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Ponderosa Community Club Association Manager Report
by Mary Cox
March, 2012

We welcome your suggestions and ideas for improvements. Our major activities for March are listed below.

Serving Homeowners

  • Responded to homeowner’s calls, emails, and office visits regarding the weather conditions, snowplowing, sanding, water system upgrade project, 2012 dues and water assessment, and referrals for plumbers.
  • Please remember to let us know if you have changed your phone number or email address! Contact Chelcie at pccoffice@nwi.net or 509-763-0320.
  • Burn Pile Postponed Until 2013
    • The community burn pile will not be held this year because the location used for the burn pile is needed to store pipe and a construction trailer for the water project.  The burn pile will be held next year.   This decision was made by the Ponderosa Board of Trustees and Fire District #4 Commissioners.
  • Member’s Annual Meeting & Fire Department Chili Feed
    • The Member’s Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, May 26 th at 10am in the Clubhouse.  All members are encouraged to attend and be involved in your community.
    • Directly following the meeting, the Fire Department Auxiliary will be holding a chili feed and bake sale at the Fire Department.  This is one of two annual FD fundraising events, so please attend and support the Fire Department.


  • Winter held on through March with snow, rain, and cold temperatures. We continued snowplowing and sanding.
  • The rain storms and snowmelt resulted in runoff – we monitored the ditches and roads to minimize flooding. We pumped away the water covering Stirrup Road near Arabian.
  • Henry and Ken repaired a major break in the F350 snowplow.
  • The front axle on the old F250 broke. It is the “backup” pickup for plowing. We’re investigating options for repair or replacement with a comparable, inexpensive truck.
  • The streets will be swept in April.

Water System Upgrade to New DOH Regulations and Fire Protection

  • Engineering plans, bid proposal, contract documents, and specifications are 99.5% complete. The Board is scheduled to approve the plans at the April 14 Board Meeting.
    • The plans have been approved by DOH engineers and DOH contract administrators.
    • The project will be advertised in April, with a contract awarded in May.
    • The Board decided to bid the service meters separately, which will avoid additional contractor mark-up costs. The bids will be opened on April 12 at 2pm in the Clubhouse. The Board is scheduled to award a contract on April 14.
  • The schedule is to begin construction in late May and complete the work in 4 months. A construction schedule will be published after a contractor is selected.
  • Required permits : A hearing on the environmental impact was held on April 4 in Wenatchee. Mary and Daryn attended. We expect approval by April 13.
    • The cultural review by Dept of Health (DOH) was delayed – we expect approval by mid- May. The DOH is requiring archaeological monitoring for the construction along Saddle Road because there was an archaeological site found and recorded in 1962 somewhere in the Saddle Road area.
    • Note: We cannot begin construction until the environmental and cultural reviews are complete.
    • The permits from Chelan County Public Works for work along Camp 12 Road are in process and will be completed in April.
    • A Franchise Agreement with Chelan County Public Works has been created and the Board is scheduled to approve it on April 14. This is required for the work along Camp 12 Road, and is in addition to the other permits required by Public Works.
    • A stormwater construction plan notification for Dept of Ecology was submitted in March.
  • Working on members’ property : We are relocating approximately 160 PCC water service valves which are currently located on members’ properties. The valves should be within the PCC road right-of-way. We sent ~160 letters and license agreements to members requesting access to work on their property. Thank you to all who have signed the agreements! If you have not yet signed, please do so right away or call me with any questions: 509-763-0320.
  • Financials and contract administration: Reviewed with DOH contracts the rules for charging PCC labor to the loan contract. Created additional financial reports for the Board to review on April 14.
  • Selecting an engineering firm for construction management and construction inspection: The Board chose RH2 for construction management and inspection. The Board is scheduled to approve the contract on April 14.
  • Easements: Thank you to those members who have granted easements to PCC! Two easements were completed in March, and two easements are in the works.
  • Fiber: The PUD is seeking input on the future expansion of their fiber system. I sent a letter in support of expansion of fiber to areas of PCC which do not currently have access to fiber. More information can be found on the PUD’s website at http://www.chelanpud.org/10528.html
  • Paving of Roads: If there is enough money remaining after all the water project construction is complete, then paving of Ponderosa roads would occur in 2013. On Camp 12 Road, Chelan County requires that any construction in their paved road is to be repaired per their specifications. Additionally, in the coming months, we will contact Chelan County Public Works in an attempt to persuade Chelan County to pave the 0.3 miles of Camp 12 Road which is currently unpaved.

Water System

  • We repaired a failed transmitter in the booster pump station.
  • Our water system has an automatic notification system when a problem occurs. We performed the annual test of the system.
  • Ken and Henry attended the annual technical water operator’s conference to learn about the latest DOH requirements, tools, and products. This fulfills the DOH continuing education requirement.
  • Completed weekly review of the water system.
  • Conducted monthly water quality tests and reported the results to DOH.

Buildings, Grounds & Pool

  • In late February, we started our planning for spring clean-up of the grounds. Unfortunately, the late spring has prevented progress. The new ballfield is still mostly covered with snow. As soon as conditions allow, we’ll get started!
  • In the meantime, we’re working on “indoor” items:
    • Repaired outdoor furniture
    • Made various small repairs in the clubhouse. Annual battery replacement in smoke detectors.
    • Built shelves in the clubhouse crawl space for archiving documents.
  • Last fall, the hard drive crashed on our pool security system computer. Daryn was able to get us a newer, functioning computer for $20. In March we set it up with the security software, tested it, and reloaded all the members and pool cards.
  • Cleaned the clubhouse for social events and rental group.

Financial Reporting and Management

  • Completed & posted February financial reports.
  • Chelcie assembled and prepared all of the information needed by our accounting firm, Clifton Larson Allen, for their preparation of our income tax return and financial review. The financial review will be complete by the May Member’s Meeting.
  • Made federal tax payments and transferred funds to specific accounts as the Bylaws require.
  • Worked with Stan Morgan, Treasurer, and our accounting firm to plan for the audit, which is to be completed by the May Member’s Meeting.

Homeowner’s Dues

  • Sent past due notices.
  • Agreed to payment plans upon request by homeowners, in accordance with the Operating Procedures and Bylaws.
  • Turned off water to one property for delinquent dues.

Support to the Board of Directors and Committees

  • Prepared for and attended the Board Meeting on March 10.
  • Provided documentation and information to the Board, as needed:
    • For real estate issues – worked on one (1) issue.
  • Updated Daryn WiIbur, Director of Operations, on a weekly basis.
  • Assisted Tom Bartlett, Nominating Committee Chair, as requested.
  • Worked with Jeanne Whitlow, President, to begin reviewing and updating the website language to reflect the new Bylaws and Operating Procedures. This process will take 2-3 months.




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