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Our Mission: The Ponderosa Community Club's mission is to create and maintain a safe and welcoming community which enhances recreational and residential living through active membership participation, visionary leadership, and commitment to sustainability and harmony with the natural environment.

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MAY 2008

  1. Managed PCC office on a daily basis
    1. Answered emails and phone calls.
    2. Met with maintenance employees.
    3. Kept information up to date and posted on bulletin boards.
  2. Supervised installation of new heating system for clubhouse.
    1. Met with Mike Green and okayed installation plans.
    2. Hired Darin Drinnon to hook up electrical for the project.
    3. Basic installation completed on May 2, 2008.
  3. Met with Michael Dickes regarding snow blocks for new roof.
    1. Made choice between two possible products.
    2. Scheduled snow block installation for April 3, 2008.
    3. Snow block installation completed on time.
  4. Met with CVB to facilitate movement of funds between accounts.
    1. Moved $25,000.00 from Capitol Improvement Account into General Checking for roofing project.
    2. Moved $8,262.53 from Capitol Improvement Account into General Checking for heating project.
  5. Continued to work on first Ponderosa Group Email List
    1. Added new members as we received their information.
    2. Sent out three group emails in April 08.
    3. Problem solved emails that were returned to us as not good.
  6. Worked with buildings and grounds on Caretaker House needs.
    1. Worked with Tony on list of needed repairs.
    2. Hired Darin Drinnon to fix electrical problems in house.
    3. New showers to be installed in May 2008.
  7. Facilitated Workshops for April Board meetings for Board.
    1. Scheduled and set up clubhouse for meetings.
    2. Provided needed reports for both meetings.
    3. Emailed Association Manager & Financial Reports.
  8. Processed homeowner dues and did check deposits.
    1. Opened, copied and recorded all invoices.
    2. Listed all checks and deposited in CVB.
    3. All invoices to Nancy for Quick Books recording.
    4. Sent out “Friendly Reminders” to delinquent accounts.
  9. Printed up ballots for mailing on April 18, 2008.
    1. Copied ballots and secured all mailing materials needed.
    2. Worked with Gina and crew to prepare mailing.
    3. Took mailing to post office on April 18th.
  10. Sent documents for website updates.
    1. Monthly Association Manager Reports.
    2. Monthly Financial Reports.
    3. Revised updates for clubhouse use.
  11. Met with Paul Johansen & Tony Viera regarding roads & water.
    1. Rented and picked up sweeper for spring road cleaning.
    2. Road & Ditch cleaning completed on Friday April 18th.
    3. Road patching and surfacing scheduled for June 08.
  12.    Pool scheduled for resurfacing the week of May 5th. 
    1. Paul and Tony have drained and prepared the pool.
    2. Pool will be filled on Friday May 5th, weather permitting.
  13. Discussed with Jeanne, maintenance & property issues.
    1. Monitoring of Yaskus project behind lot 6.
    2. Monitoring of Thoroughbred road issues for spring.
    3. Fact-finding regarding County owned lot in Ponderosa.
  14. Facilitated the removing of clubhouse sidewalk and preparation for new heat pump pad for our heating system
    1. Paul and Tony set forms for new retaining wall and walk.
    2. Cement pour scheduled for May 5th




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