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Ponderosa Community Club Association Manager Report
by Mary Cox
May, 2011

 We welcome your suggestions and ideas for improvements.  Our major activities for May are listed below.

Serving Homeowners

  • Responded to homeowner’s calls, emails, and office visits regarding fire permits, the ballot, the amendment to the Bylaws, Clubhouse rentals, water leaks, bears and garbage cans, the swimming pool and pool rules, email problems, dogs running loose, speeding, late night noise, and the weather conditions.
  • The Annual Member’s Meeting was held Sunday, May 29 in the Clubhouse. The Board provided a review of the past year, future projects, and new Board members were elected.  The minutes from the meeting are available at the office and on the website at http://www.ponderosacommunityclub.org/boardminutes/annual_meeting_minutes_5-29-11.htm
  • We had Security guard service for the evenings of Memorial Day weekend.  At least three homeowners called the security company to report late night noise and late night speeding.  The Security guard responded and provided reports on incidents.
  • Please help keep bears out of the Ponderosa by eliminating their food sources:
    • Keep your garbage can inside.  Only put it out on Monday morning before the garbage truck, and put it away by Monday evening. 
    • Take down your bird feeders.   
    • Don’t leave pet food outdoors.
    • Keep BBQs clean or keep them inside.

Swimming Pool, Buildings & Grounds

  • On May 28, we opened the swimming pool for the season.  In preparation for opening we cleaned and repaired (as needed) the pool pumps, filter system, heat pumps, propane heater, large pool, wading pool, pool deck, safety equipment, and bathrooms.
  • Turned on the emergency pool phone, which automatically dials 911. 
  • Reviewed and replaced pool safety signage, as needed and as required by Health District.
  • This year, we are putting a sealer on the concrete pool deck to increase its longevity.  Half of the deck was sealed in May.  The remainder will be completed on Tuesdays (when the pool is closed) as weather conditions allow.
  • Ken repaired our security video system.  It records activity in the pool and Clubhouse area 24 x 7.
  • Henry attended a one day swimming pool class for the latest info on pool chemicals.
  • Thanks to Lois Pendleton (Pendleton Design) who has donated her time to design and help implement a solution for the Clubhouse parking lot area that is blocked off to protect the Clubhouse septic drain field.  Ken and Henry completed the project - it looks great.
  • The new grass in the ball field is growing.  We hope the grass is established well enough to open the field by July 1.
  • Thanks to Bob Melson for getting the playground equipment and sports equipment ready for use!  Equipment is available at the office for members to use.
  • Supported the Fire Department and Auxiliary on Burn Pile Day May 21.  Ken ran the backhoe all day stacking brush on the burn pile.
  • Performed regular maintenance on the grounds – irrigating, raking, and mowing the grass.
  • Ken installed a new bathroom sink in the Clubhouse.
  • Had the septic tank pumped at the Caretaker’s house. 

Water System

  • The Ponderosa has six (6) wells.  Usually two wells are running at any one time.  We rotate which wells are in use throughout the year.  In May, we brought a well on line which had been dormant for the winter.  This process includes flushing the pipes and calibrating the flow. 
  • Repaired a water main break on Saddle caused by the Chelan County PUD when they were installing a new utility pole.
  • Conducted the weekly review of water system.
  • Conducted monthly water quality tests and reported the results to DOH.
  • Provided Water Availability Forms, when requested by homeowners.
  • Turned on/off water for homeowners, as needed.

Water Mains Replacement Project.

  • The three main reasons for this project are as follows:
    • We need larger mains to provide adequate fire flow for the Fire Department.
    • The Dept of Health now requires water service meters to be installed on each service by January, 2017.
    • We need to reduce the amount of water wasted due to water main leaks. 
  • DOH notified us that we have been approved for a loan, pending successful completion of their financial review process.  The loan will be $3.5 million at 1.5% for 20 years.  Approval of the loan will require approval by the membership.
  • Bill received verbal approval of the Project Report from DOH. We are awaiting written approval.
  • Bill continues work on the detailed design engineering.  When complete, this will be submitted to DOH for review and approval.
  • Copies of the report and maps are available in the office for members to review.
  • We have begun work to obtain easements, as needed.  The original utility easements expired when the covenants expired in the 1980’s.
  • Provided an update at the May Board Meeting and the Annual Members’ Meeting.  Copies of the presentation from the Members’ Meeting are available at the office.


  • On Memorial Day weekend, the portable radar speed display was posted along Stirrup to help reduce speeding.
  • Assessed the condition of catch basins and one dry well.  These will be cleaned in June.
  • Hauled away junk and unneeded dirt from around the sand shed.
  • Lower Bridle was smoothed and gravel was added.
  • The Boss snowplow was repaired under warranty.


  • Repaired “Absolutely No Vehicles” sign at the greenbelt off Camp 12 Road.  Please remember that vehicles (quads, motorbikes, etc…) are not allowed on any greenbelts or on the Ponderosa riverfront. 
  • The river bank on the Ponderosa greenbelt lot at 23101 Saddle is eroding.  At the direction of the Board, the trail was closed due to safety concerns. Investigation has begun on a plan to stop the erosion.
  • Met with a Bonneville Power Administration representative and Jennifer Goodrich of Chelan County Natural Resources Dept to review our greenbelts under the BPA power lines.  There are areas of erosion.  We discussed if BPA could change their vegetation management practices to help reduce erosion.  We hope to have a plan by the fall.
  • New trails maps are available on the website and at the office.  These were created as part of the Riparian Assessment.

Financial Reporting and Management

  • Worked with our accounting firm, LarsonAllen, and the Ponderosa Treasurer, to complete the annual financial review in time for the May Members’ Meeting. The financial review document is available at the office.
  • Our accountant will complete our income tax return in June.
  • Completed & posted April financial reports.
  • Made federal tax payments and transferred funds to specific accounts as the Bylaws require.

Homeowner’s Dues

  • Contacted homeowners regarding past due accounts.

Support to the Board of Directors, Committees, and Others

  • Prepared for and attended the May 14 Board Meeting.
  • Prepare for and attended the May 29 Annual Meeting.
  • For the Fire Department Auxiliary, helped format the Ponderosa phone book in time for Burn Day.
  • Provided documentation and information to the Board, as needed:
  • Jeanne, Chelcie and Mary created a new Board Member Handbook.
  • For real estate issues – worked on six (6) issues.
  • We worked with Chelan County to get them to sell their lot at 25701 Camp 12 Road.  It is for sale with a minimum bid of $10,000. 
  • Attended the Bylaws Committee meeting on May 4.  Provided information and acted as scribe for the committee. 
  • On a weekly basis, review status with Director of Operations.




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