudent to have the Department of Health increase the total number of “water service connections” assigned to the Ponderosa from 581 to 595.   This should cover any future expansion of water services.  Gathered data on August 22.

Financial Reporting

  • August financial reports were sent for posting on the website.

Financial Management

  • Met with our insurance agent, Jeanne Whitlow and Bill Griffin to review our insurance policy.
  • Began developing policies on data/document retention.
  • Developed a policy and process for sending invoices for the 2nd half assessment due on July 15.

Past  Due Homeowner’s Dues

  • Contacted homeowners with past due accounts to arrange for payment.
  • Reviewed delinquent accounts for the potential of filing liens.
  • Proceeded, at the direction of the board, with one foreclosure.
  • Chelan County owns a Ponderosa lot and has not paid the assessments.  They plan to auction the property by about September 1, 2009. 

Support to the Board of Directors

  • Prepared for and participated in the August board meeting.
  • Provided documentation and information to the board, as needed:
    • For real estate issues – worked on three (3) issues
    • For adherence to easement specifications – worked on three (3) issues.
    • For bylaws review
    • Financial reports and issues
  • On a weekly basis, reviewed issues and activities with the Director of Maintenance and Operations.




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