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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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Ponderosa Community Club Association Manager Report
by Mary Cox
July, 2014

We welcome your suggestions and ideas for improvements. Our major activities are listed below.

Fire Information

  • Burn Bans are in Effect. On July 8, Fire District #4 imposed a ban on campfires in the Ponderosa, including charcoal BBQ’s. On July 12, the Ponderosa Board of Trustees also implemented a burn ban, which includes significant fines for violators.
  • As most of you probably know, the Chiwaukum fire began on July 15 and resulted in a Level 3 evacuation of the Ponderosa from the afternoon of July 16 through the afternoon of July 18. Ponderosa was then on a Level 2 alert until July 31. Ponderosa continues to be on a Level 1 alert.
    • PCC and Fire District #4 communicate closely to provide current information to members, and to coordinate fire-related water system activities.
  • Thunderstorms on August 1 st and 2 nd resulted in several new fires in the Plain/Lake Wenatchee area. Most are small, but the Shoofly Fire, west of Lake Wenatchee, has been added to the Chiwaukum Fire Complex and created a large smoke plume on August 4. The Duncan Fire (at the north end of the Entiat River) is also producing smoke plumes nearly every afternoon, but the Ponderosa air quality has been nearly free of smoke.
  • The Ponderosa website home page has information links for fire information sources, including the latest info on the Chiwaukum fire.
  • Many thanks to Chelcie who did a great job keeping members informed via our group email list, especially during the evacuation!
  • And many thanks to volunteer webmaster Rose Ann McRoberts who immediately posted Chelcie’s messages and fire information links on the Ponderosa website!
  • Fire danger is very high – stay safe!!

Serving Homeowners

  • Responded to homeowner’s calls, emails, and office visits regarding the wildfires and evacuation status, 2014 dues, greenbelt thinning/logging project, pool cards, clubhouse rentals, email addresses for the Ponderosa group email list, PCC plat maps, septic reports from the Chelan Douglas Health District, suggestions for Social Committee events, names of tree fellers, and weather conditions.
  • Several new members joined the Ponderosa in June. Chelcie provided New Member Packets.
  • Provide information to escrow companies, banks, realtors, buyers, and sellers when properties are sold in the Ponderosa.

Watershed Committee

  • Provided support to Doug Pendleton, project lead, for the commercial thinning/logging project which began the end of January.
    • Notified membership of logging plans and status.
    • Reviewed and reported financials to Committee and the Board.
  • Cleaned up slash in the Stirrup cul de sac.
  • On Stirrup, moved the mailbox kiosk to its original location after the logging and mulching were completed.
  • Coordinated with Doug on logging near water system components.
  • Received several questions from members about logging and mulching in the greenbelts. Referred them to Doug.

Water System

  • In early July, we performed the annual testing of the emergency propane-powered pumping system. This system was created to keep our water system functional for firefighting in the event of a power outage during a wildfire.
  • Worked with Integritech, our engineers, to troubleshoot an electrical problem affecting wells #5 & #6. A new overload circuit is on order.
  • Performed annual draw-down tests on all six wells. Compared results to other tests taken in previous years and provided data to Integritech.
    • These tests show the water production capability of our wells over time, and are particularly important as Integritech investigates the loss of production in well #3.
  • A water system “low water” alarm was triggered by a member’s old frost-free hydrant (irrigation spigot) which blew apart in the night. By morning when the alarm sounded, over 20,000 gallons of water was flooding Stetson. No permanent damage was done except for the loss of water. Ken turned off the member’s water so they could have a plumber fix the problem. Ken then restored water service.
  • Ordered supplies for maintenance of fire hydrants.
  • Conducted monthly coliform and an annual nitrate test on wellfield B. All tests were satisfactory and were reported to DOH.
  • Rotated well usage between our six wells.
  • Turned water off/on in the water vault for homeowners, as needed
  • Performed water line locates, when requested by “1-800-call before you dig”.

Buildings & Grounds and Swimming Pool

  • Each day, we clean, test, add chemicals, and perform maintenance on the pool. We also clean the bathrooms and pool decks.
    • So far this year, 4 of the plastic pool lounger chairs have been broken beyond repair. We had 13 chairs at the start of the summer – now we have 9. Please treat the outdoor furniture gently – thank you!
  • Performed regular maintenance on the lawns and park (irrigating, fertilizing, and mowing.)
  • Clubhouse chimney repair: The chimney is ready for the roofing company to replace the flashing and build a metal cap for the chimney. The roofer was onsite to do a color-match on the roofing metal. The project should be complete in August.
  • Rebuilt the side porch on the caretaker’s house, which was badly deteriorated. Painted the porch and the deck. Also did touch-up painting on the shop.
  • Repaired the wooden “jungle jim” playground equipment.
  • Cleaned the clubhouse for social events and rentals. Filled the BBQ propane tanks.
    • Met with members renting the clubhouse and provided information.
  • Had the clubhouse air conditioning repaired – an electrical relay had failed.
  • Refreshed the gravel walkway in the park with new gravel. Removed the old gravel and weeds.

Roads & Equipment

  • Ditches and Driveways Drainage
    • The culverts were purchased and delivered.
    • Requested chip sealing cost estimates for road repairs from A&W Paving, Central Washington Asphalt, and Granite Construction. Met with representatives from each company to review the work to be done. Received one cost estimate and am awaiting estimates from the others.
    • Thanks to member engineer Jesse Perrault for designing possible drainage solutions.
    • More gravel was ordered.
  • Performed dust control on the gravel roads in late July.
    • Our supplier, Wilbur Ellis, no longer delivers magnesium chloride, which requires us to transport it from Wenatchee.
  • Ordered more Stop signs. Installed a Stop sign on lower Bridle.
  • A tree fell in the Morgan road right-of-way and got hung up in another tree. The root system of an adjacent tree was also undermined when the tree fell. Our logger felled both trees, which required climbing the trees. We removed the logs and branches in clean up.

Financial Management

  • Created and published the June, 2014 Ponderosa financial reports.
  • Reviewed the monthly financial reports with the PCC Board of Trustees Treasurer, Shannon Stithem.
  • 2014 month-end financial transactions and tax payments were completed.
  • Began the process to change authorized bank signers to reflect the change in Treasurer from Stan Morgan to Shannon. This involved filing a new corporate report with the Washington State Secretary of State.

Homeowner Dues

  • Received and processed dues checks. Sent reminder notices to members who had not paid by July 15.

Support to the Board of Directors, Ombudsman, and Committees

  • Prepared for and attended the Board Meeting on July 12.
  • Updated Doug Barga & Daryn Wilbur with operational issues on a regular basis.
  • At the direction of the Board, updated the Greenbelt Rules and the Operating Procedures regarding illegal fires.
  • Provided information to the Board on two real estate issues.
  • Provided information to the Board and to our attorney regarding the RH2 dispute.
  • Provided information to the Ombudsman and the Board regarding three complaints submitted by members.
  • Worked with the Social Committee on preparations for the July 4 th BBQ.





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