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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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Ponderosa Community Club Association Manager Report
by Mary Cox
June, 2010

 We welcome your suggestions and ideas for improvements!  Our major activities for June are listed below.

Serving Homeowners

  • Thank you to the nearly 200 homeowners who completed the survey.  We have published the results and they are available at the office and on the website at http://www.ponderosacommunityclub.org/boardminutes/Survey_June_2010_Results_Summary.pdf
  • Chelcie notarized Owner Certificates for the Title Project and a number of other documents for homeowners. 
  • Responded to homeowners’ questions, comments and concerns about aggressive dogs (called the Sheriff), greenbelts, knapweed, gravel road maintenance, dust control, swimming pool chemicals, mailboxes, dead trees, water leaks,  painters, garbage can rules,  swimming pool cards and rules, high speed internet, fire evacuation routes, and fire permits (they can only be issued by the Fire Department.)
  • Provided pool monitoring on busy weekends.

Greenbelt Improvements

  • Installed a bench along the greenbelt Viewpoint Trail overlooking the Wenatchee River above Stetson.
  • Cleaned up the area behind the water reservoir on Camp 12 Road from a water leak in the late fall when the ground was frozen.
  • Knapweed is a noxious weed which grows in some areas of the Ponderosa, particularly under the power lines.  Thanks to Tim Abel, knapweed eating bugs were brought in by the WSU Extension Service (at no charge).
  • Please stop by the office to see pictures of knapweed.  Please control the knapweed and thistles on your property

Maintaining Water System, Roads, Pool and Facilities

  • Applied additional dust control, as needed.
  • There is a storm drain for Colt Road and Stirrup Road which drains into the Lupine greenbelt between Stirrup and Stetson.  Perhaps you’ve noticed the black drain pipe in the greenbelt? 
    • The drain was plugged and not functioning, so Henry installed a new underground drain system.  The black pipe has been removed from the greenbelt.
  • Improved Spur cul de sac.  Water drainage issues are being addressed.
  • Upper Bridle project (water running over the road.)
    • We replaced the water valves, installed a drain at the water valves, and are monitoring to determine if a spring is present.
    • The drain will capture whatever runoff may occur.  If there continues to be runoff, we’ll route the water to Camp 12 Road ditch.
  • Later in the summer, we’ll fix pot holes and chip seal some of our roads.


  • Fixed a water main break on Riata Road, replaced three leaking water valves on Colt and Camp 12, and installed a new water service on Bronco.
  • Reviewed the water valves on Lariat and reassigned valves to accommodate a new water service.
  • On June 19, some of our water system electronics malfunctioned.  We think a severe thunderstorm may have caused the damage.
    • Ken operated the wells manually while the problem was identified and a new controller arrived.
    • We will be reviewing our electrical surge protection for our water system controllers.
  • About half of the parts for the new booster pump motor for the water system have arrived.  Our engineer, Bill Schmidt, is planning the installation of the new motor and controller.
    • In the meantime, we have tested the propane-powered emergency water pumping system and it is available as backup.  (The propane system was developed to pump water if the electricity is out – particularly during a wildfire.)
    • We received payment from our insurance company for about 55% of our costs to replace the motor.
  • Published the 2009 Water Quality Report.  It is available at the office and on the website at http://www.ponderosacommunityclub.org/watersystem/Water_Quality_Report_2009.pdf


  • The pool is heated primarily by two heat pumps.   We also have a propane heater, but it is very expensive to operate.
    • One of the heat pumps failed in June.
    • Upon inspection by the cooling repairman, we discovered that the second heat pump was installed incorrectly (many years ago) and had not been functioning properly for some time.  So, the pool has been heated by just one of the two heat pumps.
    • Both heat pumps were repaired without replacing any expensive components. 
    • Heat pump service and maintenance schedules are now in place.
  • Perform daily maintenance on the pool (each morning and night.)

Financial Reporting & Management

  • Completed & posted May 2010 financial reports & made federal tax payments.
  • Transferred money to capital accounts per the Bylaws.

Homeowner’s Dues

  • Mailed  invoices for the second half of homeowner dues.  Please send your payments by the due date of July 15th.  Thank you!
  • Contacted homeowners with past due accounts to arrange for payment.
    • Water shutoff notices were sent to 4 homeowners.  Shutoff was avoided by payment of dues.
  • The Board is considering options with one foreclosure.

Support to the Board of Directors and Committees

  • Tracked receipt of the 112 Owner Acknowledgement Forms regarding the Ponderosa Articles and Bylaws. 
    • Contacted homeowners as a reminder.
  • Provided documentation and information to the Board, as needed:
    • For real estate issues – worked on three (3) issues.
  • On a weekly basis, review status with Director of Operations.




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