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Ponderosa Community Club Association Manager Report
by Mary Cox
February, 2012

 We welcome your suggestions and ideas for improvements. Our major activities for February are listed below.

 Serving Homeowners

  • Responded to homeowner’s calls, emails, and office visits regarding the weather conditions, snowplowing, sanding, water system upgrade project, 2012 dues and water assessment, our email list, garbage, covenants, and Chelan County zoning/building code enforcement.
  • A reminder: Chelcie is a notary and can notarize documents at no charge.  Please call the office (509) 763-0320 for an appointment.
  • The Ponderosa office hours are posted on the door - they vary from week to week.  Usually, we’re open from approximately 10:30am – 3:30pm, Monday – Friday and we’re also open on Saturdays.  Sometimes we are out of the office meeting with homeowners or running errands to town.  Please call the office at 509-763-0320 to check hours for a specific day.
  • Please remember to notify us if you change your email address.  If you have given us your email address but aren’t receiving our monthly email updates, check with your internet service provider (ISP). Sometimes, our group emails are flagged as spam – your ISP can change that.
  • Provided information to escrow companies and banks, when requested, for balances, dues, PCC insurance coverage, and water availability.


  • We had a significant storm on February 22 which had high winds and 2 inches of rain. A tree fell across Camp 12 Road, but no other damage was reported. With the rain and warmer temperatures, we were able to remove the ice buildup and ice ruts from the roads. We pumped away the water covering Stirrup Road near Arabian.
  • For the remainder of February, the weather returned to the regular winter pattern: occasional snow, usually melting slightly during the day and freezing at night. Snowplowing and sanding the roads are our major winter activities.
  • Henry and Ken completed rebuilding the sander in the dump truck. This included new gears, rollers, motors and hoses.
  • Replaced a broken hydraulic line on the backhoe and one on the F350 snowplow.
  • Henry and Daryn have been looking for backhoes since December, when the membership approved funds to purchase a newer backhoe. In February, we purchased a 2003 CAT backhoe. We also sold our CASE backhoe to a farmer in Moses Lake.  

 Water System Upgrade to New DOH Regulations and Fire Protection

  • Engineering plans, bid proposal, contract documents, and specifications are 95% complete. They will be finalized, reviewed, and approved by the Board in the next few weeks. Plans are available at the office or online at http://bothell.rh2.com/Documents/Ponderosa/Overview.pdf
    • The 90% plans were reviewed by Ken, Henry, Bill, and Mary with RH2 on February 16.
    • The plans and documents are under review by DOH engineers and DOH contract administrators.
    • The project will be widely advertised for bid in March or April, with a contract awarded in April or May. Note: delays in the environmental review or cultural review could delay the project.
    • The Board is considering bidding the service meters separately, which could reduce costs by avoiding the contractor markup.
  • The schedule is to begin construction in May and complete the work in 4 months. A construction schedule will be published after a contractor is selected.
  • Required permits : The environmental review by Chelan County should be completed in March. The cultural review by Dept of Health (DOH) may be delayed by 2-4 weeks with approval in May. We cannot begin construction until the environmental and cultural reviews are complete. The BPA permit is complete. The permits from Chelan County Public Works for work along Camp 12 Road are in process and will be completed in April. We are preparing a stormwater construction plan for Dept of Ecology which should be complete in April.
  • Logging : Approximately 100 trees will be removed; 70 of which are along Camp 12 Road. We determined we do not need a Forest Practices Application from the DNR.
  • Riata Road improvements & fill: The two effected members have agreed to our plan to remove the “dip” at the bottom of Riata Road. A portion of the road will be raised 10 vertical feet by disposing of the estimated 5000 cubic yards of fill generated by the water project.
  • Working on members’ property : We are relocating 143 PCC water service valves which are currently located on members’ properties. The valves should be within the PCC road right-of-way. We sent 143 letters and license agreements to members requesting access to work on their property. Thank you to all who have signed the agreements! If you have not yet signed, please do so right away or call me with any questions: 509-763-0320.
  • Financials and contract administration: Chelcie has begun the training on the contract administration process. We submitted and received our first reimbursement for water project expenses.
  • Selecting an engineering firm for construction management and construction inspection: We advertised a request of qualifications and received responses from eight engineering firms. The Board will select an engineering firm in March, after reference checks and interviews.
  • Easements: Thank you to those members who have granted easements to PCC! One easement was completed in February, and two easements are in the signature process. The final easement has been delayed because the property has changed ownership.
  • Fiber: We have worked with RH2 and Chelan County PUD on the options for providing fiber service for those areas within the Ponderosa which do not have access to fiber: North Camp 12 Road, South Camp 12 Road, and Riata. The Board will review options in March.
  • Intersection Changes: Traffic triangles will be removed, along with cul de sac islands. At some intersections, PCC is encroaching on member lots. These will be corrected as part of the water project construction. Reviewed all road changes with Daryn Wilbur.
  • Paving of Roads: If there is enough money remaining after all the water project construction is complete, then paving of Ponderosa roads would occur in 2013. On Camp 12 Road, Chelan County requires that any construction in their paved road is to be repaired per their specifications. Additionally, in the coming months, we will contact Chelan County Public Works in an attempt to persuade Chelan County to pave the 0.3 miles of Camp 12 Road which is currently unpaved.
  • Needler Article: Please read the February Pine Needler water project article – it has important information and more details on the project.

Water System

  • Found a water leak on Morgan. Turned off the water and notified homeowner.
  • Tested the rebuilt booster pump.
  • Completed weekly review of the water system.
  • Conducted monthly water quality tests and reported the results to DOH.

 Buildings & Grounds

  • Cleaned the clubhouse for social events and rental groups.

Watershed Committee

  • Provided information to the Committee on multiple topics.
  • Received the $1000 reimbursement from the Washington State DNR for partial funding of the completed Forest Stewardship Plan.

Financial Reporting and Management

  • Completed & posted January financial reports.
  • Made federal tax payments and transferred funds to specific accounts as the Bylaws require.
  • PCC is insured by the Non-Profit Insurance Program (NPIP). The Board decided to change insurance brokers, but retained coverage through NPIP.
  • Provided the Board with an analysis of our bank balances with regard to the FDIC limit.

Homeowner’s Dues

  • The first half payments were due Feb. 15. If you haven’t sent your payment yet, please do so right away – thank you!
  • Agreed to payment plans upon request by homeowners, in accordance with the Operating Procedures and Bylaws.
  • Filed a lien on one property.

Support to the Board of Directors and Committees

  • Prepared for and attended the Board Meeting on February 11 and the Board conference call on February 29.
  • Provided documentation and information to the Board, as needed:
    • For real estate issues – worked on two (2) issues.
  • Updated Daryn WiIbur, Director of Operations, on a weekly basis.




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