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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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Ponderosa Community Club Association Manager Report
by Mary Cox
June, 2011

 We welcome your suggestions and ideas for improvements.  Our major activities for June are listed below.

Serving Homeowners

  • Responded to homeowner’s calls, emails, and office visits regarding fire permits, Clubhouse rentals, water leaks, dust control, bears and garbage cans, the swimming pool cards, speeding, late night noise, and referrals for plumbers & yard maintenance.
  • Information about bear proof garbage cans is available on our website at www.ponderosacommunityclub.org
  • The Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) put a bear trap in our greenbelt near Saddle, but no bear was caught.  Since then, there have been very few bear sightings reported to the office.  Last week, there were 2 sightings along Camp 12 Road near Bronco.
  • Please help keep bears out of the Ponderosa by eliminating their food sources:
    • Keep your garbage can inside.  Only put it out on Monday morning before the garbage truck, and put it away by Monday evening. 
    • Take down your bird feeders.   
    • Don’t leave pet food outdoors.
    • Keep BBQs clean or keep them inside.

Swimming Pool, Buildings & Grounds

  • Perform daily cleaning and maintenance on the pool.
  • Completed sealing the concrete pool deck to increase its longevity. 
  • Stained the playground equipment and painted the picnic tables.
  • The ball field opened for use on July 1.  The new grass is growing well.  This fall, we’ll reseed any thin spots.
  • The Buildings & Grounds Committee has provided sports equipment – it’s available at the office for members to use.
  • Performed regular maintenance on the grounds – irrigating, raking, and mowing the grass.

Water System

  • Published the 2010 Annual Water Quality Report.  It is available on the bulletin board, at the office, and on the website at http://www.ponderosacommunityclub.org/watersystem/Water_Quality_Report_2010.pdf
  • Submitted the 2010 Annual Water Use Efficiency Report to the DOH.  Copies are available at the office.
  • The Ponderosa has six (6) wells.  Usually two wells are running at any one time.  We rotate which wells are in use throughout the year.  In June, we brought a well on line which had been dormant for the winter.  This process includes flushing the pipes and calibrating the flow. 
  • Installed new water services on Riata, Stirrup, and Saddle.
  • Replaced water service valve on Shetland.
  • In early June, a lightning storm damaged some of our electronic components.  We replaced the components.
    • We also reviewed our lightning protection again with our engineer. Additional modifications were made to increase our protection.
    • We will be making an insurance claim.
  • This summer, we’ll repaint the top of the upper reservoir and spot paint the exterior of the lower reservoir.  In June, we began preparation for this project.
  • Conducted the weekly review of water system.
  • Conducted monthly water quality tests and reported the results to DOH.
  • Provided Water Availability Forms, when requested by homeowners.
  • Turned on/off water for homeowners, as needed.

Water System Upgrade to New DOH Regulations and Fire Protection

  • Reviewed the water project and project plan with PCC Board Vice President (Vern Little).  Vern will be the Board lead for the water project.
  • Provided financial and scope of work information to the Public Works Board (PWB).  This is the organization which provides water loans.
  • PWB representatives will visit the Ponderosa in July to meet with the Board and review our water system.  
  • The Board has scheduled a Members’ Meeting on Saturday, August 13 at 1pm to discuss the water project.  Bill Schmidt will be present.
  • Bill received official approval of the Project Report from DOH.
  • Bill continues work on the detailed design engineering.  When complete, this will be submitted to DOH for review and approval.
    • The tall wooden stakes with pink tops along Camp 12 Road are the proposed location of the new water main for Phase I. 
  • Copies of the report and maps are available in the office for members to review.
  • Easements for Phase I are nearly complete.


  • Graded gravel roads, as needed.  This included the road to the upper water reservoir. 
  • Henry and Ken repaired the water tank & pump which we use to water the roads before applying dust control.
  • Applied dust control to the gravel roads.  We use magnesium chloride.  This year, we put down more mag chloride on each road.
  • Met with two engineering firms to assess the drainage situation which results in excess water at Stirrup and Arabian.  They will make recommendations in July.
  • On two weekends, the portable radar speed display was posted along Stirrup to help reduce speeding.
  • Patched potholes in the paved roads.
  • Cut down and removed a dead tree along Stirrup.


  • Met with an engineer to assess the Ponderosa greenbelt lot at 23101 Saddle for the addition of steps or stairs.  This would help reduce river bank erosion and increase trail safety.  The Watershed Committee is leading this investigation, including what permits may be required by Chelan County.

Financial Reporting and Management

  • Reviewed PCC finances with the new Board President (Jeanne Whitlow) and new Treasurer (Stan Morgan).  Worked with the Treasurer to change signers on our accounts.
  • Our income tax return was submitted to the IRS in June.
  • Completed & posted May financial reports.
  • Made federal tax payments and transferred funds to specific accounts as the Bylaws require.

Homeowner’s Dues

  • Prepared and mailed invoices for second half dues.  The due date is July 15.
  • Filed a lien on one property for delinquent dues.

Support to the Board of Directors, Committees, and Others

    • Prepared for and attended the June 11 Board Meeting.  Provided an orientation for new Board Members.
    • Provided documentation and information to the Board, as needed:
    • For real estate issues – worked on eight (8) issues.
    • We worked with Chelan County to get them to sell their lot at 25701 Camp 12 Road.  It is for sale with a minimum bid of $10,000.
    • Arranged for the security guard for July 4th weekend. 
    • Reviewed and toured the water system with the new Director of Operations (Daryn Wilbur). Update Daryn on a weekly basis on M&O activities.




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