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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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Ponderosa Community Club Association Manager Report
by Mary Cox
July, 2011

We welcome your suggestions and ideas for improvements.  Our major activities for July  are listed below.

Serving Homeowners

  • Responded to homeowner’s calls, emails, and office visits regarding fire permits, water leaks, dust control, bears, the swimming pool cards, speeding, junk cars, aggressive dogs, fiber for internet service, trespassing, theft of gasoline from snowmobiles, 25701 Camp 12 Road – the Chelan County lot to be auctioned, and referrals for propane suppliers and yard maintenance.

Swimming Pool, Buildings & Grounds

  • Perform daily cleaning and maintenance on the pool.
  • The Buildings & Grounds Committee has provided sports equipment – it’s available at the office for members to use.
  • Performed regular maintenance on the grounds – irrigating, raking, and mowing the grass.

Water System

  • A major water main break occurred on Riata Road.  We repaired the water main and repaired the road.  This was a 2 day project.
  • Completed research on costs and the process to repaint the top of the upper reservoir and spot paint the exterior of the lower reservoir.  Met with three painting vendors. In August, Ken and Henry will do the painting.
  • Installed source tap faucets on each well.
  • Brought wells online as part of the normal well rotation schedule.
  • Conducted the weekly review of water system.
  • Conducted monthly water quality tests and reported the results to DOH.
  • Turned on/off water for homeowners, as needed.

Water System Upgrade to New DOH Regulations and Fire Protection

  • In July, PWB representatives visited the Ponderosa to meet with the Board, Bill Schmidt, and Ponderosa staff.  PCC successfully passed the financial review process.  PWB is the organization which provides the loan for the water project.
  • Created the Water System Upgrade Fact Sheet for review by the Board.  Mailed the Fact Sheet to all members.
  • The Board has scheduled a Members’ Meeting on Saturday, August 13 at 1pm to discuss the water project.  Bill Schmidt will be present.  Also present will be Karen Klocke from the DOH.
  • Bill received approval from Bonneville Power Administration for the water project work to be done under the power lines along Camp 12 Road.
  • Bill continues work on the detailed design engineering.  When complete, this will be submitted to DOH for review and approval.
  • Copies of the report and maps are available in the office for members to review.
  • Easements for Phase I are nearly complete.


  • Applied more dust control on roads as needed.
  • Met with two paving companies and received quotes for patching cracks and holes.
  • Received recommendations and cost estimates from two engineering firms regarding the drainage situation which results in excess water at Stirrup and Arabian. 
    • Reviewed recommendations with the Watershed Committee Chair, Henry, and Ken.
    • Proposals will be presented to the Board in August.
  • Provided information to a homeowner on Ponderosa requirements for culvert placement and installation.  Reviewed final culvert installation.
  • Submitted an insurance claim for damage done to Colt road by a propane truck.


  • 23101 Saddle
    • Met with a carpenter and received an estimate for building stairs and steps.  This would help reduce river bank erosion and increase trail safety. 
    • The Watershed Committee is leading this effort to recommend to the Board what action, if any, should be taken. 
  • Met with Watershed Committee Chair to discuss committee activities.

Financial Reporting and Management

  • Met with the Treasurer to review June financials.
  • Improved the monthly Check Detail Report, sent to Board members, to provide more detail.
  • Completed & posted June financial reports.
  • Made federal tax payments and transferred funds to specific accounts as the Bylaws require.
  • Began preparation for 2012 budget discussions at the August Board Meeting.  Prepared a budget worksheet for the Treasurer.

Homeowner’s Dues

  • Answered homeowners’ questions and made arrangements for second half payments of dues by July 15.

Support to the Board of Directors, Committees, and Ombudsman

  • Prepared for and attended the July 10 Board Meeting and July 18 Board conference call.
  • Provided documentation and information to the Board, as needed:
  • For real estate issues – worked on four (4) issues.
  • We worked with Chelan County to get them to sell their lot at 25701 Camp 12 Road.  It is for sale with a minimum bid of $10,000.
  • For the Bylaws Revision project – updated the Bylaws and Operating Procedures as directed by the Board and sent to our attorney for review. 
  • Reviewed the Ponderosa Complaint Process with the Ken Paauw, the new Ombudsman.  Discussed a new complaint.
  • Update Daryn WIbur on a weekly basis on M&O activities.
  • Provided articles for The Pine Needler




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